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Is Rovaens a fraud or not? Anyone who wants to buy something from this site

Is Rovaens a fraud or not? Anyone who wants to buy something from this site can check here to see if Rovaens are allowed.

Are you thinking about buying sports gear? Have you looked around Rovaens? If you haven’t heard of this website before, you should check it out in the United States. But before that, the people who want to buy it should make sure it is legal. So, is Rovaens a fraud or not? If a buyer wants to buy something from this site, they should find out if it’s allowed and then plan or decide to buy from this shop.

Check to see if the Rovaens store is real

  • Registrar Info: The Rovaens store is signed up with LLC.
  • Site’s creation date: The Rovaens store was registered on June 18, 2022. This is the date of the site’s creation. The site will only be around for about six months.
  • Trust factor: The Rovaens store has a trust factor score of 1%. The online shopping site doesn’t seem like a safe place to shop.
  • Date of expiration: The Rovaens store will close on June 18, 2023.
  • Customer Reviews: We looked online for Rovaens Reviews, but we couldn’t find any. There are no customer reviews on the main site.
  • Data Security: The Rovaens use an HTTPS server to protect the data of buyers. This suggests that the information is safe.
  • Information left out: Rovaens store didn’t say its phone number.
  • Social Media: No social media site lets you see the Rovaens site. It didn’t get much attention online.

A Look at Rovaens Shop

This store is an online store where people can buy different kinds of sports gear. They also have games for both inside and outside.

  • Games and toys, such as chess
  • Weed Eaters
  • Sports on the water collections
  • Hunting Equipment
  • Sports and being outside

Details based on Is Rovaens a Scam or Not?

  • URL:
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Address: 1115 E Lemon Street, Apt. 431, AZ, Tempe, US, 85281; Phone Number: Not Available
  • The shoppers didn’t seem interested and wrote online reviews about their experiences.
  • Policy on returns: If something is broken, you can ask for a return within 30 days.
  • Policy on shipping: In most cases, the shipment will happen within four to seven days.
  • Checkout options include Visa, Discover, PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, and more.

Positive Points

It had information about email and address.

Things that go wrong

  • There are no customer reviews on either the online store or the official store.
  • There are no social media pages to be found.

Rovaens Reviews

We know a lot about this site for shopping online. But there are some things about this store that made us wonder if it was okay. It doesn’t have any reviews from customers about its collections. Not a single online review site has given them any advice on how to improve their collection. In addition, we couldn’t find this website on any social media site. It makes it clear that this shopping station is not good for any buyer because it looks sketchy. Customers should be careful when shopping on sites that aren’t very popular.

We didn’t think that our readers could trust this site. Please be careful and keep checking some safety tips to avoid getting your credit card information stolen.

In conclusion

As this post comes to a close, we’ve covered all the important facts about its validity. About six months ago, the Rovaens store was set up. It didn’t get a good score for trust. This means you can’t trust the site. If you shop and pay for things online, you should learn how to avoid being scammed by PayPal.

Is Rovaens a scam or not? : Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has the Rovaens store been around?

Since it was registered in June of this year, the Rovaens store has been open for about six months.

2. Does the store have a good score for trust?

The site for Rovaens did not get a good score for trust. On this site, only 1% of the count is done.

3.  Can I find the store on social networks?

No, you can’t get to this shopping site through social media.

4. Have people said good things about the store?

The Rovaens store doesn’t have any reviews yet.

5.  Is Rovaens a scam or is it real?

The store doesn’t seem to be real because its trust score and life expectancy are low.

6. What do they sell on the Rovaens site?

They sell things for sports, hunting, playing outside or inside, etc.

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