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Ryan Fingles

Who is Maryland Ryan Fingles? The latest on the Taylor Tewksbury murder and case is 2022

Nicholas Browning knows a person from Maryland named Ryan Fingles. Reports say that Browning was

Nicholas Browning knows a person from Maryland named Ryan Fingles. Reports say that Browning was with Fingles the day before he killed his family.Browning is serving two life sentences for killing his parents and two brothers when he was only 15 years old. He used his dad’s gun to kill all four of them.Before that, he was at the house of his friend Ryan Fingles. But at midnight, he left the house and went home. Then he went right to his parents’ bedroom and shot them. He also killed his brothers at a later time.

Who is the Maryland boy named Ryan Fingles?

Nicholas Browning knew Ryan Fingles, who lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and was a friend of his. Browning’s interview with Detective Walsh shows that the prisoner was staying at Ryan’s house. Then, he used Walsh’s phone to call his parents several times.

His parents didn’t answer the phone when he called, which his Wikipedia page says made him mad. The 15-year-old was at his friend’s house because he was having problems with his father. But it looks like he tried to call his parents to talk things out, but they didn’t answer. The teen left his friend’s house just after midnight and went on a killing spree.

Browning also seems to know Taylor Tewksbury. According to what he said, Taylor Tewksbury’s mother took him and his friends to a mall. But in no other part of his interview does the convict talk about Taylor.

On Reddit, there are rumors that Tewksbury was also killed. But we haven’t heard anything official yet, so it could just be a rumor. Soon, we’ll let you know.

Killer Kids: Spoiled Rotten And Bad Dream

The story of Nicholas Browning was made into a documentary series called Killer Kids. After seeing the episode “Spoiled Rotten and Bad Dream,” many people now know that Ryan and Taylor are Browning’s friends. But no one knows where they are at the moment.


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