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Niveen Abdalrhman: The Creative Genius Behind Niviour

Niviour is a new and interesting company that provides high-quality premium streetwear at cheap pricing,

Niviour is a new and interesting company that provides high-quality premium streetwear at cheap pricing, and you may have heard of them if you are a lover of streetwear fashion. However, are you familiar with the company’s “creative genius?” Niveen Abdalrhman is a young fashion entrepreneur from New York City who is building a name for herself thanks to the originality and creativity of her creations. Find out why Niveen Abdalrhman and her label, Niviour, are shaking things up with their exclusive releases and never-before-seen restocks in this in-depth blog article.

Who is Niveen Abdalrhman?

New York City native and 25-year-old Niveen Abdalrhman is an aspiring fashion designer and entrepreneur. She earned her B.S. in Fashion Marketing and Communication from Parsons in 2019. She’s always had an eye for style, particularly in the realm of streetwear, and in 2018 she launched a career as an Instagram influencer, where she showcased a variety of streetwear looks and quickly gained a sizable following. She also has experience in online marketing and e-commerce from her time as a performance marketing manager for a digital marketing firm.

Niveen Abdalrhman, however, was dissatisfied with her 9-to-5 because she believed it was stifling her imagination. She dreamed of founding a fashion label that would be an expression of her own sense of style and her enthusiasm for things like calligraphy and self-care. After accumulating enough money from her employment and influencer engagements, she decided to start her own fashion line, Niviour, in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. She stopped working and put all of her energy into starting her own business, which she grew with the support of her loved ones.

What is Niviour?

Niviour is a next-gen streetwear label that sells limited-edition, high-quality, and reasonably priced luxury streetwear. Niviour was built on top of MJML, a markup language made specifically for producing responsive email. If you’re looking for a flexible and adaptable design for a certain niche or goal, Niviour has you covered. Designs may be made from scratch or imported from other sources.

Niviour is an extension of Niveen Abdalrhman’s identity and culture, not merely a clothing line. Niviour uses Arabic calligraphy and phrases like “nafsi” (which means “myself”) and “najee” (which means “saviour”) in his creations. The goal of these phrases is to encourage readers to love and save themselves while encouraging them to be themselves and express themselves freely.

Niviour is another name in the industry that puts its focus on its consumers and the planet. Niviour only employs the finest materials available, which are not only long-lasting and cosy but also sustainable and morally sound. In order to facilitate streamlined business processes and customer support, Niviour connects with other widely used platforms and applications. With a high delivery rate and spam prevention, Niviour is a great choice for a worldwide audience.

What are some of Niviour’s products?

Slim-fit joggers, hoodies, t-shirts, and more from Niviour feature 3D puff raised embroidery and bold hues, and the brand caters to both sexes. Among the best-selling items are:

  • On the front and back of this sweatshirt, the word “nafsi” appears in Arabic calligraphy, meaning “myself” in English. The hoodie may be purchased in either black or white, and it has either red or blue stitching. The hoodie is constructed from a cosy and comfortable cotton fleece.
  • The Arabic word for “saviour,” “najee,” is printed in English on the left leg of this pair of joggers along with the Arabic calligraphy. The joggers are available in black, grey, white, and yellow. The joggers’ sturdy and soft cotton twill fabric is the result of careful construction.
  • The Calligraphy T-Shirt: The front and back of this shirt are adorned with a variety of Arabic phrases written in calligraphy. These words range from “love” and “peace” to “freedom” and “strength.” You can get this tee in either black or white, and it has colourful embroidery. The jersey fabric used to make the tee is soft and breathable cotton.

Niviour’s website and social media profiles provide visual representations of their items.

What do Niviour’s customers say?

Customers of Niviour express extreme contentment with the company’s products and name. The items, customer service, and speed of delivery from Niviour are all highly regarded. From Niviour’s site or social media profiles, below are some consumer testimonials or reviews:

  • “My Niviour hoodie is the best! The needlework is beautiful, and it’s incredibly cosy and cosy. The term ‘nafsi’ serves as a constant reminder to cherish oneself, and I find it really attractive. A heartfelt “thank you” to Niviour for making something so lovely and significant. New York, Sarah
  • “Niviour is my go-to label for urban attire. They have interesting, one-of-a-kind designs that don’t break the bank, and their items are of excellent quality. Their calligraphy t-shirts are my favourite since they’re so vibrant and full of personality. When I wear these, people usually say nice things. By Omar in Dubai
  • “Niviour is more than a label; it’s a way of life. I really like how they make use of Arabic calligraphy and language in their designs; it helps me feel more connected to my heritage. Niviour is a label dedicated to freedom of speech. Fatima, London.


Niviour, a new and innovative streetwear company developed by the ingenious Niveen Abdalrhman, provides inexpensive high-end streetwear in limited quantities with no restocks. Niveen Abdalrhman’s own style, love of calligraphy, and dedication to self-care are all reflected in her label, Niviour. Niviour is a company whose products encourage consumers to be themselves, to express themselves freely, and to save and love themselves.

Visit Niviour’s website or follow them on social media to find out more about Niveen Abdalrhman and her business. You may also see the newest offerings and buy the things you want from the comfort of your own home. Niviour makes shopping in ways you never thought possible.

This blog article was written in the hopes that you would get some insight into Niveen Abdalrhman and her company, Niviour. Feel free to email us or leave a comment below if you have any queries or feedback. We hope to hear from you soon!

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