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97.5 Virgin Radio

97.5 Virgin Radio: The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re a seasoned listener or just checking out the genres they cover, 97.5 Virgin

Whether you’re a seasoned listener or just checking out the genres they cover, 97.5 Virgin Radio is an essential resource. This station caters to a wide audience with its interesting shows, interesting hosts, and wide variety of music genres.

Here, you’ll learn everything about the background of 97.5 Virgin Radio, as well as its schedule, presenters, personalities, music, and playlist, and how you may interact with the station.


Let’s take a step back from the nitty-gritty and appreciate the larger picture of what makes 97.5 Virgin Radio so special. For over 30 years, this station has been airing in Toronto, and its popularity among locals shows no signs of waning.

Pop, rock, and dance music fans of all ages may find a home at 97.5 Virgin Radio. The station airs more than just music, including engaging talk shows hosted by interesting people and up-to-the-minute news.

Having established what separates 97.5 Virgin Radio from the rest of the pack, we can now examine the station’s origins.

History of 97.5 Virgin Radio

When it first began broadcasting in the late 1980s, 97.5 Virgin Radio was called Mix 99.9. The station changed its name and format multiple times throughout the years as it developed. As part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group’s worldwide network of radio stations, the station relaunched as Virgin Radio in 2008.

Thanks in large part to its dedication to high-quality programming and personalities who actually connect with their fans, Virgin Radio has since remained one of Toronto’s top-rated radio stations. The station’s sustained dominance in the Toronto radio market and its purchase by Bell Media in 2013 are two of the most significant events in the station’s history.

Programming and Schedule

The variety of shows broadcast on 97.5 Virgin Radio is one of the station’s distinguishing features. This station genuinely offers something for everyone, from music to news to chat programmes. What follows is a brief summary of some of the most prominent shows broadcast on Virgin Radio:

  • The Roz & Mocha Show: Roz Weston and Mocha Frap’s morning programme, The Roz & Mocha programme, is a fun blend of music, comedy, and pop culture news. Time slot: daily mornings, 6 a.m. – 10 a.m.
  • Afternoons with Brian Moncarz: In the afternoons, listen to presenter Brian Moncarz as he provides listeners with upbeat tunes and timely updates on the day’s news, traffic, and weather. It airs from 2–6 PM ET weekdays.
  • The Top 20 Countdown: If you want to be in the know about what songs are currently at the top of the charts, tune in to the Top 20 Countdown, which airs every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Virgin Radio broadcasts a wide variety of additional programmes, such as weekend specials, live performances, and more.

On-Air Personalities

97.5 Virgin Radio, like any other radio station, is only as good as its presenters and personalities. Some of the most prominent voices you’ll hear on the broadcast are:

  • Roz Weston: Roz Weston, one half of the dynamic duo Roz & Mocha on the radio, is beloved by listeners for his high spirits and witty commentary on today’s hottest topics.
  • Mocha Frap: The second half of the duo, Mocha Frap focuses on music and entertainment news, and he adds his own flavour to the broadcast.
  • Brian Moncarz: Brian Moncarz, host of Afternoons with Brian Moncarz, is well-known for his ability to captivate his audience with stimulating dialogue and excellent musical selections.

All of these presenters and DJs are only a small sample of what you’ll find on Virgin Radio. They all add something special to the station, giving for an interesting and varied listening experience.

Music and Playlist

One of the most crucial features of any radio station is, of course, the playlist, and 97.5 Virgin Radio does not fail to provide. Recent pop, rock, and dance hits are featured heavily on this station, along with other lively, entertaining selections.

Unlike other radio stations, Virgin Radio makes an effort to play music that its listeners will like. The playlist is compiled and maintained by a staff of experienced music programmers.

Music-related specials and shows may also be found on Virgin Radio. The station, for instance, often airs in-depth interviews and live performances by well-known musicians.

Engaging with 97.5

Waves of Virgo Beyond merely listening, there are many ways to engage with 97.5 Virgin Radio and become a part of its vibrant community. The following are some possible ways in which you might take part.

  • Follow the station on social media: Follow 97.5 Virgin Radio on social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to get timely updates on show times and breaking news.
  • Enter contests: Virgin Radio often hosts contests where listeners may win prizes like concert tickets and meet their favourite artists.
  • Attend events: Virgin Radio hosts a wide range of events for its listeners all through the year, from live concerts to charity drives.
  • Submit music requests: Is there a certain track you’ve been itching to hear? Virgin Radio makes it easy to request music via its website and mobile app.


As we’ve seen, 97.5 Virgin Radio is a place where people can gather to enjoy music, entertainment, and conversation, much beyond the traditional radio format. This station actually caters to a wide audience with to its lively shows, interesting presenters, wide variety of music, and emphasis on listener participation.

97.5 Virgin Radio is an integral component of the Toronto radio scene, whether you’re a listener on the way to work, in the office, or on the move. To hear the best music and shows available, tune in to Virgin Radio the next time you need a good radio station.


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