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Craigslist in Iowa’s Des Moines

The Best of West Des Moines Craigslist: “Iowa Nice” and Some Not-So-Nice Iowa “It’s a

The Best of West Des Moines Craigslist: “Iowa Nice” and Some Not-So-Nice Iowa

“It’s a little bit ugly, but if you have no self-respect and need a cheap ride to the crack house, this one’s owner will take you! Owner lost Found: Getting around with a prosthetic leg. Only answer if you look good. When the owner finally meets the owner of the legend, he turns out to be Prince Charming or, better yet, a hot cowboy. After that, the story gets worse. This is only for letting off steam.

Patch understands. This poor driver saw this and wanted to call the police because he was afraid that “the way and were digging in your nose.” This story also got worse. People are looking at you when you skillfully drive your car and owner up your nose. That doesn’t need to be seen. More yuck. Baby, you haven’t read anything yet.

Double, triple, quadruple, infinity ew. Patch thinks that it takes all kinds. Flying high in West Des Moines thinks that’s a sneaky little smile and loves how your lip curls up a bit. It’s “not appropriate” at work, but you can always post it on Craigslist.

Or not. Also, was that something he made up? He was looking at more than just racks of clothes, the owner said. Do you have any idea what “our lives are hard” means in Johnston? In Ankeny, there are more hot people on Craigslist than there are coffee cups.

What did he eat, too? There are a lot of “facepalm” moments on Craigslist this week


It must be in the water used by the owner. Parts can pack his groceries whenever he wants. But don’t follow them around. Who was your family? It’s damaging.

She put the Craigslist message up because she knows you won’t see it. Patch is now lost. What does it matter?

Here is a hint. But this only makes things more confusing. Urbandale has a hot city worker.

You were stunning.

Getting a used car from Craigslist or Karl Chevrolet

Also, Kristin, he can’t keep it together for much longer. Your fiance is lucky to have you. Don’t ever change, please. This is nice. Not at all. You should feel bad. In Waukee, her high heels caught his eye. The smile made it work. A paragraph is made up of a return. You should use it. She will never put this letter on craigslist.

She may be the only girl you want in the world, the only girl he wants to wake up with, the only girl he wants to marry, the only girl he wants to make things right with, and the only girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. She may always love this page’s furniture for the rest of her life. She came into his life and helped him, but then he pushed her away like a child. @username on Twitter. Sign up for our free newsletter to get West Des Moines news cars in your inbox every morning.

This week on Owner, there were a lot of “facepalm” moments. Around Patches jobs Flying high in West Des Moines thinks that’s a sneaky little smile and loves how your lip just curls up a bit. Posting Hint At Owner, we’re all about helping people, so if you’re in the same spirit, please read this tip: A paragraph is made up of a return. That will occur. Thank you. Please reply. When you answer, you should be polite.

This is a place to talk about local things in a friendly way. No language that is racist, sexist, offensive, or makes threats will be allowed. Be transparent. Use your real name and show proof of what you say. Keep it close to home and on topic. Make sure your answers stick to the subject. Owner pets Fix the Community Rules. Answer owner of this article. Check out more local news Loading. We still wonder about that Craigslist car, but now we’re more interested in how sperm donor requests work out.

She is young and has done well for herself. You can take part or not. She’s willing. With any luck, she’ll sell updates, and we can all be a part of a Craigslist pregnancy. But it’s still scary to date on Craigslist.

We no longer care most about how dating on Craigslist is going

You worked at Legends as a server. First, ask this: Who was that member of the family? So you say. Never mind.

We don’t really want to know. We’re also not sure about what happened in the bathroom: “I can’t make up my mind. I want you. I remember you telling me that I would always have to be with you.

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