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Summer Memories

Walkthrough and Guide for Summer Memories

Summer Memories Plus is a game for people who are 18 or older and like

Summer Memories Plus is a game for people who are 18 or older and like to play games with more serious content. “It’s summer, and you haven’t seen your aunt and cousins in the country in years,” says the game’s plot. You don’t know what to hope for.What might go wrong?Summer Memories will tell you.”

Summer Memories’ Gameplay Guide allows you to play all of the ending and grown-up sequences, as well as complete all of the game’s Puzzles, Quests, and Quests.

Raise Affection: Summer Memories Walkthrough:

You can show your love for all girls by giving them gifts or spending the night with them. But the most popular figures have to do something when their love stays at 20%, 40%, 60%, or even 80%.


You have to go to her room before you can click on the green pencil sign and do math with her.Do this again and again until your blue gauge, which shows the work level, shows 100%.

Rui or Rion:

Shop for bug juice. Go to the mountains and click on the trees to spread the bug jelly. Then, get the bugs in the morning and go back to your room with Rui until you can click the pencil icon and study the bugs. Repeat this step until the bar (which shows the amount of work) is at 100%.

Aunt or Miyuki:

Just wash the dishes and let them dry. Repeat this step until the blue line, which shows the amount of homework, reaches 100%.

Summer Memories: How to Unlock:

Bath Charge: Go to the shop and click on the machines to the right of the shopkeeper to get the 12 numbers. Then, after dark, walk outside the store and click on the items on the guy’s head, hand him the gachi, and take the tape. Don’t go to sleep. go to the living room, turn on the TV, and watch the tape.

Toilet Charge: Buy food from the shop, go to the beach, click on the button to the left, then on the stream, and fish until you catch the movie > (this needs the nightwalker skill). Stay awake, go to the living room, turn on the TV, and watch the videotape.

3 at a time: Make enough noise with one of the sisters until the other sister figures out what’s going on.

4 at a time: With the two sisters, make enough noise until Aunt finds it.

Full scenes: When you wake up, you have to buy the skills.

Summer Memories: Shop Keeper Walkthrough:

  • It will take a long time and a laptop from a cousin, so start as soon as you can.
  • Post every day on Twitter until the store owner sends you a picture of the teddy bear.
  • Click on the stuffed bear in the shop.
  • Post every day on Twitter until you hear from the store owner.
  • Talk (shop) with her.

Summer Memories: Beach Lady Walkthrough:

  • Get all of the improvements for fishing
  • Wait until the Treasure in the Sea talks start.
  • On the beach, begin fishing for a level 4 fish.
  • Talk to the beach lady to start the minigames once you’ve caught the fish.

Walkthrough of Summer Memories – PE Teacher:

This path costs 150 stamina and can’t be taken until the talk about track and field.

  • Go to the school after we talk about track and field.
  • Talk to the PE teacher and train until all of the scenes are unlocked.
  • Don’t skip the last minigame, the race.

Summer Memories: Mountain Researcher Walkthrough:

  • Go to the hill and talk to the mountain expert when you hear about the woman climbing trees on the mountain.
  • Each level, sell one fish and one bug.

Card Girl Summer Memories Walkthrough:

  • Fight with the kids four times in the park, but try to do it on the same day each time.
  • Find the dark-haired kid and fight with him for 4 days. After one or two days, you can find him at night in the park. The next day, he’ll be back in the morning or afternoon.
  • When the kid with dark hair turns around and sees the card girl, click over and over on his picture.
  • Fight the card girl, and when she moves, click on her picture over and over again.


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