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What happened to Jody Stayner?

When Steven Stayner returned home after being abducted nearly seven years before, he became a

When Steven Stayner returned home after being abducted nearly seven years before, he became a household name. Despite the extreme trauma he experienced while living with his captor, Steven established a life for himself, married and having children. ‘Captive Audience‘ on Hulu goes into the events of Steven’s kidnapping and how he eventually fled, rescuing a 5-year-old in the process. It also includes Jody, his wife, who speaks about her life with him. So, if you’re wondering where she is now, here’s what we know.

Who exactly is Jody Stayner?

Steven was the focus of media attention when he miraculously escaped and came home to his parents in Merced, California. He struggled to acclimatise to living with his family for the following several years. Steven had disciplinary troubles in school and had amassed over $1000 in driving citations by the time he was 19 years old. But everything changed when he met Jody Edmondson.

They dated for a year before getting married in June 1985. Steven was 20 years old and Jody was 17 at the time. Ashley and Steven Jr were born a year apart throughout the following several years. At the same time, they had to cope with several arguments. In the years preceding up to Steven’s untimely death in 1989, the couple had been separated but were striving to mend things. “Steve hurt a lot,” Jody later stated of her husband. But, no matter what, he always managed to get through it. He had made it.”

Given what had occurred to him, Steven was very protective of Ashley and Steven Jr. “They cannot go unless I accompany them or someone else watches from the outside,” he said. The door is always open if they’re merely sitting on the porch. I’m OK as long as I can see them and hear their voices.” But the family was struck a horrific blow in September 1989 when Steven was killed in a car accident on his way home.

The 24-year-old was driving a motorbike at the time and collided with a vehicle in front of him. Steven was meant to have supper with his wife at their favourite restaurant that evening, but it never occurred. Jody was upset over the hit-and-run, stating, “I’m very, very, very furious.” I’ve never been so enraged. If the guy who struck him had remained, things would have been quite different. I’ll nail him if it’s the last thing I do.”

What happened to Jody Stayner?

Jody was 20 years old when Steven died unexpectedly, leaving her widowed and responsible for Ashley and Steven Jr. While Jody said that her husband did blame himself in some ways, he seemed to be at peace with everything. She said, “He was very proud of who he was.” He was really incredibly grounded for someone who had gone through what he had gone through.” Jody remarried in the years after Steven’s death, as shown on the episode. She has, nevertheless, decided to avoid public scrutiny. Jody was reported to be in Montana in 2007, but nothing more is known about her.

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