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Duck Memes

Duck Memes: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction Memes dominate the realm of internet humour. And if we’re talking about animal memes,


Memes dominate the realm of internet humour. And if we’re talking about animal memes, ducks are right up there. We love duck memes so much that we even have reaction gifs dedicated to them. This comprehensive guide will cover all there is to know about duck memes, from its background and inception to the various sorts of duck memes, how to make your own, the finest duck memes of all time, and even the ways in which duck memes have permeated popular culture.

History of Duck Memes

The genesis of duck memes is unclear, as is the case with many online phenomena. However, the “Advice Mallard” meme is an early example of a popular duck meme. The male mallard duck in this meme is accompanied by sarcastic advise in the form of a clever caption. The meme originated on 4chan in 2011, and from there it went viral, appearing on sites like Reddit and Tumblr.

The “Philosoraptor,” which depicts a velociraptor with a duck’s head placed on its body, is another well-known example of a duck meme. Philosophical reflections and rhetorical inquiries are commonplace in the meme. It’s not known when this meme first appeared, although its popularity peaked in the mid-2000s.

Types of Duck Memes

Different varieties of duck-related memes have gained traction over the years:

Image macros are pictures that have text superimposed over them. Image macros sometimes take the form of “Advice Animals,” which depict an animal alongside a message that offers wise or amusing words of wisdom. The “Advice Mallard” is one example of such a bird.

To show how you feel about anything online, you can use a “reaction gif,” which is a brief animated clip. The quacking and wing flapping of ducks make them excellent models. Excited or anticipatory feelings can be communicated, for instance, with a gif of a quacking duck.

Videos – It’s not uncommon for videos featuring ducks to become viral. The viral video titled “Duck Army” features an army of toy ducks that quack in unison.

Creating Your Own Duck Memes

There are a few things to bear in mind if you want to make your own duck memes:

  1. Memes should not require extensive explanation.


  2. Make use of high-quality photographs; avoid blurriness and pixels at all costs.


  3. Help it funny: Cultivating a sense of humour is a certain way to help your meme go viral.


  4. Include references to well-known cultural icons; doing so can help your meme spread faster and further.

Best Duck Memes of All Time

Numerous online memes feature ducks; here are a handful of the greatest.

  1. Advice Mallard – As was noted before, this meme portrays a masculine mallard duck giving sage counsel to his younger self.
  2. Philosoraptor – The Philosoraptor is an insightful velociraptor with the head of a duck placed on its body.
  3. Goodnight Sweet Prince – Goodnight dear Prince is a meme depicting a sleeping duck with the words “Goodnight sweet prince” superimposed over the image.
  4. Duck Army – This viral video features a flock of plastic ducks quacking like an actual army.
  5. Business Duck – The Business Duck meme often consists of a picture of a duck in business clothes and a clever business-related text.

Duck Memes in Pop Culture

There are several examples of how duck memes have entered the mainstream. The “Philosoraptor” meme, for instance, has been parodied on series like “The Big Bang Theory” and “South Park.” In addition, companies like McDonald’s and Geico have used the “Advice Mallard” in their advertising.


Memes with ducks have grown extremely popular. From the original “Advice Mallard” meme to the most recent viral videos, it’s clear that ducks are a reliable source of internet humour. There’s no disputing that ducks have cemented their position in meme history, whether you’re a meme creator yourself or just a fan of the work of others. What better way to quack up your day than by sending some duck memes to your pals?


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