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“Design Star: Next Gen” on HGTV was won by Hamilton in 2021, not 2022. And

“Design Star: Next Gen” on HGTV was won by Hamilton in 2021, not 2022. And the news of the death has nothing to do with her. The news is full of stories about how Carmeon Hamilton’s husband, Marcus, died in a motorcycle accident this weekend. He was the new star of HGTV. When Hamilton won HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen, she made people all over the country fall in love with her. Hamilton is an interior designer from Memphis, Tennessee. Earlier this year, she won the reality show and got $50,000 and her own HGTV show.

The artist has a big following on Instagram, with more than 130,000 people who follow her. And it was to this group of people that she told sad news on Saturday. Hamilton shared a black-and-white picture of her late husband, Marcus Hamilton, in her sad post. She told everyone that he had died in a motorbike accident, calling him “the love of her life.”

Hgtv Dream Home 2022 Dies reported that the husband of the 2021 winner of Hgtv’s Dream Home had died. People like Hgtv Dream Home draw. Buying lottery tickets has helped some Americans get ahead in life. Still looking for Hgtv Dream Homes 2022 Winners? This story gives new information about the death of the winner’s husband the year before.


Carmeon Hamilton has won the second season of HGTV’s Design Star. The winner will get a spot on the show Next Gen, which is looking for the next generation of creative workers. The winners will be on an HGTV show and get a cash prize of $50,000.

When Hamilton won Design Star, she got her own show on HGTV. “Carmeon’s Yard Work Projects,” which will be Hamilton’s HGTV show, has been announced.

The seven-part series will show how the designer “upcycles containers and old furniture into modern garage storage and industrial furniture for a well-styled yard.”


The joy of my life, Marcus Hamilton, passed away in a tragic tragedy this morning, she added. “Please pray for his family, and especially for Marcus’s father Derek Hamilton, who has lost his first-born son.”

A Go Fund Me page was also set up, and the plan was to raise $50,000 to pay for the funeral. It had already raised more than $17K by Monday afternoon. Any extra money will go into a college fund for Hamilton’s 4-year-old daughter, the page says.


💂🏾. No one did… Not for long, at least. Marcus is not with us anymore. He passed away over the weekend in a motorbike accident. Sad and scary news… but my love for our family, friends, and way of life will always stay with me. #RideOn 🚲🙏🏾

It’s not clear when Marcus died, but Hamilton posted the picture at 3 p.m., which is four hours before it was reported that he had died.


Hamilton was riding her motorbike when she fell in Memphis, Tennessee. So sad that she lost her husband, but she will always love her family and friends. Maris died. Over the weekend, Hamilton shared a lot of stories and pictures of herself and Marcus. No one knows for sure when they were taken.

Even though we’re sad to hear about Marcus’ death, we know he’s in a better place, and we’re so happy for him…

When Hamilton won Design Star: Next Gen, as was already said, she got her own show on HGTV and Discovery +. Reno My Rental is a new show that will air for the first time on September 18. It will be an honor to her late husband. Amanda Lund, who has also been married, made the show and plays in it.

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