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Batman Popcorn Bucket

The Coolest Batman Popcorn Bucket is Back

  For Batman fans and movie theater snack enthusiasts, there’s a new must-have item that


For Batman fans and movie theater snack enthusiasts, there’s a new must-have item that combines the best of these worlds. The Batman popcorn bucket is a limited edition collector’s bucket being released for a short time at select movie theater chains nationwide.

This incredibly cool popcorn bucket features the caped crusader’s mask and silhouette against a bold yellow background. It conjures up the retro, pop art vibe of the classic 1960s Batman TV series.

Keep reading to find out all the details on this promotional Batman popcorn bucket, when and where to get it, and why snack and superhero fans alike are clamoring to add this bucket to their collection. It’s the hero Gotham City movie nights deserve!

All About the New Batman Popcorn Bucket

This officially licensed Batman popcorn bucket was produced by Jumbo, one of the leading manufacturers of collectors’ popcorn buckets and cups. It measures about 10 inches high and hold 64 oz of popcorn or other movie snacks.

The bucket itself is vivid yellow with the Batman emblem and mask silhouette on two sides in black. The opposite sides have the classic “POW!” and “BAM!” printed in retro Batman style lettering.

The whole design immediately conjures up nostalgia for the Batman TV series starring Adam West which debuted in 1966. This makes it appeal to both new fans of the modern DC films and old-school Batman devotees alike.

These limited edition Batman buckets are hot commodities. Fans rush to movie theaters to get their hands on one and many inevitably end up for resale online.

Previous Jumbo Batman buckets have sold for up to $200 on eBay! Given the retro styling of this new bucket, demand will likely be even higher.

So when and where can fans snag the new 2023 Batman popcorn bucket? Keep reading to find out.

Where to Get the Batman Popcorn Bucket

The Batman popcorn bucket is rolling out as a promotional item from Regal Cinemas at participating locations while supplies last.

Other movie chains like AMC or Cinemark may also offer the bucket, but Regal has exclusive rights through January 31, 2023.

There are a few ways moviegoers can get their hands on this coveted Batman bucket:

1. Free for Regal Crown Club Members

Regal Crown Club members who purchase a regular priced ticket to any film can redeem a free Batman popcorn bucket while supplies last. Just show your Crown Club card at the concession stand to claim your free bucket.

This perk is limited to members who have signed up for the free Regal Crown Club before January 31, 2023.

2. Buy With Drink Purchase

Both Crown Club members and non-members can purchase a Batman popcorn bucket by buying a drink. Select locations allow you to buy a bucket with the purchase of any size soft drink.

3. Buy Bucket Alone

Once supplies start running low during the promotion, some locations may start selling the buckets solo without a drink purchase requirement. The price is usually $25-$35. Call ahead to check availability if buying buckets outright.

4. Check Resale Sites

If the promotion ends before you score a Batman bucket, check sites like eBay, Mercari or Facebook Marketplace. Resellers often flip rare buckets for profit, sometimes at inflated prices.

Tips for Collecting the Coolest Batman Bucket

To make sure you snag one of these limited edition buckets, follow these tips from bucket collectors and Batman fans:

  • Check your local Regal Cinema right away. Supplies are limited and many have sold out in days.
  • Go on slower days (weekday afternoons) for a better selection. Avoid peak Fridays and weekends.
  • Ask nicely! Theater staff may offer more details on their stash of buckets.
  • Buy early in the promo period. Selection will be most limited at end.
  • Inspect your bucket before leaving. Check for dents, flaws, or a loose lid.
  • Call ahead to confirm availability. Staff will tell you if they’ve sold out of buckets.
  • Be prepared to pay more for highly desired buckets from resellers later.
  • Display your new treasure prominently! Store any extras carefully to preserve condition.

Owning this retro Batman popcorn bucket is a tasty way for fans to take a piece of the theater experience and superhero hype home with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about getting your own Batman popcorn bucket:

1. How much are the Batman buckets being sold for?

The buckets are FREE for most Regal Crown Card members who buy a movie ticket while supplies last. Non-members can get one for around $25 with a drink purchase once the free promo units are gone.

2. How long will Regal theaters be offering the Batman buckets?

Regal Cinemas has exclusive rights to the bucket through January 31, 2023 while supplies last. Once individual locations sell out, they likely won’t get restocked during the promo window.

3. Can I get more than one Batman bucket?

Initially most theaters are limiting customers to one free bucket by requiring one per Crown Card membership. But once they have surplus stock remaining toward the end of the promo, you may be able to purchase extra buckets.

4. Are the Batman buckets microwave and dishwasher safe?

No, these collectible buckets are not designed for hot foods or the dishwasher. Hand wash only.

5. What should I store my bucket in if I’m not using it?

Carefully place buckets back in their plastic wrapping or an airtight plastic bin to prevent dents and scuffs during storage.

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