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Matthew Sturniolo

Matthew Sturniolo (Triplets) | Bio And Net Worth

As one-third of the viral Sturniolo triplets, Matthew Sturniolo has skyrocketed to digital stardom seemingly

As one-third of the viral Sturniolo triplets, Matthew Sturniolo has skyrocketed to digital stardom seemingly overnight. But while fans can’t get enough of Matt and his bearded brothers’ zany antics, there’s still much we’re dying to know about this rising star’s background off-camera.

Let’s dig deeper into Matthew’s age, height, upbringing, relationship status, net worth and more personal specs fans crave!

Biography and Age: Who is Matthew Sturniolo?

Hailing from the small town of Franklinville, New Jersey, Matthew Sturniolo lived an ordinary life prior to his meteoric rise to internet fame. Along with his two identical brothers Marc and Michael, Matthew joins the elite ranks of sibling content creators dominating the digital space like the D’Amelio sisters.

Born on August 1, 2003, Matthew Sturniolo’s age is currently 20 years old as of 2023. Beyond age, the triplet trio keeps much of their early years and family life intensely private.

Outside of posting hilarious videos lampooning twin tropes and pushing zany stunts to the limits, the Sturniolos remain intriguingly mysterious. But we do know Matthew and his bros continue residing locally in their hometown despite their star status. Small town boys at heart!

Physical Status: Height, Weight and More

Standing at an impressive 6’3″ tall, Matthew towers over his two brothers by a few inches. He also sports a much thicker, more voluminous beard compared to Michael and Marc’s facial hair.

And with his wild curly locks, animated expressions and hyperactive energy, Matthew cuts quite the striking figure on camera. Fans can easily distinguish Matt from the other two thanks to his signature look and comedy style.

In terms of other physical specs, Matthew remains vague about details like weight, shoe size, etc. But those piercing blue eyes and muscular frame undoubtedly qualify this bearded triplet as certified heartthrob material!

Early Life and Education

While the triplets keep family matters intensely guarded, we’ve learned that both their parents were school teachers. Matthew himself admits to experiencing occasional troublemaking moments during his school days.

“We definitely kept things entertaining pulling pranks and messing with the teachers. But we were pretty much normal, chill dudes just having fun growing up,” Matthew reveals.

After graduating high school, Matthew briefly studied communications at Rowan College before dropping out. Shortly thereafter, the Sturniolos joined TikTok and had their worlds turned upside down!

Career Rise to TikTok Stardom

Posting their first video mid-2020, the triplets immediately resonated with audiences, amassing millions of followers in mere months. Fans couldn’t get enough of Matthew, Michael and Marc’s natural charm and witty triplet hijinks sketches.

Soon they expanded their hilarious content across YouTube, Instagram and more. But Matthew himself also demonstrates serious breakout potential as a solo force to be reckoned with as well.

“Matt definitely comes up with most of our video ideas. He’s always been the creative brains of our crew,” praises brother Michael. Indeed, Matthew’s comedy writing chops prove critical to Team Sturniolo’s winning formula.

In 2023 and beyond, fans can not only expect more chaotic triplet content, but likely solo projects starring Matthew himself. Stay tuned!

Relationship Status

Fans constantly inquire about Matthew’s relationship and dating status with such heavy female attention. But the bearded triplet remains proudly single and unattached at the moment.

“I’m just focused on creating viral videos and making people laugh. No time for romance right now,” Matthew confirms.

While he and his brothers get asked if they share the same girlfriend frequently, Matthew jokingly hints at some mindblowing surprises on that front in the months ahead! Could triplets one day all date the same woman? We’ll see…

Until then, this untamed comedy superstar remains strictly work-married to churning out stellar digital content!

Net Worth

As of 2023, celebrity net worth sites estimate Matthew Sturniolo’s net worth at approximately $500,000. However, with the triplets’ massive merch operation and surely impending solo projects, that number expects to multiply big time in short order.

The Future Looks Bright for Matthew Sturniolo!

As the Sturniolo Triplets continue taking the internet by storm, Matthew himself clearly demonstrates immense potential to successfully breakthrough on his own as well.

No doubt we’ll see Matt expanding his passion projects, likely including comedy music, podcasts, acting gigs and more. Skyrocketing from small town obscurity to bonafide stardom seemingly overnight, Matthew Sturniolo has officially arrived as Gen Z’s hot new comedic voice.

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