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How Much Does an SBI Manager Earn? A Detailed Breakdown of Salary and Benefits

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits, allowances, and compensation of an SBI

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits, allowances, and compensation of an SBI manager? If that’s the case, you’ve found the right page. This article will give you all the details you need to land a coveted and lucrative job with India’s largest commercial bank.


State Bank of India, or SBI, was established on July 1, 1955, and since then has expanded to become a global public sector banking and financial services institution. It’s headquartered in Mumbai, India, and has more than 22,000 locations across India and the rest of the world. Deposits, loans, cards, insurance, mutual funds, and other financial products and services are only some of what SBI has to offer.

Similar to the Federal Reserve and state governments, SBI is a government-run institution. It takes the funds, deposits them on the government’s behalf, and distributes them as loans and advances. Financial inclusion, rural development, women’s empowerment, etc. are just a few of the many social and developmental activities in which SBI is actively engaged.

When you join SBI as a manager, you’ll be joining a prestigious and responsible organisation that helps millions of people and grows the economy. What does an SBI manager make, though? To what extent does an SBI manager’s job depend on their responsibilities? Can you tell me about the employment outlook and perks for managers at SBI? We have compiled information from the official notice PDF, user evaluations on Glassdoor, and other online resources to provide answers to these queries.

Salary Structure

An SBI manager’s compensation is based on the salary grade assigned to the position. Managers at SBI receive a salary of Rs. (63840-1990/5-73790-2220/2-78230) per the PDF announcement. Managers at SBI receive a base salary of Rs. 63,840, which increases by Rs. 1,990 annually over the course of five years to a maximum salary of     Rs. 73,790. For the next two years, it will go up by Rs. 2,220 per year, to a total of Rs. 78,230.

An SBI manager’s overall compensation consists of base salary plus a number of bonuses, benefits, and allowances. Here is a table displaying the approximate monthly income breakdown for an SBI manager, according on evaluations on Glassdoor:

Component Amount (in Rs.)
Basic Pay 63,840
Dearness Allowance 35,000
House Rent Allowance 6,000
City Compensatory Allowance 1,000
Special Allowance 10,000
Total 1,15,840

A manager at SBI might earn up to Rs. 1.15 million per month. But there could be variations in this depending on things like location, level of experience, and quality of performance. A manager at SBI based in a major city, for instance, may be eligible for better benefits than their counterparts in more remote locations. Similarly, an SBI manager with more experience or better performance may be eligible for larger raises or bonuses than their less seasoned or average-performing counterparts.

Job Profile

Branch or division managers at SBI are responsible for overseeing a wide range of banking services and activities. Depending on their background and experience, an SBI manager could be put in charge of a variety of projects or products.

Using the official notification PDF and other online resources, we may deduce the following primary duties of an SBI manager:

  • A person whose job it is to find and pursue new chances for business and collaboration.
  • Promote the use of digital payment methods in keeping with SBI’s payments policy.
  • Performing preliminary research to estimate project revenues and expenditures.
  • Making sure the agreement is followed.
  • Maintaining vigilance over the project’s goals, actions, and outputs.
  • Managing the interests of the various parties participating in a project, including the Bank’s internal divisions, external partners, and system integrators.
  • Quantity takeoff (BOQ) and workforce planning.
  • Timely Project Implementation through Careful Planning and Scheduling
  • Taking charge of new debit and prepaid card alliances and collaborations.
  • Increasing requirements for SBI’s IT Centre in terms of bespoke integration, new initiative/feature rollouts, and rollout tracking.
  • Smart City Projects, co-Branded Cards, the SBIFAS Tag, Metro Projects, etc. will soon have the possibility to accept digital payments from debit cards, prepaid transport cards, and personal passenger information.
  • Tasks include overseeing the Parliament House Project, Bharat Bill Payment System, Cheque Deposit Kiosks, and an enterprise-wide loyalty rewards programme.

An SBI manager needs specific abilities and knowledge to carry out these duties successfully.

  • Abilities in marketing and business expansion
  • Effective communication and stakeholder management
  • Ability to organise and plan
  • Competence in regulating and minimising risks
  • Aptitude for analysis and addressing problems
  • Abilities with technology and computers
  • Teamwork and leadership abilities

Career Growth

Managers at SBI have the opportunity to advance in their careers based on factors such as performance, seniority, and qualifications. Based on their performance and potential, an SBI manager can look forward to promotions within the company.

Here are some of the various promotions and titles a manager at SBI can attain, as outlined in the official announcement PDF and online sources:

  • Chief Manager: The position of chief manager follows that of manager. A chief manager is someone who is in charge of several subordinate managers or an entire department. The typical salary for a chief executive officer is approximately Rs. 12.8 lakh per year.
  • Assistant General Manager: The position of Assistant General Manager exists underneath that of the Chief Executive Officer. The duties of an assistant general manager typically involve overseeing multiple locations or regions. The average compensation for an assistant general manager is approximately Rs. 15.6 lakh per year.
  • Deputy General Manager: The position of deputy general manager follows that of assistant general manager. A deputy general manager oversees a specific area, such as a district or division. The typical compensation for a deputy general manager is approximately Rs. 18.4 lakh per year.
  • General Manager: After rising through the ranks to deputy general manager, one becomes a general manager. A general manager oversees operations in a certain region or business unit. On average, a general manager can expect to earn 21.2 million rupees each year.
  • Chief General Manager: The position of chief general manager follows that of general manager. A chief general manager oversees either a regional or national division of operations. The typical remuneration for a chief general manager is approximately Rs. 24 lakh per year.
  • Deputy Managing Director: The position of Deputy Managing Director follows that of Chief General Manager. A deputy managing director oversees a region or a section of a company’s operations on a national scale. The typical compensation for a deputy managing director is approximately Rs. 27 lakh per year.
  • Managing Director: The position of Managing Director is the pinnacle of SBI’s organisational structure. A managing director at SBI is accountable for the organization’s overall performance and operations. The typical salary for a managing director is around Rs. 30 lakh per year.

While promotion requirements and qualifying standards may differ by position, in general, they consist of:

  • Performance appraisal: The effectiveness of an SBI manager is measured in terms of their contributions to the company’s success and the satisfaction of their clients.
  • Seniority: Managers at SBI are ranked in order of seniority based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the dates on which they were hired, confirmed, promoted, etc.
  • Qualification: Educational attainment, professional certification, participation in relevant training programmes, etc. are all viable paths to becoming a qualified SBI manager.

Perks and Allowances

An SBI manager’s monthly compensation is supplemented with a number of benefits designed to improve both their personal and professional lives. According to several online resources, an SBI manager is eligible for the following benefits and compensation packages:

  • From fifty to one hundred gallons of petrol per month.
  • Accommodations for hire are made available.
  • Affordable furniture available in price range of Rs. 1 lakh.
  • If your performance meets the requirements of the performance grading framework, you will receive a yearly bonus of Rs. 20,000.
  • Phone costs will be covered by the company.
  • Invested in a new briefcase.
  • Getting a new cell phone!
  • Clean-up crews or housekeeping help.
  • A provident fund has a contributing value of Rs. 1,641.
  • Reimbursement for any costs incurred through self-care or cashless care at affiliated hospitals is one hundred percent.


We hope this article has provided you with a thorough and accurate depiction of an SBI manager’s compensation, duties, potential for advancement, and benefits. Manager candidates can submit their applications online at if they are interested in working for SBI.

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions about this article in the space provided below. Your feedback is much appreciated. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and stories if you’re an SBI manager or aspire to be one.

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