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It’s not unusual for starring males in Hollywood to alter their hair like they can’t

It’s not unusual for starring males in Hollywood to alter their hair like they can’t pick what to eat for supper. Jake Gyllenhaal, on the other hand, is an exception.

Unlike his Hollywood contemporaries, the California native has maintained his hair relatively consistent throughout his career. Sure, it’s been short and harsh for his part as a bruiser boxer in Southpaw, and long-locked for his role as a king’s adopted son in Prince of Persia. The typical Gyllenhaal cut, on the other hand, centres around a soft, mid-length cut brushed back, ideally adapted for his oval facial shape.

It’s a traditional hairdo that will look well in the workplace but won’t seem out of place while cutting shapes on the dance floor during the weekend.

To learn how to style your hair like Jake, we chatted with Stevie Warwicker, a prominent stylist and manager of Ruffians barbers in London.


Gyllenhaal is a good-looking man, but this is certainly an example of a haircut working extra for its bearer. The softer finish balances out his chiseled and well-defined features, notably that cut-from-granite jawline, perfectly framing his face.

So, how do you recreate the look? “Ask your barber for a medium-length scissor cut with softness around the ears,” Warwicker suggests. Be careful to maintain length on top so you may style it by pushing it back. When getting ready in the morning, just blow dry the hair backwards with a vent brush and a nozzle to keep the smoothness and enable the hair cuticles to lie flat.”

Men’s hair has been becoming longer in recent years, no doubt aided by Timothée Chalamet’s cherub good looks and a general relaxing of working norms. However, joining in on the act entails committing to spending more time getting dressed and less time in bed. If you’re not the kind to get up and go, choose a traditional short but smart cut instead.

“A haircut with a textured top maintains the length without being overly soft,” adds Warkwicker. “Ask for a clipper back and sides about a grade three, as well as a shorter and textured top. To finish, give it a brief rough dry with the hairdryer and a little amount of product like style paste.”


Do you have a huge job interview coming up and want to make a good impression? Take a pen and paper with you since you’ll want to take notes. This is a professional cut that complements almost any face shape and lets the interviewee know who’s in charge.

“You can’t go wrong with a basic scissor cut with a side part,” explains Warwicker. “Ask to leave the back and sides squared for a more emphasized effect, then simply blow dry the hair backwards, using a vent brush and a nozzle to retain smoothness while producing volume and letting the hair to set in one direction.”


Slicked-back hair has gotten a negative reputation as a result of wealthy Gordon Gecko types who have made it their calling card. But for every Eric Trump, there’s a Gyllenhaal demonstrating how to reclaim the style from its 1980s crimes.

When visiting the barbershop, Warwicker recommends requesting a basic “square medium-to-long scissor cut.” It’s difficult to do wrong in terms of styling. “This is a wet appearance that is simple to style. When you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair and apply a style paste or pomade while it’s still damp.” Add a stylish beard for some much-needed toughness, and you’re ready to go.


Gyllenhaal’s characteristic mid-length haircut would have been unsuitable for his gritty role as boxer Billy ‘The Great’ Hope in Southpaw. Instead, this tougher buzz cut emphasizes the actor’s angular features, so it’s one to copy if you, too, have cheekbones to hang a coat on.

“Ask for a grade three on top and a mid fade between a 1 and 0.5 on the sides,” Warwicker recommends. “Styling is not necessary, however a little amount of style paste can assist if you want some definition. To preserve the rustic appearance and provide some structure to the face, use a trimmer with a 0.5 to a 1 setting on the beard.”

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