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Spoofing in Pokemon Go

Step-by-Step Guide to Spoofing in Pokemon Go

By manipulating your device’s IP address, sometimes known as “spoofing,” you may “teleport” to other parts of the map without really moving. This post will show you the ins and outs of spoofing in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is a widely played smartphone game in which players use GPS technology to hunt for virtual Pokemon animals in the real world. The game might be more difficult for those who aren’t able to easily visit the places with the highest concentrations of Pokemon. Here is where spoofing can be useful. By manipulating your device’s IP address, sometimes known as “spoofing,” you may “teleport” to other parts of the map without really moving. This post will show you the ins and outs of Spoofing in Pokemon Go.

Equipment and Software Needed

You’ll need a GPS-enabled smartphone to begin spoofing. A spoofing app, such iTools Mobile or PokeGo++, will also be required. Using these apps, you can make your phone think you’re in a different location. Caution is advised, since some of these applications may need jailbreaking or rooting your phone.

How to Spoofing in Pokemon Go

Step 1: Download and Install Spoofing Software

To begin, choose a reliable download site and get the spoofing programme of your choice. Always exercise care while installing new software on your device to ensure it is virus-free. After you have downloaded the software, proceed with the installation as per the developer’s instructions.

Step 2: Enable Developer Options

You will need to activate developer settings on your device before you can begin utilising your spoofing software. Here you may adjust several aspects of your phone, including its fake location. Your phone’s developer options may be accessed by going to the settings menu, tapping “About Phone,” and then tapping the “Build Number” option seven times in rapid succession. The menu of developer settings should now be accessible.

Step 3: Set Spoofing Location

You may now configure your faked GPS location after downloading the spoofing programme and activating the developer options. Launch the spoofing app, and input the real location you want to impersonate. Choose a spot that is physically possible on the game’s map.

Step 4: Launch Pokemon Go and Start Playing

You may now start Pokemon Go while hiding in a mock location. You should now be able to see yourself in the place you selected, opening you additional opportunities to discover and capture Pokemon. It’s worth noting that spoofing in Pokemon Go may be difficult since the game’s makers are always trying to find ways to stop it.

Risks of Spoofing in Pokemon Go

While spoofing may seem like a simple way to advance in Pokemon Go, it can actually be quite dangerous. The Pokemon Go developers at Niantic, Inc. keep a close eye out for any spoofing going on and have put in place a number of methods to identify it. Spoofing is a serious offence that may result in game suspension or even expulsion. Avoid doing anything that might get your account banned or suspended and utilise this tutorial properly.


Spoofing in Pokemon Go is a fun method to discover new areas of the game and get uncommon Pokemon. There are hazards associated with this procedure, therefore it should be used with care. You’ll be up and running with spoofing in no time if you follow these simple steps. Have fun, but remember to play the game responsibly.

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