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What Are the Basic Parts of a Wrist Watch?

Fancy watches come with a dizzying array of features and complications, but do you know

Fancy watches come with a dizzying array of features and complications, but do you know the vital components of the traditional wristwatch?

From the mechanism that keeps it ticking to the casing protecting it, these are the basic parts of a wrist watch that make it tick! Take a closer look and explore what makes a wristwatch tick today!


The case is the outer cover of a wristwatch, and it comprises three parts – the bezel, the case back, and the case sides. The bezel is the metal ring around the face of the watch.

The case back is the flat back of the case in which the timepiece’s clockwork is contained. It should be secured tightly with screws. The case sides are the sides of the case which help form the shape of the watch.


The lugs or watch horns of a wristwatch are two metal components located on either side of the watch face, where a watch band or bracelet is attached. Lugs provide the necessary connection between the watch and the band, and they come in various sizes and shapes.

The lugs are connected to the case of the watch, which contains the main components of a watch, such as its movement, winding stem, crown, and crystal. The lugs also tend to help protect the watch from bodily harm.


The crown of a wristwatch is used to adjust the time and date. It brings one of the most essential parts of a wristwatch and allows the owner to set and reset the time and date as required.


The hands of a wristwatch are the two parts used to tell the time. The hour hand is longer than the minute hand, and both hands move around the watch face.

The hour hand indicates the hours and is marked with Roman numerals, while the minute hand shows the minutes in the hour and is typically unmarked. An internal clockwork mechanism inside the watch moves the hands.


The buckle connects the two ends of the watch band. The traditional buckle is made up of two parts, a tongue and a pin holder. The tongue is the part inserted through the band, and the pin holder is meant to latch onto the tongue and secure the two ends of the band.


The Strap of a wristwatch is an essential part of the overall design. It can be made from various materials, such as leather, rubber, or metal. It is usually held together with either a stainless steel clasp or a buckle.

Choosing comfortable and durable materials to ensure the watch remains secure is essential. If the strap or other watch parts are broken, you may check this watch supplies wholesale for replacement. You can also bring it to a professional for watch repair.


The crystal is the clear glass or plastic cover that protects the watch’s face. It is usually made from plastic or mineral, although synthetic sapphire is increasingly common on luxury watches.

It protects the dial and hands from dust and debris and, ultimately, the mechanisms behind the dial. The crystal is held in place by various methods, including tension or screws, and the bezel, or the metal rim outside the face, helps protect it.

Learning the Different Parts of a Wrist Watch

Watches are a timeless necessity, with centuries of careful craftsmanship behind them. Understanding the essential parts of a wrist watch can help you determine the type that best suits your needs.

Find the perfect timepiece today and start appreciating the craftsmanship of watchmaking!

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