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How Much Does a Pomeranian Dog Cost in India? A Complete Guide

The Pomeranian, a breed of small dog with a thick coat, originated in Germany and

The Pomeranian, a breed of small dog with a thick coat, originated in Germany and Poland. Pom-poms, pocket dogs, and toy dogs are some of the other names for these small canines. A dense coat of fur, of arbitrary hue and pattern, covers their bodies. They are lively and active pets that enjoy spending time with their owners through play and conversation.

Rising demand in India has caused the price of Pomeranian dogs to soar in recent years. The cost of a Pomeranian and the factors that go into establishing it’s price are mysteries to many people who are considering purchasing one as a pet. Those of you who fit that description would appreciate this piece.

Anyone interested in learning how much a Pomeranian costs in India and the various factors that go into that price will find this article to be an invaluable resource. We’ll think about the breeder’s reputation, the Pomeranian’s local popularity, and where you can acquire a puppy from them. We will also discuss some considerations and suggestions for making the most of your Pomeranian shopping experience in India.

Quality of the Pomeranian puppy

The degree to which a Pomeranian puppy meets breed criteria is a major factor in evaluating its overall quality and setting its price. The breed standards for Pomeranians outline the minimum requirements for the dog’s physical appearance, personality, health, and demeanour.

The size, colour, hair, and overall health of the dog’s parents also go into the final product when choosing a Pomeranian puppy. A genetic pedigree describes the puppy’s ancestry and reveals whether it was born to purebred or mixed-breed parents. The term “health” is used to describe the condition of a puppy’s mind and body, as well as the presence or absence of any diseases. The coat characterises the fur’s length, density, and smoothness or curliness. The colour identifies the fur’s shade, design, and solid/mixed composition. The puppy’s weight and height can be inferred from its size.

Puppy quality can range from “pet quality” to “show quality” to “high quality” in the case of Pomeranians. Puppies of pet quality are not perfect examples of their breed, but they are nonetheless adorable and healthy. If you want a Pomeranian dog but have no plans to display or breed it, these are a good option. Puppies with show quality looks and temperament meet or exceed all of the breed requirements. People who want to enter their Pomeranian dogs into dog shows or competitions will find them useful. High-quality puppies are extremely rare and costly because of their superior appearance and lineage. They are ideal for those who seek a very special Pomeranian.

Pomeranian puppies in India can be purchased for anywhere between INR 30,000 and INR 60,000. A pet-quality puppy could cost anywhere from $67 to $134. Dogs with impeccable pedigrees can cost as much as $20,000 (134 $168). The cost of a healthy, well-socialized puppy can range from $268 to $1,006.

Reputation of the breeder

Buying a Pomeranian puppy is a significant investment, so it’s crucial to do so from a reliable source. Someone who raises dogs for the purpose of improving the breed is called a breeder. An ethical and professional breeder will prioritise the health, happiness, and longevity of their dogs above all else.

A reliable breeder knows what they’re doing when it comes to breeding Pomeranians and has plenty of expertise with the breed. They take great care to ensure that the puppies they raise come from healthy, compatible parents. They begin exposing their puppies to other dogs and people at a young age, and they train them to be polite and obedient right from the start. They also provide health certificates and registration paperwork for their puppies and vaccinate them against prevalent ailments.

A reputable breeder will also price their puppies fairly, taking into account factors like supply and demand. Customers may rest assured that they are neither being overcharged or undercharged for their puppies. In addition to selling puppies, they help their customers with any issues that may arise after the purchase.

You may rest assured that you’re receiving a healthy, happy puppy if you buy a Pomeranian from a reliable breeder. Also, you won’t have to worry about supporting dishonest or incompetent breeders who might sell you a sick or deformed puppy.

Finding a reliable breeder in India is a matter of doing some investigating, either online or in print. You can research online for feedback left by clients who have already made a purchase from them. Another option is to get recommendations from people you know who have just purchased a Pomeranian from a reliable breeder. Also, some good breeders can be met and talked to at local dog shows and groups.

Asking the right questions will help you determine whether or not a breeder is trustworthy. Inquire about their background and qualifications, the standards they breed to, the health and genetic tests they perform, the frequency of vaccinations and deworming, the methods they use for socialising and training, the length of their guarantee, the conditions under which you can return the dog, the cost, and the methods you can use to make a down payment.

In addition, you should pay them a visit to see the puppies and their parents in person. Check out the health of their dogs, how they treat with other, and how they react to you. Pedigree, health, and registration paperwork are only some of the documentation and certificates you should verify.

Do not support breeders who are not upholding ethical standards, as they may sell you sick or defective puppies. Puppy mills, online marketplaces, and backyard breeders all make up a portion of this industry.

Commercial breeding facilities often referred to as “puppy mills” are responsible for the mass production of low-quality animals. They are simply concerned with making a profit and have no regard for the well-being of the pets in their care. They frequently neglect to provide adequate living conditions, sanitary conditions, food, water, or veterinary treatment for their pets. They also breed their dogs without thinking about things like genetic diversity or compatibility. The puppies are then sold to pet retailers or online brokers, who may lie to buyers about the dogs’ background or quality.

To market and sell their puppies, “social media sellers” take to sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They frequently utilise stolen or fabricated images of their puppies and embellish the quality of their appearance and lineage. They use low prices or discounts to lure people in, but then hit them with additional, unexpected costs. Also, they can demand prepayment or a deposit before sending the puppies, only to back out or send a different litter.

The term “non-official breeder” refers to those who breed dogs on the side or sometimes but lack the necessary expertise. People who breed their own animals, either as a hobby or for financial gain, are known as “backyard breeders.” Potential red flags include a lack of health checks, vaccinations, socialisation, or training for the puppies. It’s possible that they won’t be around to help customers out once the sale is made, either.

Location and demand

A Pomeranian puppy’s price in India could change from city to city based on variables including the level of demand in each area. The distance the buyer must go to retrieve the puppy is based on the location of the breeder or seller. The demand is a function of the availability of Pomeranian puppies in the area and the number of persons looking for them.

Due to factors including shipping costs and consumer convenience, where a Pomeranian puppy is located is a major factor in determining its price. Any money spent getting from the customer to the breeder or the vendor is considered part of the transportation charges. How simple or difficult it is for a potential buyer to locate a reliable breeder or vendor is what we mean when we talk about the buyer’s convenience.

A market’s supply of Pomeranian puppies and its level of competition are mostly determined by consumer demand. The availability of Pomeranian puppies for sale at any one time is what is indicated by the phrase “supply.” The level of rivalry in the market for Pomeranian puppies is proportional to the number of prospective buyers there are.

Pomeranian puppy costs in India change from city to city based on factors including location, demand, and supply. Prices tend to be higher in major metropolitan areas than in smaller towns due to increased transportation costs and greater demand. However, this general rule may have considerable flexibility depending on the unique conditions of each municipality.

Here are a few samples of how much Pomeranian puppies can cost in various Indian cities:

  • Delhi: Due to its big population and rich lifestyle, Delhi, India’s capital, has a high demand for Pomeranian puppies. In Delhi, a Pomeranian puppy will set you back around 15,000 ($201).
  • Mumbai: Pomeranian puppies are in high demand in Mumbai, India’s commercial and financial capital, thanks to the city’s diverse population and progressive way of life. In Mumbai, a Pomeranian puppy would cost you around $241, with the average cost being 18,000.
  • Bangalore: Bangalore, India’s tech hub, is a popular place to buy a Pomeranian puppy because of the city’s young, well-educated population and forward-thinking culture. A Pomeranian puppy can be purchased for around $268 (20,000) in Bangalore.
  • Chennai: Chennai, India’s cultural centre, has a steady demand for Pomeranian puppies despite the city’s conservative culture and weather. A Pomeranian puppy in Chennai can set you back over $12,000.
  • Kolkata: Due to its low income and heavy humidity, Kolkata, India’s cultural capital, has a low demand for Pomeranian puppies. In Kolkata, a Pomeranian puppy will set you back around $107 (or 8,000).


In this article, we’ll go through the average cost of a Pomeranian in India and the variables that go into that figure. We have considered the breeder’s repute, the puppy’s geographical distribution, and the market demand.

According to our research, the cost of a Pomeranian puppy in India can vary anywhere from INR 5,000 to INR 75,000 ($67 to $1,006). This wide price range is a direct result of the high variability in breeder repute, puppy quality, and location. We also learnt that many unscrupulous or unprofessional breeders in India offer ill or deformed puppies, so it’s important to do our homework before committing to the purchase of a Pomeranian puppy there.

Hopefully, after reading this, you have a better idea of the range of prices for Pomeranians in India and the factors that go into those prices. Because they are so social and loyal to their owners, Pomeranians make excellent companion animals. Do your homework to ensure you find a healthy, well-suited puppy if you decide to add one to your family.


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