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What to Do If Your Vizio Remote Is Not Working: Tips and Tricks

In terms of smart TVs, Vizio is a well-known brand because of the superior picture,

In terms of smart TVs, Vizio is a well-known brand because of the superior picture, sound, and functionality that it provides. There are a number of potential causes for a non-functioning Vizio remote, including low batteries, a blocked sensor, a filthy power source, electromagnetic interference, power residue, or a broken TV. When you just want to kick back and watch some TV, this can be quite annoying.

If your Vizio remote is malfunctioning, read this link for some helpful hints. Each of these techniques is worth a shot, but you can attempt them in any order you like. As an added aid, we will include pictures or images to show you what each step looks like and how it will help you fix the issue. What are we waiting for?

Check the Hardware

If your Vizio TV’s remote is malfunctioning, you should first ensure that the TV and the remote’s hardware are in good working order. The issue could be something physically simple that needs fixing. Inspect the following, perhaps:

  • Check your TV’s settings to make sure the correct input has been selected. The TV’s input button, or a similar one on a separate remote, allows you to change from one source—HDMI, cable, antenna, etc.
  • Verify that the remote’s batteries are fresh and in the right place. Pressing the menu button on the remote will bring up a battery icon in the upper right corner of your TV screen, where you can see how much juice is left in the remote’s battery. Whether the icon is dark or blinking, batteries need to be changed.
  • Check to see that the TV’s sensor is not obstructed in any way. The TV’s sensor, which picks up the signal from your remote, is often situated in the TV’s bottom centre. It’s possible that the remote won’t function if there’s something in its path, like dust or dirt.
  • Make certain that your TV is properly connected to both the power source and the HDMI cable. When your TV or remote stops working, it could be because of a loose or defective connection. To ensure a secure connection, you can unplug and re-plug the wires and cables.
    It’s important to make sure your TV and remote are free from any technological interference.
  • Your remote’s signal may be disrupted by other electronic devices’ emissions, such as routers, microwaves, cordless phones, etc. If your TV or remote is being interfered with by other electronics, try relocating or turning them off.

Any physical problems with your remote that are affecting its performance can be found and fixed by checking the hardware. The next step is for you to try if you have already tested everything and your remote still isn’t functioning.

Power Cycle the Remote and TV

To eliminate any lingering charge or restore any corrupted settings that could be causing your remote to malfunction, simply cycle the power. Your TV and remote should be turned off and on in a certain order during power cycling. Follow these directions to perform a power cycle on your TV and remote:

  • The remote control’s power button must be held down for five seconds after the batteries are removed. This should help discharge the remote’s battery.
  • To ensure that all buttons on the remote are free to be pressed, press each one by itself at least once.
  • Switch out the remote’s batteries and give it another go.
  • The TV or outlet power cord should be unplugged for five seconds before being replugged. All of your TV’s settings will be restored to their original state.
  • Turn on the TV and give the remote control another go.

Many situations that cause your remote to cease working can be remedied by just cycling the power. Try the next suggestion if this one doesn’t work.

Reset Your Remote’s Memory

You can also do a factory reset on your remote to remove any corrupted data or settings that could be the root of the problem. To reset your remote, you must push its buttons in a specific order. Here’s what you should do to reset your remote’s memory:

  • Using the TV’s remote, press and hold the Menu and OK buttons for five seconds to bring up the TV’s menu system. By pressing this button, you can begin setting up the remote.
  • Press and hold the Menu and OK buttons for five seconds to bring up the “Resetting Remote” screen. The remote’s memory will be cleared after this procedure.
  • After some delay, a “Remote Reset Complete” message should appear. The memory on your remote control has been successfully erased if you see this.
  • Repeat the test using the remote this time.

Some problems with your remote’s functionality can be resolved by resetting its memory to its factory settings. Some Vizio TVs and remotes may not be compatible with this strategy. Try the next suggestion if this one doesn’t work.

Use a Different Remote or Contact Vizio Support

If nothing of these options works, you can try a different remote or contact Vizio support for further assistance. Try a different Vizio remote or your own with a different TV to rule out the TV as the source of the problem. The remote may be at fault, in which case a replacement must be purchased or requested from Vizio. If your Vizio television is broken, you should probably call customer care.

A few options exist for swapping out remotes or getting in touch with Vizio customer service:

  • You can file a self-service request for a replacement remote here if you need one while the product is still under warranty. The purchase date and place, the model and serial numbers, and any supporting paperwork must be provided.
  • If you’ve lost your remote and need to get a new, simply visit Vizio’s website, click the search bar in the top right corner, enter “remote,” and push Enter or Return. A price comparison of TV remote controllers that work with your model may be found in this area. After making an online purchase, the item(s) can be delivered right to your door.
  • You may get universal remote controllers that are compatible with most Vizio TVs from a variety of retailers, both offline and online. Make sure you read and follow the included instructions to get the most out of your universal remote and make it operate with your unique model of TV. Please feel free to use the manuals and/or user instructions provided.
  • In addition, Vizio’s support line is available around the clock at 7. Communication choices include chatting online, calling, or sending an email. Specifics about the problem, as well as the make and model, purchase date, and serial number, will be required.

Either try another remote or get in touch with Vizio customer care to find a solution for getting a remote that will work with your TV. But this can take a long time and cost a lot of money, depending on the details of your situation.


With any luck, you’ve been able to learn anything useful from this post about fixing a broken Vizio remote. It doesn’t matter in what sequence you attempt these suggestions; just pick the one that seems to make the most sense to you. It’s important to remember that not all Vizio TVs or remotes will respond to these methods. If you’re having trouble, try switching to a different remote or contacting Vizio support.

For your consideration, here are a few recommendations:

  • See which of the above approaches works best for you by giving them a shot in the order given.
  • Maintain a clutter-free space around your TV and remote control.
  • Put in only brand-new, properly-sized batteries into the remote.
  • Buying a new remote or contacting Vizio support for help is an option if none of the other solutions work.

In any case, we appreciate your taking the time to read this page and wish you the best. Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions in the space provided. If you know of anyone who could benefit from reading this post, please send them the link. Bless your eyes!


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