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A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening CDR Files Online

In this article, you will learn how to use a web-based CDR reader to access and view CDR files. In addition, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for making the most of CDR. Shall we then?

Has it ever happened to you that you received a CDR file but had no idea how to open it and read the information it contained? You’re not the only one in this boat. CDR files (CorelDRAW Documents) are vector graphics created in the popular graphics editing application. You can use CorelDRAW to modify and change anything in a CDR file, including images, text, shapes, colours, effects, and more.

But unfortunately, CDR files aren’t widely supported by other applications. To open a CDR file, you’ll need the CorelDRAW application, which may not be present on your machine. Incompatibilities and quality losses are possible while converting CDR files to other formats.

Fortunately, this problem is not intractable. A web-based CDR viewer allows you to examine CDR files online without the need for extra software or registration. You can use a web app called an online CDR reader to open, read, and print CDR files. As a result, there is a wide range of formats and quality levels to satisfy a wide range of needs and preferences.

In this article, you will learn how to use a web-based CDR reader to access and view CDR files. In addition, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for making the most of CDR. Shall we then?

Find a suitable online CDR viewer

Locating a suitable online CDR reader for your operating system and personal preferences is the first step in remotely accessing CDR files. Unfortunately, not all online CDR viewers can be trusted to be safe or simple to use, despite the fact that there are many to choose from. Make sure the online CDR viewer you choose has these features.

  • A high-quality, accurate, and easy-to-upload CDR file rendering service.
  • CDR files of varying quality and file type are available for download and printing.
  • Ability to work with a variety of computer systems
  • Your data will be kept private and secure.

Our top picks for online CDR viewers are:

  • Use the free web service to download CDR files along with other formats of media. You can use to store your CDR files in a flash, without having to install any additional software or create an account.
  • Formats and quality settings, such as PNG, PDF, and others, can be altered to suit individual needs. In addition to Facebook’s own website, is another free resource for downloading user-generated content. allows you to safely save CDR files without requiring you to form an account or download any additional software. One additional way to obtain CDR files from Facebook is to use the Video Downloader Chrome Extension.
  • has a high-quality video converter and downloader, so you can get videos from any site in whatever format you choose, even CDRs. There’s no need to sign up for anything extra or download any software to convert your CDR files to MP4, MP3, WEBM, or any of the other common formats supported by You have control over the final file’s quality, resolution, and bitrate, so it may be adjusted to your exact needs.

Among the many advantages of online CDR viewers are:

  • Quickly and without quality loss, any CDR files can be opened.
  • PNG, PDF, MP4, MP3, WEBM, and other formats are all accessible.
  • You can save or print your CDR document and take it with you if you need to work on it or store a copy somewhere safe.
  • The online CDR viewer is accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  • There is no signup procedure or other software required to use the online CDR reader.

Upload your CDR files to the online CDR viewer

The second step in remotely opening a CDR files is to get the file to a CDR reader online. Transferring a CDR file to an online viewer often requires the actions listed below:

  • Step 1: The first step is to navigate to the main page of the CDR viewer you want to use.
  • Step 2: Drop your CDR files into the appropriate space on the website or click the “Browse” button to locate it.
  • Step 3: Next, wait while the online CDR viewer processes and uploads your CDR file.

The following choices and features are available when you upload your CDR file:

  • Drag and drop: Drag the CDR files to the appropriate location if you don’t want to use the “Browse” button to upload it. This might reduce the overall number of steps required.
  • File size limit: The maximum file size for the online CDR viewer can prevent you from uploading your CDR. Because of this, the maximum size for a CDR upload is typically limited to a few tens of megabytes. Your CDR file might need to be reduced, or you could have to switch to an online CDR reader that accepts bigger files.
  • File format: While trying to upload your CDR files to the online CDR viewer, you can encounter a file format limitation. That is to say, you can only add CDR files with extensions ending in.cdr,.cdt, etc. Alternately, search for another online CDR viewer that supports your file type or rename your CDR file.

Putting your CDR up on the web-based CDR viewer has these advantages:

  • Safely and anonymously submit your CDR files for uploading. Your CDR is encrypted and is removed from the server after a predetermined amount of time, so no one else can access it.
  • In a secure and time-saving manner, you can transfer your CDR file. When you upload your CDR file, a powerful server processes it to guarantee a high-quality, precise depiction.
  • In an easy and straightforward process, you can submit your CDR file. No programme downloads or sign-up forms are necessary for your CDR file to be submitted and processed in a matter of minutes.

View and print your CDR files online

Step three involves using an online CDR viewer of your choosing to view and print your CDR file. The procedures required to view and print a CDR file online will often include the following, however this can vary according on the reader you use.

  • Step 1: First, you’ll upload your CDR file to the online CDR viewer, and once it’s processed, you’ll be taken to the viewer app where you may examine it in full screen.
  • Step 2: Utilise the screen’s top or bottom navigation bars to access your CDR file’s menu, zoom controls, download options, and print settings.
  • Step 3: You may use the contextual menu that appears when you right-click or the shortcut keys to perform further actions like rotating, cropping, resizing, etc.

You may examine and print your CDR file using a variety of tools and capabilities, including:

  • Zoom: You can use the zoom feature to expand or contract the view of your CDR file as needed. To zoom in or out, you can use the mouse wheel or the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the toolbar. Zoom in or out to suit your screen by clicking the fit-to-width or fit-to-height buttons.
  • Navigation: Your CDR file is tabbed so you can easily flip between its various sections. To navigate to the previous or next page, use the left () or right (>) buttons in the toolbar, or the left () or right (>) arrow keys on your keyboard. To quickly get to a specific page, you may either utilise the side scroll bar or the page number box located on the toolbar.
  • Download: Save your CDR to your computer or mobile device for easy access and offline use. In order to save your CDR file in a different format, such as PNG, PDF, etc., use the download button on the toolbar or the right-click menu. There are also gradations of quality available, from basic to deluxe.
  • Print: To make hard copies or distribute your CDR file, simply print it from your computer. Your CDR file can be printed by selecting “Print” from the File menu or by using the print command in the toolbar. Additionally, you have control over the print’s appearance by adjusting factors like scale, margins, and orientation.

Some advantages of using an online CDR reader to view and print your CDR file are as follows.

  • The CDR file you uploaded can be viewed and printed with pinpoint precision. Your CDR file is produced by a robust server, guaranteeing the visual accuracy and legibility of all its components.
  • Your CDR file is completely portable and may be viewed and printed in any application. A flexible server that can read and write a wide variety of file types (PNG, PDF, MP4, MP3, WEBM, etc.) will perform the conversion for your CDR file.
  • Any computer, smartphone, or tablet with a web browser may open and print your CDR file. A server that can read your CDR file will display it for you on any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).


Using an online CDR viewer to access CDR files remotely is much easier with the knowledge you’ve gained from this article. Follow these directions and you won’t have to bother with time-consuming account registrations or costly programme downloads. In addition, you may view and print your CDR files whenever and anywhere you like, with no concerns for compatibility or quality loss.


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