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Randall Carlson

The Ultimate Guide to Randall Carlson’s Thought-Provoking Books

Introduction Randall Carlson has earned a stellar reputation as a scholar and an authority in


Randall Carlson has earned a stellar reputation as a scholar and an authority in numerous disciplines, including geology, astronomy, philosophy, and metaphysics. His writings provoke deep reflection because of their wide-ranging subject matter, which often questions long-held beliefs and provides novel insights into the nature of Earth and its place in the cosmos. In this piece, we’ll examine several of his most famous pieces in further detail.

Books on Geology and Ancient Civilizations

One of the earliest publications by Randall Carlson, “The Sacred Symbols of Mu” is devoted to the study of Pacific Islander cultures. In it, he makes a convincing case for the existence of a complex civilization dating back over 12,000 years and for its ties to other ancient cultures around the world.

Yet another intriguing tome, “Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection” delves into the geological cycles that have moulded Earth over millions of years and their effects on human culture. Carlson provides empirical evidence from his studies that cosmic factors like solar flares, asteroid strikes, and volcanic eruptions have played a significant role in driving major environmental shifts throughout Earth’s history.

“The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes” is an in-depth look at how natural disasters have influenced human history and development. Carlson’s theory of cyclical catastrophism and its implications for our knowledge of the history, present, and future of our planet draw on a wide range of scientific fields.

Astronomy and Cosmology Books

Exploring the repetitive nature of cosmic events and their effect on Earth, “Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe” is a seminal study. This book disproves the common belief that natural disasters happen at random by identifying a pattern of recurrent phenomena that may be anticipated scientifically.

There is no shortage of fascinating works that investigate the impact of the precession of the equinoxes on human civilization, and “The Great Year” is no exception. Carlson claims this celestial event has had a crucial role in shaping modern society and the expansion of human awareness.

This book “Megaliths, Catastrophes, and Ancient Civilizations” is a well-researched examination of the possible connection between ancient monuments and apocalyptic events. Carlson draws a link between megalithic structures and recurrent cataclysms in Earth’s history after conducting extensive research on such monuments all across the planet.

Philosophy and Metaphysics Books

The philosophical considerations of “The Philosophy of Freedom” are food for thought on the topics of self-awareness and personal agency. Carlson disputes the dominance of physical rules by stating that we, as people, have the ability to determine our own destinies.

The book “Sacred Geometry: Symbolism and Purpose in Religious Structures” is a fascinating exploration of the religious and spiritual importance of geometric shapes and patterns. Carlson investigates the significance of sacred geometry and its relationship to the spiritual traditions of many different nations through the architecture of religious buildings.

To explore the occult beliefs and practises of Nazi Germany, “Esoteric Secrets of the Third Reich” is a controversial text. Carlson provides convincing evidence that esoteric and mystical traditions had a significant impact on Nazi thought and that an apocalyptic vision of global conflict and transformation informed Nazi ideology.


Randall Carlson’s works are sure to get you thinking by providing a new angle on familiar issues, all with the goal of improving your knowledge of Earth’s and the cosmos’ past, present, and potential future. His works cover a wide range of topics, from geology and astronomy to philosophy and metaphysics. We hope that his publications will inspire people to further their understanding of these important issues.


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