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Maltipoo Price in India: How to Find a Healthy and Happy Puppy

Maltipoos are a type of hybrid dog descended from the Maltese and the Poodle. They

Maltipoos are a type of hybrid dog descended from the Maltese and the Poodle. They are also commonly referred to as Moodles, Malt-A-Poos, and Maltepoos. Their fur is fluffy and curly, and it comes in a rainbow of hues and patterns. They are devoted pets who love spending time with their families and enjoy the company of people.

Maltipoos fetch astronomical costs in India due to their extreme popularity there. Many individuals are interested in making a Maltipoo their new family pet, but they have no idea how much they cost or what elements go into determining that cost. This post is for you if you happen to fall into that category.

Find out where to look and what to ask for while shopping for a Maltipoo puppy in India in this in-depth blog post. We will consider the Maltipoo puppy’s health and temperament, the breeder’s standing in the community, and the market’s need for the breed. We’ll also go over some things to think about and how to do in order to successfully get a Maltipoo puppy in India.

Quality of the Maltipoo puppy

The morphological and genetic traits of a Maltipoo puppy are what ultimately define its value. The size, colour, coat, temperament, and general health of the animal are all part of its physical description. Pedigree, ancestry, and breed standards are examples of the genetic traits.

The breed standards outline the parameters for a healthy Maltipoo, including the optimum proportions of its head, ears, eyes, nose, body, tail, and weight. Different kennel associations, like the Kennel Club of India (KCI), the American Kennel Club (AKC), and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), are responsible for establishing the rules and regulations for each breed.

Maltipoo puppies vary in quality depending on factors such as breed type, health, coat, and colour, as well as size. The degree of conformity of the puppy to the ideal qualities of a Maltipoo is established by the breed criteria. How disease- and defect-free the puppy is as reflected by its health score. The coat is what makes the fur silky, curling, and shedding. The fur’s attractiveness, originality, and conformity to breed requirements are all determined by its colour. How big or little a puppy is, and whether or not it meets breed requirements, are both determined by its size.

Maltipoo puppies range in quality from “basic” to “KCI registered” to “show quality.” Puppies who fall short of meeting all the breed standards are considered “basic,” although they can still be healthy and adorable. These puppies are best suited for persons who want a Maltipoo as a pet but have no plans to display or breed it.

Puppies with valid documents from the KCI proving their pedigree and lineage are those that meet most or all of the breed requirements. People who desire to enter their Maltipoos into dog shows or contests can benefit from them. Puppies of “show quality” are those who have won multiple awards at dog shows and have a pleasant demeanour. They are perfect for anyone looking for a show-quality Maltipoo to add to their family or to breed.

Maltipoo puppies in India have a wide price range due to the wide variation in quality. The going rate for a basic puppy is between 30,000 and 50,000 ($402 and $670). Puppies that have been officially recognised by the KCI might cost anywhere from $670.00 to $1,070.00. Puppies with show-quality conformation can cost as much as $1,608 (or 80,000).

Reputation of the breeder

Why it’s so crucial to buy from a respected breeder of Maltipoo puppies and how their reputation impacts the pricing. A dog breeder is someone who creates new dog breeds for the benefit of society. A respected breeder is someone who cares about the health and happiness of their dogs before anything else.

A reputable breeder has extensive experience with Maltipoos and is well-versed in the breed’s best practises. They make sure their puppies come from healthy, compatible parents and provide them all the care and food they need. They start training their puppies to be polite and obedient from a young age, and they make sure their puppies get plenty of early exposure to other dogs and people. They also provide health certificates and registration paperwork for their puppies and vaccinate them against prevalent ailments.

A reputable breeder will also price their puppies fairly, taking into account factors like supply and demand. They are fair with the prices they offer for their puppies. They back up their product with advice and help for consumers after they’ve bought a puppy.

You may rest assured that you are getting a healthy, happy Maltipoo puppy if you get one from a reputable breeder. Also, you won’t have to worry about supporting dishonest breeders who might sell you a sick or deformed puppy.

You can do your homework either on the internet or in the library to locate a reliable breeder in India. You can research online for feedback left by clients who have already made a purchase from them. You can also get recommendations from people you know who have just purchased a Maltipoo from a reliable breeder. Also, some good breeders can be met and talked to at local dog shows and groups.

In order to ensure that the breeder you’ve found is legitimate, it’s important to ask them a few questions. Inquire about their background and qualifications, the standards they breed to, the health and genetic tests they perform, the frequency of vaccinations and deworming, the methods they use for socialising and training, the length of their guarantee, the conditions under which you can return the dog, the cost, and the methods you can use to make a down payment.

You may learn more about them and see the parents and puppies at their location. Check out the health of their dogs, how they treat with other, and how they react to you. Pedigree, health, and registration paperwork are only some of the documentation and certificates you should verify.

Do not support puppy mills or other unethical or unprofessional breeders who may sell you a sick or deformed puppy. Puppy mills, online marketplaces, and backyard breeders all make up a portion of this industry.

Commercial puppy production often takes place in “puppy mills,” which are notorious for mass-producing low-quality offspring in deplorable conditions. They are solely interested in making money and do not give a hoot about the well-being of their dogs. Dogs are frequently kept in unclean, overcrowded conditions with no access to veterinary care. They have no respect for the genetic health of their canines or for their compatibility with other breeds. They then sell the puppies to pet retailers or internet brokers who may misrepresent the puppies’ background or quality to unsuspecting buyers.

Puppies can be purchased from “social media sellers,” or people who utilise websites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to market and sell their wares. They frequently make misleading or excessive claims about the appearance or lineage of their puppies and use images and videos that are either stolen or doctored. To draw in clients, companies may advertise low pricing or discounts yet tack on additional, unexpected costs. They may even request prepayment or a deposit and then either not deliver the promised puppies or send a different breed entirely.

Unofficial dog breeders are those who do not make a living off of breeding dogs and who have little to no experience in the field. They could be people who breed dogs as a pastime, or people who breed animals in their backyards for profit. They might not conduct things like health checks, vaccinations, socialization, or training that are recommended for breeding dogs. Additionally, they might not be available for questions or concerns after the deal is made.

Location and demand

The cost of a Maltipoo puppy varies from city to city in India based on factors including location and demand. Where the breeder or seller lives determines how far the customer will have to travel to pick up the puppy. The demand is a measure of how much interest there is in Maltipoo puppies in a specific location.

Because of factors including shipping costs and consumer convenience, where a Maltipoo puppy is located is a major factor in determining its price. Any money spent getting from the customer to the breeder or the vendor is considered part of the transportation charges. Buyer convenience relates to how simple or difficult it is to locate a reliable breeder or vendor in close proximity to the buyer.

Maltipoo puppy prices are affected by the demand for them, which in turn defines the quantity and level of competition for Maltipoo puppies in a certain area. The availability of Maltipoo pups for sale is measured by the supply. The number of potential buyers in an area who are interested in purchasing Maltipoo puppies is what is meant by “competition.”

Maltipoo puppy costs in India change from place to city based on factors like population density and demand. Larger cities typically have higher prices than smaller ones due to increased transportation expenses and greater demand. However, this generalisation may not hold true in all cities due to varying conditions.

Here are some specific examples of the wide range of Maltipoo puppy pricing throughout Indian cities:

  • Delhi: Due to Delhi’s big population and affluent way of life, Maltipoo puppies are in high demand. In Delhi, a Maltipoo puppy would set you back around $1,340 (or 1,00,000).
  • Mumbai: As the cultural and economic centre of India, Mumbai sees a significant demand for Maltipoo puppies. In Mumbai, a Maltipoo puppy will set you back around 1,10,000 ($1,474) on average.
  • Bangalore: Due to its young and educated workforce and progressive way of life, Maltipoo puppies are in high demand in Bangalore, India’s IT hub. In Bangalore, one may expect to pay around $1,608 for a Maltipoo puppy.
  • Chennai: Due to its traditional culture and climate, Maltipoo puppies are not in high demand in Chennai, India’s cultural capital. A Maltipoo puppy can be purchased for around $1,206 (or 90,000) in Chennai.
  • Kolkata: Because of its low income and heavy humidity, Kolkata, India’s cultural capital, has a limited demand for Maltipoo puppies. In Kolkata, a Maltipoo puppy will set you back around $938 (or 70,000).


Find out where to look and what to ask for while shopping for a Maltipoo puppy in India in this in-depth blog post. We considered the Maltipoo puppy’s health and temperament, as well as the breeder’s standing in the community and the market.

We found that the cost of a Maltipoo puppy in India varied from 30,000 to 1,20,000 ($402 to $1,608). This wide price range was attributable to several factors, including the breeder’s fame, the city of sale, and the quality of the dog. We also learnt that it’s important to do our homework and be wary when shopping for a Maltipoo puppy in India because many unscrupulous or inexperienced breeders there can sell you an ill or deformed dog.

Thank you for reading this post about the average cost of a Maltipoo puppy in India and the variables that go into that number. Adorable and devoted, Maltipoos can be wonderful companions. Do your research to ensure you select a healthy, happy puppy that fits your lifestyle before making the purchase.


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