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Ken Block

Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek: The Dynamic Duo of Drifting and Skateboarding

Fans of extreme sports are likely familiar with the names Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek.

Fans of extreme sports are likely familiar with the names Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek. They are two of the most well-known figures in rally driving and skateboarding, respectively. Did you know that in addition to being longtime collaborators on many projects, they are also good friends? The rise to fame of Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek, the dynamic tandem of drifting and skating, and the source of inspiration to millions of admirers thanks to their talents, humour, and originality, is the subject of this article. Ken Block, 55 years old when he died in a horrific snowmobile accident on January 2, 2023, will also be honoured.

Ken Block: The Rally Driver and YouTube Star

Ken Block’s birthday is November 21st, therefore he turned 50 today. Skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross were all early interests for him. He co-founded DC Shoes, an action sports footwear manufacturer, in 1994. DC Shoes quickly rose to the top of the sneaker industry, becoming a major sponsor of professional skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX riders, surfers, and more. Rob Dyrdek, a young skateboarder from Ohio, signed with DC Shoes in 1995 and is one example of such an athlete.

According to a 2004 story, Block and his co-founders sold DC Shoes to Quicksilver for $88 million. After much thought, Block settled on a career as a professional rally driver. He has competed in the X Games, the World Rally Championship, the Global Rallycross Championship, and the FIA World Rallycross Championship with his own team, Hoonigan Racing Division. In addition to his five X Games medals (one gold, two silver, and two bronze), he also has four Rally America championships (2006-2009) and one Global Rallycross championship (2014) to his name.

His ability to drift, slide, hop, and spin his car around obstacles and terrains was another one of Block’s trademarks. In his Gymkhana series, which became viral on YouTube, he displayed his skills by completing astounding exploits in various locales across the world. Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco (2012) has over 110 million views and is one of his most popular and impressive videos. In Climbkhana: Pikes Peak (2017), he drifts up the famous mountain road, and Hoonicorn vs. The World (2020), he races against some of the world’s fastest cars.

Block was revered as a true trailblazer and legend in the world of rally racing. A large number of people admired him for his talent, charisma, and good taste. Additionally, he was a devoted family man who doted on his wife Lucy and their four kids, Lia, Kira, Mika, and Keegan. On January 2, 2023, he and several pals were out snowmobiling in Utah when tragedy struck and he lost his life in the process. His demise devastated everyone in the racing world. His longtime friend Rob Dyrdek was among the many who paid tribute to him online.

Rob Dyrdek: The Skateboarder and MTV Star

On June 28th, 1974, in Kettering, Ohio, Rob Dyrdek entered the world. He got his first skateboard when he was 11 years old and turned pro when he was 16 years old. After joining DC Shoes in 1995, he relocated to California to further his skateboarding career. Setting 21 Guinness World Records for various tricks and achievements, he rose to prominence as one of the sport’s most accomplished and influential skateboarders. In 2010, he also started his own skating competition called Street League skating (SLS), which has attracted some of the top skaters in the world and offers substantial cash awards for the winners.

After making his name in skate videos for DC Shoes, Dyrdek went on to become a TV sensation. He went on to document his life as a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur on his own MTV reality shows. Rob & Big, which aired from 2006 to 2008 and followed him and his bodyguard/best friend Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, which aired from 2009 to 2015 and showed him running his own business empire from a giant warehouse, Ridiculousness, which airs from 2011 to the present and features him commenting on viral videos, and Amazingness, which airs from 2017 to 2018, are all among his most popular shows.

Dyrdek’s unique skating style and abilities included grinds, flips, manuals, and gaps, all of which became instantly recognisable. His own skate park, the Fantasy Factory, and his TV appearances and films helped to publicise his abilities. Most notably, he has landed a kickflip over a Chevrolet Sonic (Chevy Sonic Stunts, 2011), jumped a car backwards over a large skateboard (Fantasy Factory, Season 1), and broken the world record for the longest 50-50 rail grind (Rob & Big, Season 2).

When it came to skateboarding, Dyrdek was practically worshipped as a god. His many devoted followers delighted in his own brand of wit, charm, and originality. His wife Bryiana and their children Kodah and Nala were lucky to have such a devoted husband and father. Through DC Shoes, he became friends with and eventually worked alongside Ken Block on multiple projects.

Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek: The Dynamic Duo

Skateboarding, auto racing, and sneaker culture brought Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek together as friends and collaborators. In 1995, when Block was helping to launch DC Shoes, he sponsored skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. They became close because they shared a love of extreme activities and an appetite for business. They encouraged and motivated one another in their professional and personal endeavours.

They worked together on a number of initiatives and practical jokes that displayed their talents, sense of humour, and inventiveness. Together, they starred in a number of advertisements for DC Shoes, including one in which they raced a rally vehicle and a go-kart. A few episodes of Fantasy Factory featured them as well, including an episode when they constructed a miniature giant ramp for Dyrdek to use in order to launch himself over Block’s automobile. They’ve also been seen at Gymkhana Grid events, which are live shows when Block does tricks for an appreciative crowd. A video was also made in which the two raced miniature and full-size replicas of Block’s Gymkhana car against one another.

Both on and off camera, Block and Dyrdek shared fantastic chemistry. They made each other laugh, pushed each other to their limits, and achieved great things together. In many ways, they were like brothers to each other. They left an indelible mark on their respective sports, cultures, and legions of adoring fans who looked up to them for inspiration and motivation.


When it came to drifting and skateboarding, Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek were unbeatable. They had a long friendship and professional partnership that began with DC Shoes and included being two of the most important and well-known figures in their respective areas. They worked together on a number of humorous and inventive projects that highlighted their talents and personalities. Both professionally and personally, they encouraged and motivated one another. They were legendary figures who changed the course of history; they were visionaries, trailblazers, and icons.

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