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Olympus Pools

Olympus Pools: The Trusted and Experienced Pool Builder in Florida

Do you wish you had your own private garden? Want to turn your backyard into

Do you wish you had your own private garden? Want to turn your backyard into a beautiful and useful space? Do you want to turn your dream pool into a reality, but you can’t find a dependable builder?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, you’ve found the proper location. In this piece, we’ll tell you all about Olympus Pools, a top-notch Florida pool construction company. From planning to completion, Olympus Pools will demonstrate why they should be your go-to pool service.

Olympus Pools has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 2007, and it is run by a local family. James Staten, the company’s founder and owner, has worked in the pool industry for over 20 years and loves making unique pools for his customers. New pool construction, pool remodelling, pool repair, outdoor living, and more are just some of the many services offered by Olympus Pools.

Olympus Pools is widely considered to be among Florida’s top pool construction companies. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), Pool and Spa News (PSN), Houzz, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, etc., are just some of the organisations that have recognised it with awards and kudos. Many happy clients have written glowing reviews and comments about their time at Olympus Pools.

This article will discuss what sets Olympus Pools apart from the competition: their innovative and expert pool design, their efficient and high-quality pool construction, and their trustworthy and warm customer service. To show you how Olympus Pools can help you realise your pool dreams, we will supply you with case studies, resources, and visuals. Okay, so let’s begin!

Olympus Pools: The Creative and Professional Pool Designer

The planning and design of a pool is crucial to its success. Here is where you can detail your wants, needs, and desires for the pool. In this respect, Olympus Pools likewise stands out as an exceptionally inventive and competent pool designer.

Olympus Pools tailors each project’s exceptional, one-of-a-kind design to the client’s preferences, budget, and available space. Olympus Pools can create any kind of pool you may imagine, whether it’s little or enormous, simple or complex, traditional or cutting-edge. Olympus Pools will work with you to develop a plan that incorporates all of your ideas and satisfies or surpasses your expectations.

The designs of Olympus Pools are further improved by a number of optional extras.

  • 3D rendering: Olympus Pools’ cutting-edge software generates photorealistic 3D models of your pool’s design. You can preview the finished product of your pool design before breaking ground. You have unlimited freedom to modify and refine your design as much as you like.
  • Custom shapes: Any shape you may think of, from geometric to freeform, rectangular to kidney-shaped, oval to L-shaped, etc., Olympus Pools can create anything. You have your pick of a variety of depths, slopes, curves, angles, etc.
  • Water features: Waterfalls, fountains, jets, bubblers, laminars, and more may all be incorporated into your pool design by Olympus Pools. These additions can jazz up your pool’s aesthetic, add some much-needed white noise, and provide hours of entertainment.
  • Lighting: Olympus Pools offers a wide variety of lighting options for your pool, including LED lights, fibre optic lights, color-changing lights, and more. With these lights, you can transform your pool into a variety of themed environments. They can also make your pool easier to see and safer to navigate after dark.
  • Landscaping: Beautiful plants, flowers, trees, rocks, mulch, and other landscape features can be added to your pool design by Olympus Pools. With these features, you may give your pool area a more organic and balanced appearance. As a bonus, they can make your pool area more shady, private, and fragrant.
  • And more: Spas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pergolas, and more may all be incorporated into your pool design by Olympus Pools. You can get more use out of your pool and have more fun with it if you install these accessories. They can also help you design an outdoor room that is both comfortable and attractive.

Visit the website of Olympus Pools to look at their portfolio and read customer reviews of their work. Visit their social media profiles to view their most recent works in progress.

Clearly, Olympus Pools is the only pool designer you should work with on your pool project. Their extraordinary and original designs can make your wildest fantasies a reality.

Olympus Pools: The Fast and Quality Pool Builder

The construction phase of a pool is also very important. Here is when the intangible concept of your pool design becomes a real, usable object. This is another area where Olympus Pools shines as a remarkably quick and high-quality pool constructor.

Olympus Pools is known for its rapid construction times and high-quality, risk-free swimming pools. While Olympus Pools knows you’re eager to go right into swimming, they also know you want a pool that will last for years and look great. That’s why Olympus Pools builds with a blend of speed and excellence.

Advantages and guarantees provided by Olympus Pools during the building phase include:

  • Licensed and experienced contractors: Olympus Pools exclusively hires qualified builders with the necessary experience and certifications to construct your pool to your exact requirements. Olympus Pools also acts as project manager, coordinating the efforts of other tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc.) that contribute to the completion of your pool.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: Building a pool with Olympus Pools is a breeze because of the cutting-edge machinery and technology used in the construction process. Olympus Pools also performs routine maintenance and upgrades on its machinery to guarantee peak efficiency and security.
  • Quality materials: Olympus Pools exclusively employs high-quality materials that are appropriate for your pool installation. When building pools, Olympus Pools only uses components purchased from dependable companies that stand behind their wares with warranties and guarantees.
  • Permits and inspections: When it comes to permits and inspections, you can rest assured that Olympus Pools will take care of everything on your behalf. Olympus Pools also abides by any and all regulations that may be placed upon your pool construction.
  • Warranties: Olympus Pools stands behind the quality of its products with a craftsmanship and material warranty. Olympus Pools guarantees that any problems or faults will be addressed and corrected free of charge within the specified warranty period. Olympus Pools also abides by the guarantees offered by its vendors and manufacturers.

Read the company’s FAQs and blog entries on their website to get a sense of the scope and timeliness of Olympus Pools’ construction projects. You can also view videos of them at work to discover how they construct pools from beginning to end. It’s clear that Olympus Pools is the only pool construction company you should consider for your project. Because of how quickly and precisely they build pools, you won’t have to wait long for delivery.

Olympus Pools: The Reliable and Friendly Pool Partner

The final component of any pool construction project is upkeep. Here is the part when you get to maintain your pool so that you can use it for a long time. Here too, Olympus Pools shows itself to be a trustworthy and pleasant swimming pool associate.

Before, during, and after the construction of your pool, Olympus Pools is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Olympus Pools is committed to ensuring that everyone of its clients has a pleasant and trouble-free time when using one of its pools. Because of this, Olympus Pools provides numerous means and incentives to aid its clientele, such as:

  • Answering questions and calls: When you have questions or concerns about your pool project, you can call Olympus Pools and they will respond quickly. Olympus Pools also provides regular updates on the development of your pool. If you ever need to get in touch with Olympus Pools, you can do so via phone, email, or a handy web form.
  • Offering financing options: Olympus Pools provides financing alternatives because we know that constructing a pool is a sizable financial commitment and that you may need help paying for it. Olympus Pools has a number of flexible payment plans to accommodate customers of all financial means. If you need a loan for a pool, Olympus Pools has connections with reliable lenders who offer reasonable rates and conditions.
  • Providing maintenance tips: Olympus Pools wants you to have fun in your pool for a long time, so they offer up some maintenance advice to keep it running smoothly and looking great. When you purchase a pool from Olympus Pools, you’ll have access to helpful maintenance tips and guidance from the company’s experts. Olympus Pools also suggests having a professional pool technician come out on a regular basis to inspect, clean, and fix any issues with your pool.
  • Resolving issues: When problems arise, Olympus Pools will do all it takes to make things right. Nonetheless, Olympus Pools will act quickly to identify and rectify any concerns or faults with your pool during the warranty period. If problems emerge with the suppliers or manufacturers of the products used in your pool project, Olympus Pools will help you resolve them.

Visit Olympus Pools’ website to read reviews and star ratings left by satisfied customers to get an idea of the kind of service they provide. See how they talk to their audience and respond to comments and questions by visiting their social media pages. Olympus Pools, as you can see, is the trustworthy and pleasant pool partner you require for your project. Their customer service is so friendly and helpful that you feel completely supported and cared for.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Olympus Pools, Florida’s premier pool construction company, from this post. We have demonstrated why Olympus Pools should be your first and only choice for your pool’s design, building, and upkeep.

We have singled out three features that set Olympus Pools apart from the rest of the pack:

  • Pools are designed with the utmost care and expertise, resulting in stunning, one-of-a-kind creations tailored to each client’s preferences, needs, and available space.
  • It’s a rapid pool-building method that doesn’t skimp on durability or security, and it gets the job done quickly.
  • The company’s dependable and pleasant customer service, which offers top-notch assistance and attention at every stage of the pool-building process.

Additionally, we have given you with photographs, links, and examples to show you how Olympus Pools may assist you in realising your pool dreams.

We’re hoping you’ve found this blog post to be both educational and useful. We’re rooting for you to take the plunge and build the pool of your dreams.

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