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Cinnabon Cereal

Cinnabon Cereal: A Tasty New Twist on a Classic Brand

The sweet, tempting, melt-in-your-mouth aroma of warm Cinnabon cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven is

The sweet, tempting, melt-in-your-mouth aroma of warm Cinnabon cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven is one of life’s most blissful sensory experiences for the sweet-toothed among us. For decades, indulging in these pillowy pastries has meant a trip to one of over 1,200 Cinnabon stores worldwide.

But now with the launch of new Cinnabon Cereal, fans can start their day bathing their tastebuds in that same decadent cinnamon flavor.

This innovative product brings a classic brand into an entirely new food space. In this post we’ll explore what makes Cinnabon Cereal so unique and irresistible. From its origins to consumer reaction, read on for the full scoop on this tasty new twist hitting breakfast tables!

Bringing the Food Court Favorite Home

Before diving mouth-first into a bowl of this game-changing cereal, let’s review some need-to-know background:

  • 1985 – First Cinnabon store opens in Seattle, WA mall
  • 1998 – “Bites” miniature pastries introduced for on-the-go snacking
  • 2004 – Legendary Cinnabon scent diffused in stores to lure shoppers
  • 2022 – Cinnabon Cereal launched in grocery stores nationwide

After building an empire on shopping mall indulgence, Cinnabon has spent recent years broadening accessibility through licensing partnerships. The foray into cereal reveals a new frontier for the brand in capturing at-home consumption.

Pairing a supermarket staple like cereal with such a beloved and distinctive flavor profile makes for a highly intriguing mashup. Early sales and reviews indicate consumers were more than ready to welcome Cinnabon into their morning routine!

An Irresistible New Addition to Breakfast

So what exactly can people expect when cracking open a box of Cinnabon Cereal? Features include:

Taste and Texture

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch-esque rice cereal base collecting milk
  • Warm cinnamon brown sugar flavor true to classic Cinnabon
  • Crunchy texture with a touch of sweetness
  • Holds integrity well when soaked – doesn’t get too soggy


  • Sold in standard cereal boxes in grocery stores nationwide
  • Budget-friendly price point – good value proposition
  • Shelf-stable with decent preservation of freshness
  • Microwavable for a quick cinnamon roll flavor fix

The reviews speak for themselves – Cinnabon nailed their signature flavor in cereal form! The base serves as an ideal foundation for coating those crunchy bites in rich, gooey cinnamon. Prepare your milk for some serious upgrade!

Overnight Social Media Sensation For Cinnabon Cereal

In today’s world, no new food product launch is complete without igniting viral attention on social media. For Cinnabon Cereal, Twitter and TikTok delivered big time:


  • “Obsessed with the new Cinnabon Cereal!”
    • 15.3K Likes, 8.7K Retweets
  • “This cereal SLAPS”
    • 10.9K Likes, 6.1K Retweets


Countless users uploaded videos of themselves taste-testing Cinnabon Cereal, racking up millions of combined views. Some popular posts:

  • Teen siblings trying cereal for first time (3.1M views)
  • “Is it BUssin or Disgusting???” review (1.7M views)
  • Competitive eaters speed-eating full boxes (2.4M views)

Across platforms, excitement and praise for Cinnabon Cereal created a deafening buzz. Suddenly cinnamon cereal wasn’t just a breakfast choice – it was the hot viral food trend captivating audiences nationwide!

What the Future Holds

With runaway early success affirming consumer appetite for Cinnabon in cereal form, what comes next?

As grocery store sales data rolls in over 2023, the brand is weighing opportunities like:

  • Permanent placement – Transitioning from limited release to year-round cereal option
  • New flavors – Potential for apple, cream cheese frosting or carrot cake varieties
  • Additional product expansions – More licenses for ice cream, baking mixes etc.

Cinnabon is also doubling down on TikTok meme energy and connections with Gen Z food influencers. Their marketing helped rocket recognition of Cinnabon Cereal in the early days. Maintaining that authentic engagement through non-traditional channels offers major growth potential.

One thing is certain – Cinnabon Cereal’s smash debut ensures the brand will continue nurturing its new found status as a breakfast staple. With availability increasing by the month, cinnamon goodness is undoubtedly the new AM flavor darling!

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