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Michaella McCollum

The Peru Two: How Much is Michaella McCollum Worth Now?

  In 2013, Michaella McCollum made headlines around the world after being arrested in Peru


In 2013, Michaella McCollum made headlines around the world after being arrested in Peru for drug smuggling. She and Melissa Reid became infamously known as the ‘Peru Two’ after getting caught trying to smuggle 11 kg of cocaine worth £1.5 million out of the country.

The twists and turns of the case were followed intensely by media, from the girls’ arrests, to their convictions, to their eventual release and return home. But the ordeal catapulted Michaella into the spotlight – and after serving her time, she gained notoriety and opportunities to profit.

So over ten years after her very public downfall, crime and punishment, how much is Michaella McCollum actually worth today?

From Convicted Felon to Media Sensation

After spending close to 3 years in a Peruvian jail, Michaella returned to Northern Ireland in 2016 determined to turn her life around. She expressed deep remorse for her actions and a desire to make amends through sharing her story.

This public rehabilitation soon turned into media stardom and big money:

  • A Netflix documentary: Michaella participated in the popular 2020 docuseries High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule, giving an in-depth sit-down interview about her experience.
  • A memoir: Her autobiography You’ll Never See Daylight Again became a best-seller in Ireland upon its 2021 release.
  • Numerous interviews and TV appearances: Michaella is frequently featured across UK media, from news specials, to podcasts, to daytime TV shows. Just this February she gave a tell-all on Celebrity Ex in the City.

With an intriguing backstory of how a Northern Irish photography student turned convicted drug smuggler, Michaella has proven a ratings and publicity boon. Add her tabloid-friendly looks to the mix, and it’s easy to see why outlets pay for access.

Estimating Michaella McCollum’s Earnings

So what kind of payout is Michaella receiving to keep her notorious story in the headlines? While the exact figures are private, we can make some educated guesses:

The Netflix Deal

While appearing on High, industry rumors indicate McCollum was paid around £15,000 for participation. Standard rates for Netflix documentary subjects can reach up to £30,000.

The Memoir

Books sales data isn’t public either, but author advances give us clues. Unknown authors and public figures tend to receive £20,000 to £60,000. While not a celebrity, Michaella’s story certainly sells. A realistic estimate could net her £50,000.

TV Appearances

For exclusive major interviews or TV spots on popular UK talkshows, guests can make up to £3,000. With at least a dozen appearances over recent years, Michaella likely earned up to £30,000.

Instagram & Social Media

With 120,000 Instagram followers, Michaella can easily charge brands over £1,000 per sponsored post. Assuming at least one #ad a month, that’s £12,000+ a year.

All things considered, between the documentary, memoir, interviews and influencer work, Michaella McCollum has likely earned over £100,000 – not a bad income!

And with public intrigue still ongoing and new opportunities ahead, those earnings show no signs of drying out.

The Costs of Rebuilding Her Life

However, it’s also important to note the high costs Michaella has faced rebuilding her life after prison:

  • Legal Fees: Appealing convictions and negotiating release from prison necessitates quality legal advice – likely running tens of thousands of pounds.
  • Everyday Cost of Living: From housing, bills, car, childcare for her two sons – Michaella’s expenses add up greatly now she’s a single mum.
  • Mental Health Treatment: To move on from her traumatic experience, counseling and therapy must have been needed – typically £50 to £100 per hourly session.

So it’s difficult to determine her exact net worth with these personal debts and overheads subtracted. Yet with juicy media opportunities continuing to roll in, Michaella seems financially stable – though hardly becomes rich because of her story.

Michaella McCollum By The Numbers

While the actual totals remain vague guesses, we can confidently breakdown the key numbers around Michaella McCollum’s worth and earnings today:

  • Documentary Payment: £15,000-30,000
  • Memoir Advance: ~£50,000
  • TV Appearances: ~£30,000
  • Social Media/Influencer: £12,000+ per year
  • Total Earnings Since Prison: ~£100,000+
  • Ongoing Yearly Income: £20,000-30,000

So there you have it – the best estimates on what a woman who was at rock bottom over drugs offences 10 years ago could be banking today off her story.

While providing for a family as a single parent is rarely easy, Michaella is clearly managing the task – and then some!

Michaella McCollum FAQs

Still have some lingering questions around Michaella McCollum’s wealth, income sources and how she profited from her criminal notoriety? Here I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked reader questions:

1. Has Michaella McCollum made £1 million?

No concrete total exists, but based on typical media and book payments in the UK, Michaella earning £1 million is highly improbable. Her income has likely reached an overall six figure sum – but seven figures stretches too far.

2. What’s Michaella McCollum’s day job now? Is she employed?

Michaella seems to work as a full-time media personality and commentator sharing her story. Paid appearances across TV, publishing and online occupy her time rather than a standard job. She also parents two young children.

3. Where does Michaella McCollum live now?

Michaella returned home to Northern Ireland after her imprisonment in Peru. It’s believed she continues to reside near Belfast to be close to family as she raises her twin boys alone.

4. Has Michaella McCollum invested her money wisely?

There’s no public information on Michaella’s financial investments or management. However as a single mum providing for two kids, pouring earnings into steady assets would be a smart long-term strategy. Her focus seems on building security.

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