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How to Build a Base War TH12 with Iwan Clasher

In this post, we’ll use Iwan Clasher’s expertise in designing strong base war plans to walk you through the steps of constructing a winning TH12 for use in competitive play.



The base battle is a crucial part of the action in the mobile strategy game Clash of Clans. When two clans go to fight, they engage in “base wars,” in which each side attempts to attack and destroy the other’s village while protecting its own. Having a well-planned TH12 base can be the deciding factor in winning a base battle. In this post, we’ll use Iwan Clasher’s expertise in designing strong base war plans to walk you through the steps of constructing a winning TH12 for use in competitive play.

Understanding the basics of Base War TH12 design

It’s important to grasp the fundamentals of Base War TH12 design before diving into the step-by-step guide. Some essential things to keep in mind are:

Symmetry: Symmetry is an important part of designing a strong base that can survive multiple types of attacks. Make sure all sides of your base are identical while designing it.

Traps and Walls: Walls and traps are the backbone of any solid defence. Make sure to properly position your traps inside your base’s design to make the path of assaulting forces more difficult to predict. Enemy forces can be directed into traps or around defences with the help of walls.

Funneling: Controlling the path of attacking forces is another crucial part of base construction, and this is accomplished through the use of funnelling. By cutting off alternate routes, you can funnel the enemy into a smaller area where they will be easier prey for your defences.

Identifying common attack strategies: The greatest method to defend against an attack is to be familiar with the tactics attackers use. Consider popular methods of attack, such as air and ground assaults, when constructing your base.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Base War TH12 with Iwan Clasher

Let’s have a look at Iwan Clasher’s step-by-step tutorial on designing and constructing your own TH12 base now that you know the fundamentals of base war architecture.

Preparing your builder base

The first thing you need to do to win a Base War TH12 is to get your builder base ready. This includes strengthening defences and walls and removing any debris that may be in the way of invading forces.

The first step in getting your builder base ready should be upgrading your defences and walls. Air defences, archer towers, cannons, mortars, and wizard towers should all have been updated. In addition, the walls should be brought up to level 12 for maximum defence.

Debris and obstructions should be removed from your constructor base as they can serve as hiding places for your adversaries. Clear the area around your base of all vegetation, rocks, and other obstacles.

Deciding on a base layout

The following stage, after setting up your builder basis, is to settle on a layout. You can improve your own designing skills by studying those of established players and by consulting relevant web resources.

Successful TH12 base design can be learned by analysing the strategies of the best players in the game. Take note of their trap placement, wall construction, and funnelling strategies.

Using Online Resources: Video guides on YouTube, chat rooms for games like Clash of Clans, and other online communities can all be helpful when planning a new base. Using these tools, you can discover new ideas and receive critiques on your creations.

Building the base

Now that you have your supply of builders and a plan in place, you can begin constructing your base. Some good strategies for setting up defences, traps, and funnelling techniques are outlined below.

Placing defenses and traps: Creating an unpredictable path for invading troops is essential when setting up defences and traps. To catch your opponents off guard, set up traps around corners or in the spaces between your defences. You should also strategically organise your defences to ensure maximum coverage with few holes.

Creating effective funneling techniques: Controlling the movement of attacking troops requires the development of efficient funnelling systems. Make use of walls and corridors to direct attackers towards traps and around barriers. Additional funnels can be made with the help of non-defensive structures like barracks or resource collectors.

Ensuring symmetry in the overall layout: Maintaining overall symmetry is a must for a successful base war TH12 design. Make sure the two halves of your base are identical to one another for symmetry’s sake.

Testing and Tweaking Your Base War TH12 Design

After your base has been constructed, you must test and modify it to find its vulnerabilities and strengthen its defences. Here are the measures to take:

Running simulations: Use simulation software to try out various assault techniques on your base. If you know where your defences are vulnerable, you may strengthen those areas.

Adjusting trap placement and funneling techniques: You can improve your defences against specific attacks by tweaking your trap placement and funnelling strategies based on the outcomes of your simulations.

Seeking feedback from other experienced players: To gain a fresh look at your design, it’s a good idea to get the opinions of other seasoned Clash of Clans players. If you’re having trouble improving your TH12 base in the base wars, joining an online community or clan can assist.


In the popular mobile strategy game Clash of Clans, achieving victory in a base war at TH12 is essential. You may build a strong, secure platform by following the steps suggested in this article and consulting with expert Iwan Clasher. When planning your base’s defences, keep in mind the importance of symmetry, traps and barriers, funnelling methods, and recognising typical enemy approaches. In addition, make use of simulations and input from seasoned players to evaluate and fine-tune your idea. Following these guidelines, your TH12 war base will be stronger and you’ll be closer to Clash of Clans triumph.


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