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The best way to track packages all the way until they are delivered

Courier usually gives you a tracking number that is unique to your package and a

Where's My Package? Awesome Ways to Track Your Package on Smart Devices

Courier usually gives you a tracking number that is unique to your package and a link to a website where you can find out where your package is. It can be hard to understand the tracking information. For example, the DHL tracking page says “sent for delivery,” “sent,” or “with delivery courier.” What does that mean?

How does tracking a package that was sent to someone else work?

A Quick Guide to Internal Parcel Tracking

Every package from a store or a forwarding company has a shipping label with the shipping address, the sender’s address, and a unique tracking number for the courier. To track a package, the courier who is in charge of it has to constantly figure out where the packages and containers are at different times and places. Each courier company has its own system for keeping track of packages, which helps them get the packages to their destinations on time.

What does a status like “forwarded for delivery” mean when it comes to tracking?

Each courier has its own tracking system, and most of the statuses are the same, but they are not all the same. Here are some of the most common tracking alerts you may see.

Forwarded package tracking alerts with DHL Express

  • Shipment pickup—DHL delivery driver picks up package
  • Processed at a local warehouse-where the package is sorted and processed to get it ready for shipping.
  • From the local warehouse to the departure airport-packages are grouped together and put on the plane.
  • Customs status has been updated—this shows how far along the clearance process from the destination is.
  • Arrived at destination warehouse – packages get to their final destination
  • Clearance processing is done-which means that the package has been released from Customs and is now ready to be sent to the delivery partner.
  • The packages left the central warehouse and went to the local warehouse-When the packages got to the local warehouse, they were sorted by local destination.
  • Forwarded for delivery—good news! Your package is with the delivery courier and will be delivered soon after you see this message.

Used UPS to send package tracking notifications

  • Pickup Scan: A UPS delivery driver picks up a package
  • Warehouse scan: Warehouse scan is the process of sorting and processing packages to get them ready to ship.
  • Facility left, facility arrived, and export scan– Packages are grouped together and loaded onto a plane to be sent to destination.
  • Arrived at facility, left facility, and import scan: packages arrive at destination at central sorting facility
  • Your package is still being held by a government agency: The procedure for clearing customs is now underway.
  • Your package is at the UPS distribution center: Packages arrive at local warehouses, where they are sorted by local destination. Soon, a delivery courier will pick up your package and bring it to you.

FedEx has sent package tracking notifications.

  • Picked up: FedEx driver picked up the package.
  • Left FedEx origin facility: Package was sorted, put together, and left the local depot. It is now on its way to the main FedEx facility or airport, ready to leave the country.
  • In transit: packages are loaded onto an airplane so they can be sent to their final destination.
  • Release of an international shipment: It has arrived at its destination country and been let out of customs.
  • At the destination sort facility: The package is sorted by local destination warehouse.
  • At the local FedEx facility: The packages arrived at the local warehouse, where they were sorted by local area.
  • On FedEx vehicle for delivery—good news! It’s with the delivery courier and will be delivered on the day.

How can I track a package that has been sent to someone else?

The courier’s website is the best place to find out where a package has been sent. There are also websites that are run by third parties. Here are the links to the websites where you can track packages that have been sent to someone else.

Third party tracking websites:

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