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BNB Success Academy Reviews: Are The Courses Worth It?

If you’ve looked into improving your Airbnb hosting skills, you’ve probably come across BNB Success

If you’ve looked into improving your Airbnb hosting skills, you’ve probably come across BNB Success Academy. This company offers a wide range of online courses, tools, and resources for Airbnb hosts looking to boost their bookings and profits. But are the courses worth the investment? In this post, we’ll examine BNB Success Academy reviews to help you decide.

About BNB Success Academy

Founded in 2021 by Airbnb Superhost Ryan Matta, BNB Success Academy aims to provide new and experienced hosts alike with the skills and knowledge to run successful Airbnb businesses.

The training is delivered through prerecorded video courses you can access anytime online. Courses cover topics like pricing strategies, listing optimization, photography, top amenities, and more. BNB Success Academy also offers downloadable templates, 1-on-1 coaching, and a private community forum.

BNB Success Academy Review Criteria

In evaluating the many BNB Success Academy reviews online, here are some of the key factors we considered:

  • Course content – Is it useful, practical, and comprehensive for hosts?
  • Instructor expertise – Do the teachers seem knowledgeable?
  • User experience – Is the course platform intuitive and glitch-free?
  • Customer service – How helpful is their support team?
  • Affordability – Is the pricing reasonable for what you get?
  • Results – Do students report increased bookings after taking courses?

The Good: Pros of BNB Success Academy

Here are some of the most commonly cited pros in positive BNB Success Academy reviews:

Comprehensive Education

The courses cover all aspects of hosting in great detail. The wide range of topics allows you to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Expert Instruction

Courses are taught by experienced hosts like founder Ryan Matta. Students praise the practical, insider tips.

 Focused on Best Practices

The emphasis is on proven strategies and best practices vs. gimmicky tricks. You’ll learn legitimate skills.


Many reviews mention significant increases in occupancy and profits after implementing lessons. The training works.

 Outstanding Student Support

BNB’s customer service is touted as extremely responsive and helpful for any questions or issues.

The Bad: Cons of BNB Success Academy

No course is perfect, so here are some potential downsides to consider based on BNB Success Academy reviews:

 Price Point

Some students feel the prices for course bundles are on the expensive side. But “lifetime access” helps justify costs.

 Time Commitment

Completing all the modules requires a meaningful time investment. You have to be motivated to finish.

 Recorded-Only Format

All courses are prerecorded. Some students prefer live classes for real-time interaction.

 Overwhelming Amount of Content

The sheer volume of lessons and materials can feel overwhelming for total beginners.

 Platform Quirks

A few reviews gripe about minor technical glitches with the online course platform. But these seem rare.

Key Takeaways from BNB Success Academy Reviews

  •  Comprehensive education enabling hosts to significantly improve their game. The modules are extensive.
  •  Next-level tips and tactics you won’t find anywhere else online for free.
  • Top-notch instructors who draw from first-hand success running profitable Airbnbs.
  •  Solid ROI from the skills you gain to increase bookings and revenue.
  •  Ideal for new AND experienced hosts looking to step up their business.

Should You Enroll in BNB Success Academy?

For hosts serious about maximizing their Airbnb income, BNB Success Academy looks to be well worth the investment based on the many positive reviews and reported results. While not cheap, you get an immense amount of premium education, resources, and support.

If you’re eager to shortcut the learning curve and propel your hosting business to new heights, BNB Success Academy has the proven blueprint to get you there faster.

FAQs About BNB Success Academy

1. How much does it cost to enroll?

Course bundle prices range from $497 to $3,499 depending on needs. Monthly payment plans are available.

2. What’s included with enrollment?

Access to all video courses, templates, Q&A calls, private forum community, and bonuses like 1-on-1 coaching.

3. Who teaches the courses?

BNB founder Ryan Matta leads most courses, along with other experienced Superhosts and industry experts.

4. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, BNB offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t happy.

5. How many course modules are there?

Over 70 video modules that total over 40+ hours of professional training and education.

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