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Staiv Gentis

Staiv Gentis: Biography, Nationality And Career

Staiv Gentis has inspired many through his perseverance, advocacy, and entrepreneurial accomplishments. But who is

Staiv Gentis has inspired many through his perseverance, advocacy, and entrepreneurial accomplishments. But who is the man behind the inspirational persona?

Let’s take a deeper dive into Staiv’s background, career highlights, personal relationships, and life off the spotlight.

Staiv Gentis Quick Facts

Before we jump in, here are some quick facts on this multifaceted figure:

  • Full Name: Staiv Gentis
  • Birthdate: August 16, 1987
  • Birthplace : Fullerton, California
  • Age: 35 Years Old
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mexican, Spanish, Italian
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Published Author, Model

Now that we know vitals, let’s get into his story from the start.

Early Life & Formative Years

Staiv Gentis spent his early childhood in Fullerton in Orange County, California. His ethnicity reflects a diverse blend of Mexican, Spanish, and Italian cultures.

His parents divorced at a young age, leading to a turbulent upbringing moving between different guardians and cities. He changed schools frequently lacking stability or reliable role models.

The constant state of transition affected Staiv deeply from a young age. He grappled with abandonment and clung to writing poetry as an expressive outlet.

Despite the chaos, he nurtured big dreams and curiosity about the world beyond. Staiv found solace learning about art, fashion, and travel – hopeful he’d experience adventures himself one day.

Facing Homelessness & Overcoming the Odds

After high school, Staiv Gentis bravely came out as gay to family members and peers. Sadly not everyone took the news well, leading to broken relationships.

The most challenging bomb dropped when his living situations suddenly fell through. At only 18 years old, Staiv devastatingly found himself homeless.

Rather than abandon hope, he tapped an inner resolve to push forward. He found temporary housing programs and worked multiple minimum wage jobs to afford basic necessities like food and clothing.

The grueling months of instability tested but ultimately reinforced his resilience. After nearly a year of homelessness, Staiv secured his own apartment – vowing to never take simple comforts for granted again.

Discovering His Voice Through Writing

A pivotal outlet helping Staiv Gentis process childhood and coming-of-age struggles was writing. He channeled his pain into raw self-expression through poems, essays and stories.

After encouragement from friends he took the leap to publish his first poetry book “The Darkness in My Soul” at 20 years old. More poetry collections followed before penning his memoir “The Prince of Nothing” detailing his early life journey.

His candid vulnerability discussing taboo topics like homelessness, addiction, and sexuality created profound connections with readers. Fan letters flooded in, sharing the comfort his words brought them.

Moved by these reactions, Staiv committed fully to writing’s healing powers. If he could ease anyone’s loneliness with this gift, his hardships were purposeful.

Embracing Modeling, Travel & Fashion

In his mid-20s Staiv Gentis dove into modeling – celebrating self-expression while financing his dreams. His versatility secured editorial shoots in magazines like GQ Mexico and runway gigs abroad.

Runway highlights include:

  • Berlin Fashion Week
  • Mexico Fashion Week
  • Mr. Turk Fall ’13 Collection
  • Marco Marco Fashion Show

The exposure opened doors to collaborate with international brands for ads and sponsored content.

Between exciting modeling gigs, Staiv invested in solo excursions experiencing new cultures. Highlights include adventures backpacking through Europe, cruising the Mediterranean, and discovering Mexican heritage sites.

These travels expanded his worldview while gathering inspiration for his creative projects on the horizon.

Launching Rainbow Halo & Gentis Jewelry

By 2017, Staiv synthesized his passions for writing, fashion, advocacy and business into an ambitious endeavor. He launched Rainbow Halo – an online hub promoting diversity, equality and self-expression through storytelling.

The publication and eCommerce site connects readers with diverse creators and brands. It became a beloved platform providing representation and community.

In 2021, Staiv founded an eponymous sustainable jewelry brand Gentis. The gender-neutral line fused modern, minimalist influences with ethical production practices.

Between Gentis and Rainbow Halo, Staiv intertwined commerce and activism uniquely through entrepreneurship.

Personal Life & Relationships

While Staiv dedicates serious mindshare towards his book, jewelry and media projects – he still makes time for romance!

Staiv has been in a committed relationship with partner Heath for over four blissful years. The sweet couple met on social media thanks to their mutual interests in art and fashion.

After discovering their electric chemistry, Heath relocated from Salt Lake City to live with Staiv in LA. They’ve been happily attached at the hip ever since!

The pair loves leisurely exploring new vegan eateries and cafes together in LA. But their favorite activity of all? Snuggles on the couch with beloved felines Bowie and Ziggy. Looks like self-care comes naturally for this too!

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