Sat. May 18th, 2024
Henry Cavill

Watch a Beard Model Show You How to Get Henry Cavill Epic “Beardstache”

The story of Henry Cavill’s mustache is a well-known Hollywood legend at this point. The

The story of Henry Cavill’s mustache is a well-known Hollywood legend at this point. The actor grew a thick, luxurious mustache for his role as CIA agent August Walker in the 2018 action blockbuster Mission: Impossible: Fallout. This hairstyle choice ended up sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry, as Henry Cavill was then called back to the set of Justice League to do more Superman scenes.

Henry Cavill schedule was so tight that he had to film his scenes with the mustache. In post-production, his facial hair was digitally removed, making for some really creepy images of a top lip with no hair on it. Memes were made about the mustache, and when the Snyder Cut came out, VFX artists added the mustache back into the movie digitally. Henry Cavill, on the other hand, said of his “KingStache” when he got rid of it: “I will always remember him.”

But what many of these points of view leave out is the simple fact that Henry Cavill looked pretty good with that beard. So good, in fact, that some guys are still thinking about giving it a try. In a video on the Beardbrand channel, beard model Carlos Costa shows how to get the same stubble-and-mustache look (called a “beardstache” if you want to be specific) quickly and easily with just a pair of clippers.

In the movie, Henry Cavill beard is very short, so the first thing Costa does is use a number one guard to shave his own neck and face. “Bye, soul patch,” he says as he shaves everything but his mustache and sideburns down to a short stubble.

He then shows how to get Henry Cavill slicked-back hairstyle with a slightly curled forelock from the movie, if your hair is long enough, by putting a small amount of hair balm on damp hair and then blow-drying it for hold. Overall, the look can be made in just a few minutes. Just keep in mind that your beard isn’t likely to be as famous as Henry Cavill.


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