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Soulstone Survivors: A Ritual of Love and Sacrifice

What if you could save the life of someone you cared about, but only at

What if you could save the life of someone you cared about, but only at the expense of your own? How about you? What if the price was your very spirit as well as your physical life?

This is the predicament that those who have survived the soulstone rite of forbidden love and sacrifice find themselves in. I’ll explain what happened to them and why they made such a bold choice in this post.

First, though, I should define the soulstone and discuss its significance.

What is the Soulstone?

Rare and enigmatic, the soulstone has the ability to both store and transmit souls. They say it’s a relic from a long-lost civilization that governed the globe until a global catastrophe wiped them all.

The soulstone is ruby and fashioned like a heart. It can store the souls of two people at once and give them to other people or inanimate objects. In addition to curing both mental and bodily wounds, the soulstone also bestows superhuman abilities upon its possessors.

The soulstone, however, is not without its flaws. The people whose spirits it captures can become more aggressive, materialistic, and self-centered as a result. It has the potential to murder its users by syphoning off their vitality. Worse yet, it has the potential to permanently imprison its victims, preventing them from passing on to the next life.

Many people want to get their hands on a soulstone for various reasons. There are many who would put it to good use, such as saving the lives of the terminally ill. Some people want to abuse it in order to harm others or advance their own interests. Others hope to utilise it to keep their significant others or reunite with a deceased loved one.

One thing, however, is on which all parties can agree: the soulstone is extremely powerful, and its usage should be treated with extreme caution.

The Ritual of Love

Using the soulstone to perform the ritual of love and exchange souls with another person is a banned and hidden practise. Only two people who love each other very much and are prepared to give up everything for each other should undertake the rite.

The lovers perform the ceremony by holding the soulstone in their hands and concentrating on their love for one another. The soulstone is then activated through the recitation of an incantation. The soulstone then acts as a conduit, carrying one person’s spirit to inhabit the body of another.

The ritual has both positive and negative outcomes. The advantages are:

  • The couple can share their feelings and opinions with one another.
  • Each other’s love has the power to cure any illness or injury.
  • They can learn from one other and grow as people.
  • Intimacy and connection between the couple can be bolstered.

The risks are:

  • They risk merging so completely that they no longer recognise themselves.
  • It’s possible for the couple to develop a dependency on one another.
  • There is a risk of physical and mental injury between the partners.
  • If the lovers stay in each other’s bodies for too long, they risk perishing.

Most people view love rituals as forbidden because they go against the established hierarchy of life and death. People view it as selfish and risky because it endangers the lovers’ lives and they don’t care about the repercussions it could have on others.

Some people, however, continue to engage in the practise, whether out of interest, desperation, or devotion. Here are some good and bad traditions to consider:

  • Romeo and Juliet: The most well-known tragic love ritual is found in the story of Romeo and Juliet. They carried out the ceremony in an attempt to settle the rivalry between their families, but both ended up killing themselves after mistaking the other’s death for their own.
  • Tristan and Isolde: Another tragic love ritual is that of Tristan and Isolde. They committed the rite in an effort to remain together despite their separate marriages, but their partners found out about it and murdered them.
  • Orpheus and Eurydice: Orpheus and Eurydice represent an exemplary love ritual. He attempted to execute the ritual to bring her back from the dead after she died from a snake bite, but he was unsuccessful because he looked back at her.
  • Pygmalion and Galatea: An extraordinary love ceremony is that of Pygmalion and Galatea. After falling in love with his statue, he conducted the ritual to bring it to life, and it worked.

These are only a few examples of the many tales written about the rites of courtship. Many others have been lost to time or deliberately concealed.

However, there is still one tale that has not been shared. Chronicle of the last people to use a soulstone.

The Soulstone Survivors

There is a group of people known as the soulstone survivors, and they are the ones who have successfully completed the ritual of love. Soulmates is another name for them, as they consider each other to be their genuine soulmate.

The soulstone survivors are:

  • Alex and Mia are a young couple that went through the initiation in order to get away from Alex’s abusive father and mother and start a new life together.
  • Ben and Zoe, a middle-aged couple, both with terminal illnesses, undertook the ritual in order to heal themselves and spend their final days together.
  • Chris and Anna are an elderly couple who resorted to the practise in order to be together after being abandoned by their children and grandchildren.
  • Dan and Eve are a mixed-race couple who had to undergo the rite in order to get their families’ acceptance and move over their cultural and religious divides.

In total, there are four matched sets of soulstone survivors still alive after all these years of concealment. The authorities have been trying to round them up in order to study them, but they have so far proved unsuccessful. They’ve also been trying to stay out of the way of the soulstone thieves who are after the gem for their own ends.

They have been living together in a small community in a remote cabin in the woods. They have been exchanging places at the soulstone every few days. They have helped one another out, shared knowledge, and loved one another.They understand that their joy is precarious and their lives are at jeopardy.

They realise they are risking serious harm by engaging in such behaviour. They’re risking the wrath of fate by going against nature, and they know it. They understand that there is a cost to be paid for the sacrifice they have made.

The Sacrifice

The love ritual necessitates the death offering. The time has come for the remaining soulstone holders to live with the results of their decision.

This is how the sacrifice will occur: the soulstone will stop functioning permanently. Instead of exchanging souls, it will imprison them within itself. Their vitality will be drained and they will eventually perish. And their spirits will remain safely contained there in perpetuity.

Soon, the sacrifice will be made. Those who have kept their soulstones can sense it. As their bodies and the soulstone both weaken, they become increasingly aware of it. They can literally feel the soulstone and themselves growing darker.

They know the end is near for them. They haven’t given up yet, though. They aren’t prepared to part ways just yet. They still aren’t prepared to let go. They’ve thought things out. They had resolved to engage in a final act of passionate ritual. This was their last stand. An extreme act of love.

The Conclusion

These are the lives and deaths of the people who clung to the soulstones for the sake of love. There is bravery and insanity, beauty and horror, happiness and sadness in this tale.

I don’t know the answers to your queries. You should think about the answers to these questions on your own. However, it is my sincere wish that you have been impacted or challenged by this tale. I pray that this tale has caused you to reflect upon your own existence, your own love, and your very soul.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you found this helpful, please forward it to your loved ones. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the section below. Please subscribe to my blog if you enjoyed this post and would like to read similar content.

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