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La Reina del Sur

Guide to the Cast of Characters of La Reina del Sur Season 3

After almost a decade off air, passionate fans finally get to return to the dangerous,

After almost a decade off air, passionate fans finally get to return to the dangerous, dramatic world of beloved telenovela La Reina del Sur. With Teresa Mendoza back at the helm, season 3 promises shocking storylines involving both fresh faces and familiar names that viewers have come to adore over the years.

But with so many characters populating this complex, twisting narrative of a woman caught up running cartels, who should you remember – and who are the exciting new additions to the cast?

This comprehensive guide will breakdown all the movers and shakers that orbit Teresa in her quest for power – and survival. So read on for your essential cheat sheet!

The Leading Lady: Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza

Of course topping the call sheet for season 3 is the fierce, formidable protagonist Teresa Mendoza herself, played magnificently once again by actress Kate del Castillo.

A legendary figure as the first female drug lord ruling Mexico’s underworld, Teresa begins the new chapter exiled in Italy as enemies target her. But she attempts an incognito trip back home to reunite with her beloved daughter – while seeking vengeance upon those who betray her trust.

Del Castillo flawlessly captures Teresa’s complexity balancing ruthless ambition with caring loyalty. And this tragic heroine remains compelling even after countless poor choices create chaos. Buckle up as Teresa schemes for control and order amidst turmoil with steely determination!

By Teresa’s Side: Humberto Zurita as Don Epifanio Vargas

As an ambitious leader of a rival cartel and politician rubbing shoulders with corrupt elite, Humberto Zurita’s Don Epifanio Vargas maintained a turbulent rapport with Teresa over past seasons positioning himself as both ally and adversary at different times.

Their connection intrinsically ties to the daughter they share – as well as shared business. Epifanio aides Teresa from abroad exile early in the new episodes. But her plotting inevitably creates complex collisions again with this prominent partner/antagonizer.

Zurita channels Epifanio’s gravitas and charm belying the violence he’s capable orchestrating to reclaim power in Mexico through every means necessary!

Teresa’s Inner Circle

Besides dodging Epifanio’s maneuvers, these familiar faces stand staunchly by Mendoza’s side as she rebuilds her empire abroad and at home:

  • Pote Galvez (Lincoln Palomeque): Teresa’s loyal bodyguard proves her most trusted companion offering emotional support, protection and connections. Their bond anchors the show.
  • Manuel Lozano (Luís Ernesto Franco): A patrón going straight, Manuel gets entangled back in Teresa’s undertakings aiding her transportation needs. They share an easy rapport and moral alignment.
  • Danilo Marquez (Francisco Denis): Working for Vargas but friendly with Mendoza, the politically-minded lawyer diplomatically arbitrates dealings between camps however possible. His neutrality gets tested as he’s caught in their crosshairs.
  • Genaro Rios (Alejandro Calva): Vargas’ former security honcho joins up with Teresa early on – but his true loyalty remains dubious as a potential double agent.

This tight troupe colorfully illustrate the honor amongst thieves bonding La Reina’s circle against threats. But some supposed friends may turn out false…

New Adversaries Emerging

Of course no high-stakes drama remains gripping without new antagonists arising – and La Reina del Sur has three fresh faces fixin’ to give Teresa fits this season:

  • Paola Núñez as President Sofía Dantes: This alluring but icy new female president immediately locks horns with Teresa pushing her from protected exile perch early on. However, behind that ambitious agenda perhaps some mutual understanding exists too…
  • Bad Bunny as KIT: An enforcer overseeing secret rich-kid Satanic blood cults, this sadistic troublemaker captures Teresa’s daughter forcing shocking confrontation.
  • Miguel de Miguel as Oleg: The swaggering head of a prominent Russian mob family, Oleg forges and frays a marriage alliance with Teresa amidst betrayals rocking their operations.

This fresh crop of adversaries each sharply affect Teresa’s state of play through cunning, cruelty and Court intrigue-like controversy. Their threats form an imposing mountain for even this savvy survivor to overcome!

Recurring Players Both Friend & Foe

Beyond leading stars, La Reina del Sur reunites enough fan-favorite recurring actors spanning allies, rivals and wildcard associates that viewers feel reunited with old friends!

Entering and exiting Teresa’s risky sphere, they remind that stakes stay skyhigh:

  • Chacaltana (Cuca Escribano) – tenacious law agent
  • Jonathan Pérez (Alejandro Speitzer) – Teresa’s imprisoned lover
  • Vanessa (Patricia Reyes Spíndola) – old school cartel veteran
  • Marcela (Carmen Madrid) – tactical trafficking ally
  • Omashu (Karim Çelik) – Russian mob lieutenant
  • El Profesor (Horacio García Rojas) – incarcerated money wizard

And likely even MORE familiar faces emerge as Teresa encounters past connections while her empire hangs in the balance!

La Reina del Sur Cast – In Conclusion

Across the expansive ensemble of new threats, old flames, strong supporters and chronic challengers:

  • Kate del Castillo towers tall leading the way once more as an older, wiser – but no less wily Teresa Mendoza
  • A mix of new antagonists arrive looking to exploit and depose La Reina
  • Countless characters, portrayed by fantastic Latino actors, circle Teresa through three tangled seasons – both buffering and blocking her controversial vision

So prepare for this extensive cast colliding within Mexico’s morally messy world of politics, law and order, cartels and violence! Friends falter, foes take advantage and family ties strain while Teresa fights for the greater good through complex means.

Who will you root for most when La Reina del Sur returns March 2023 for an long awaited third round? Let me know in the comments!

La Reina del Sur Season 3 Cast – FAQs

1.  Who plays Teresa’s daughter in season 3?

Teresa’s beloved daughter Sofia is portrayed by exciting upstart Isabella Sierra as she gets dragged into her family’s dark legacy spanning Mexico to Europe.

2. Does Rafael Amaya return as Aurelio Casillas?

No official confirmation exists that Amaya or his iconic character El Señor de los Cielos antagonist Aurelio Casillas will crossover from the ‘Narcos’ companion series for season 3. But fans still hope!

3. What happened to James Valdez’s character?

After his pivotal betrayal shooting Teresa at the season 2 climax, the fate of Peter Gadiot’s James Valdez character remains unknown and undocumented in the new episodes…so far. Could he still return to vex La Reina? Never say never!

4. Who plays Oleg, the new Russian mob leader?

The new Russian faction adding threats abroad is led by actor Miguel de Miguel as Oleg. Sparks will fly as his mafia maneuvers mix unpredictably with Teresa’s enterprises.

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