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The Ultimate Guide to Rooting Your S10 Plus Without a PC

Introduction Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can help you access its full potential. By


Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can help you access its full potential. By “rooting,” you can take complete command of your device’s operating system and installed apps. If you root your S10 Plus, you can adjust its settings to better suit your needs. The performance, usefulness, appearance, and security of your device can all be improved by the installation and use of numerous modules, modifications, and tweaks. Unwanted software, such as bloatware, advertisements, and restrictions, can be removed or disabled.

There could be hazards and difficulties involved in rooting your S10 Plus. If you root your Galaxy S10 Plus, you risk having your device compromised by malware or viruses, having it stop working (or even bricking), and losing access to official software updates and technical support. You’ll probably need a few tools and maybe even some technical know-how to root your S10 Plus. A personal computer is a frequent tool for rooting gadgets. A personal computer can be used to get all the necessary files and programmes, as well as to flash the device.

What if, however, you neither own nor choose to utilise a personal computer? Can the S10 Plus be rooted without the need of a computer? To put it simply, yeah. You may get your S10 Plus rooted without a computer by employing a few easy-to-find apps and procedures. This post will serve as a tutorial on the process. Here, we go down what “rooting” is and how it might benefit your S10 Plus. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of rooting your S10 Plus. We’ll go you why you can root your S10 Plus without a personal computer. We’ll also elaborate on this post’s goals and contents.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and want to root it without a computer, read on! This blog post isn’t for you if you have a different device or if you wish to use a personal computer to root your device. People who have never rooted a device or who are uncomfortable with making changes to their gadgets should also skip this blog post. While we’ve tested this content extensively, it’s possible that it won’t be compatible with all browsers or devices. Any harm or loss you incur as a result of following the advice in this post is not our fault. This is entirely at your own risk.

Getting your S10 Plus ready to be rooted, rooting your S10 Plus without a PC, and making the most of your rooted S10 Plus are the three primary topics we’ll be discussing in this blog post. Step-by-step procedures and comprehensive instructions will be provided in each segment. To further aid your comprehension, we will also include screenshots and relevant links. You should be able to root your S10 Plus without a computer by the time you finish reading this tutorial.

Preparing for Rooting

There are some crucial preparations that must be made before beginning the rooting procedure.

To begin, head to Settings > About Phone > Software Information to look at your Android version and build number. Make sure your Android version is one that Magisk, the rooting tool we’ll be using, supports.

Then, touch the Build number seven times to activate Developer Options under Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Developer Options. Once that’s done, head to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging to get started. Later on, your phone and computer will be able to exchange data with each other thanks to this step.

Finally, make sure you have a backup of all of your data before you begin rooting your phone.

Downloading Necessary Files

You’ll need the Magisk Manager APK and the proper firmware for your S10 Plus in order to root it without a computer. Make sure the firmware file is compatible with your S10 Plus’s model number before installing it.

Both files are available online and may be located with a simple Google search. Download them from a trusted source to ensure they are virus-free.

Installing Magisk Manager

Installing Magisk and the AP file on your S10 Plus is the final step before rooting it without a computer. In particular, these items are:

  • Magisk: With Magisk, you can root your smartphone, choose which apps can see that you have root access, install modules, modifications, and customizations, and more. Go to to get the most recent version of Magisk.
  • AP file: An AP file is a file that stores the image of your device’s operating system. You’ll need this file to apply Magisk’s fixes and then flash your device again. Here at you can find the appropriate AP file for your device’s model and firmware version.

Here are the procedures you need to take in order to get those files and programmes onto your S10 Plus:

  • To disable this feature, navigate to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources menu.
  • To permit the installation of software from untrusted sources, toggle the appropriate option.
  • Click the button labelled OK if you’re sure.
  • Follow the instructions above to get Magisk, the AP file, and Odin for your S10 Plus.
  • Find the files you need in your Downloads folder or file management software, and then open them.
  • Just do what it says on the screen and you should be good to go.

Patching Firmware with Magisk

Magisk Manager has been successfully installed; now you may use it to patch your firmware and obtain root privileges.

To patch the boot image file, use Magisk Manager and go to Install > Install > Patch. After that, choose the firmware file you saved to your computer. Please be patient while the patches are installed.

Flashing Patched Firmware

You will need to flash the updated firmware onto your device once it has been patched. Get the updated firmware file and then install it on your phone. Then, after powering down, press and hold the Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons until the Download Mode screen appears.

The next step is to use a USB cord to link your phone to your computer. Proceed to the next step if you don’t have access to a computer.

Launch Odin and hit the AP key on your keyboard. Select the firmware file that has been updated. Check that “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” are the only two choices checked, and then press Start. When the flashing is done, your phone will restart by itself.

Verifying Root Access

Your S10 Plus has been rooted successfully without the use of a personal computer; well done! If you want to know for sure if your phone has root access, you can do so by downloading the Magisk app. To double-check that your phone has been rooted, you can use an app like Root Checker or Magisk Manager.


Although rooting your S10 Plus without a computer may appear difficult at first, this comprehensive guide will make the process simple. Rooting your phone can be risky, therefore it’s important to approach with caution and educate yourself first. However, rooting can completely transform your Android experience by allowing you to install custom ROMs, delete bloatware, and boost performance. Feel free to investigate what your rooted device can do.

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