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Is Sal Vulcano Married? The Truth Behind the Impractical Jokers Star’s Love Life

Fans of the popular comedy series Impractical Jokers will recognise Sal Vulcano as one of

Fans of the popular comedy series Impractical Jokers will recognise Sal Vulcano as one of the four zany buddies who often pull practical jokes on one other in public. However, are you familiar with his private life? Is he a family man? Has he been seeing anyone? When did he last go on a date? In this post, we’ll shed light on Sal Vulcano’s personal life and finally answer the question everyone’s been dying to know: Is Sal Vulcano married?


Comedian, actor, producer, and podcaster Sal Vulcano first gained widespread attention as one of the stars of the truTV hidden-camera reality programme Impractical Jokers. Along with his boyhood pals and fellow actors Brian Quinn, James Murray, and Joe Gatto, he forms the comic group The Tenderloins.

Sal Vulcano’s sarcastic comments, extreme penalties, and humorous responses on the programme have made him a fan favourite. The most readily frightened by cats, dogs, zombies, or clowns, he is also noted for being the most sensitive of the four jokers.

In contrast to his outwardly expressive and communicative approach to his comedic business, Sal Vulcano keeps his personal life in the shadows. He seldom shares details about or photos of his romantic encounters online. This has sparked several assumptions and assumptions regarding his marital and sexual state.

Is Sal Vulcano taken at this time? The quick response is “no.” However, there is more to the tale than meets the eye. This article will go into Sal Vulcano’s personal history, present circumstances, and future goals.

Sal Vulcano’s past relationships

Sal Vulcano has dabbled in a few romances, but none have ever gone anywhere. Some of the ladies he dated were either interested in his programme or worked in the entertainment business. Some of the ladies he dated were not well-known celebrities.

His ex-girlfriends list includes the following:

  • Francesca: She saw Sal perform in 2014 and became a huge admirer thereafter. They dated for a while, but eventually broke up because of distance and their busy schedules.
  • Courtney: On the set of “Impractical Jokers,” Courtney worked as a makeup artist. In 2015, they dated briefly before breaking up civilly.
  • Jenna: Jenna was a model and actress who made cameo appearances as a guest or prank victim on the show Impractical Jokers. They were together for a short time in 2016 before breaking up.

There have been several instances of Sal Vulcano joking about being homosexual or married to his co-star James Murray. They did this as a joke or to tease each other or their audience. In 2014, for instance, they shared the news that they had secretly tied the knot in New York. They showed the world that they were married by posting pictures of themselves holding hands and kissing. It turned out, however, that this was all a fake perpetrated as revenge on Murray for losing a bet.

Sal Vulcano’s wit and charisma have helped him find success in the dating world. He enjoys poking fun at himself and his unsuccessful romantic endeavours. He also like to maintain a wall between his private and public lives. When it comes to his personal life, he prefers to keep his relationships out of the spotlight and away from the press.

Sal Vulcano’s current status

Sal Vulcano is single despite widespread speculation otherwise. He is seeing a lady called Tara Jakeway right now. She has worked for NBC News, CBS News, Cheddar News, and Thrillist among other media sites as a journalist, writer, host, and producer.

In 2019, while working as event hosts, Sal Vulcano and Tara Jakeway crossed paths. They immediately clicked and began dating. They’ve been together for nearly two years and still seem as though they’re head over heels in love.

Unlike Sal’s prior relationships, the one he has with Tara Jakeway has been out in the open. They’ve shared several pictures and videos of themselves on Instagram. As a pair, they have also seen a few performances and events.

Among the things they’ve told their followers are:

  • In October of 2020, they will celebrate their first anniversary.
  • In the winter of 2020, they plan to visit Hawaii.
  • They plan to go on a Valentine’s Day date in 2021.
  • In March of 2021, they plan to go to Disney World.
  • They are scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in April of 2021.

Sal Vulcano and Tara Jakeway seem to be a good match since they share interests and values. They can make each other laugh because of their shared sense of humour. They encourage one other’s professional development and share a genuine enthusiasm for their job. They share a passion for discovery and set off to see the world together.

Sal Vulcano’s future plans

Sal Vulcano has not shown any interest in getting married or having children in the near future. He seems happy with his life as an actor and comedian and with his girlfriend Tara Jakeway.

But he has already discussed his thoughts and aspirations towards the institution of marriage and the family. He has expressed a desire to have a family and has stated his support for marriage. He has also expressed a desire to meet a partner that appreciates and respects him just as he is.

As a comedian and a person, some of his aspirations include:

  • Impractical Jokers and The Tenderloins are still going strong in their ability to make people laugh.
  • He’s broadening his horizons by taking on new challenges.
  • Volunteering and giving back to those in need
  • Being in good health and contentment

Sal Vulcano makes an effort to maintain a harmony between his professional and personal commitments. He is a diligent worker who also likes to have fun. He values his relationships with his fan base, which includes his fiancée, friends, and family. He regularly practises self-care on all levels (bodily, psychological, emotional, and spiritual).

It’s unclear whether and when Sal Vulcano will settle down with a spouse and have a family. But no matter what he does, he’ll do it with the same love, humour, bravery, and humility that have made him such a fantastic guy in his life.


Sal Vulcano is currently single. He’s been seeing journalist Tara Jakeway since early this year. They’ve been together for nearly two years, and they couldn’t be happier.

Sal Vulcano’s romantic history has been rife with shocks, revelations, and rumours. But he has never wavered from who he is or what he believes in.

Understanding the man behind Sal Vulcano’s jokes and antics requires looking into his romantic life. This proves he’s not only a humorous man, but a kind one who should be happy.


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