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Flight Club

Reviews of Flight Club: Is This Sneaker Store Reputable?

Due to Flight Club, sneakerheads can access the hottest and trendiest sneakers right from their

Due to Flight Club, sneakerheads can access the hottest and trendiest sneakers right from their homes as most businesses are moving towards e-commerce (and plenty of comparable brands).

An extensive selection of new, used, and exclusive sneakers can be found at Flight Club, an online marketplace for sneakers. Additionally, sneakerheads enjoy visiting their retail locations, so expect to wait in line.

But first, you should confirm that Flight Club is a legitimate company before spending hundreds of dollars on sneakers.

Let’s take a deeper look at our Flight Club evaluations to determine whether or not this location is trustworthy and the greatest for sneakerheads.

Describe Flight Club

Flight Club, a well-known sneaker consignment shop founded in 2005, is owned by GOAT (another reputable site for sneakers and apparel).

Through smart strategic planning and marketing throughout the years, Flight Club has transformed the retail sneaker business. It is regarded as the go-to place for all sneakerheads.

This is a retailer of both new footwear collections from renowned shoe companies and used shoes. It is one of the oldest brands in the secondhand market and continues to reign supreme as one of the best resources for finding high-end footwear.

Flight Club: Is It Real?

Yes, the firm Club, which offers both new and secondhand shoes, is legitimate. They are owned by GOAT and have three retail locations. Fakes are not a problem despite the fact that they are a marketplace with many merchants. Before being transmitted to the customer, orders are submitted to their authentication facility for verification.

Having said that, be careful to use the right website URL when you buy ( This is due to an increase in con artists that imitate well-known e-commerce sites and steal credit card data.

Flight Club Evaluations

Over the years, Flight Club has received a mix of favorable and unfavorable feedback from its clients.

Even while the shop has a sizable selection of high-end shoes, it appears like their customer service might need some serious work, and you may be able to find better deals on other online stores.

Overall rating: 3.75

Products from prestigious companies like Adidas, Nike, and others are available at Flight Club. There are many of brand-new releases and highly prized collectable sneakers available. The business takes great pleasure in not carrying any fake items and uses a rigorous validation procedure.

This is a terrific location to purchase new or old shoes that you may not have been able to get when they first came out, and they also offer a ton of new releases in their new releases area.

The only drawbacks are that some consumers discovered better deals elsewhere and that Club seemed to slightly mark up the rates. Some customers have reported poor customer service or sluggish shipment.

Price: 3.5 stars or less

Customers of Flight Club are aware of the high pricing of collector shoes and highly sought-after brands, yet several evaluations of Flight Club said that customers had bought the same products for less elsewhere.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Flight Club is a marketplace that displays products from its vendors, thus they are not solely responsible for the quoted pricing. A large portion of their vendors choose to offer products for more money than you may find on rival sneaker websites.

The website also offers a “Price Drop” area where you may look at the most recent discounts, however.

Delivery: 2 stars

According to Club, orders may take 2 to 9 days to reach consumers, with “Fastest To You” items being sent out the same day and ideally arriving in 4 days.

Both domestic and foreign purchases are subject to shipping fees; however, US orders over $100 qualify for free delivery.

The fact that shipment took a lot longer than promised is a typical criticism among Flight Club evaluations. Other customers reported receiving the incorrect item in their packages.

Quality: 5 out of 10

Flight Club sells high-quality goods, often including some limited-edition new arrivals from top-tier footwear manufacturers.

The shop has several different shoe brands, thus there will be variation in quality across them. Additionally, some goods are used, thus quality will vary according on the state of the item.

Customers’ satisfaction: three stars

You may file a request on their website to contact customer care if there are problems with size or quality. The fact that they are a consignment shop, however, prevents them from accepting any swaps or refunds.

What Clients Are Having To Say

The validity and genuineness of the sneakers have generally been praised in Flight Club assessments, however certain criticisms have often surfaced.

  • Excellent choice of footwear.
  • Although most goods are costly, sometimes a fantastic bargain may be found that is worthwhile.
  • When there are shipment delays or other problems, customer assistance is not prompt enough.
  • They provide a big selection of stylish shoes, both new and used.
  • Excellent authentication method ensures that you won’t get a fake.

As a result

Flight Club sells genuine footwear from well-known manufacturers, including the newest and most elusive limited edition styles. With a great verification method to ensure you never purchase a fake, they are a trustworthy place to buy both new and old shoes.

Because Club is sometimes costly and their retail locations typically have lengthy lines, some consumers don’t believe the buzz is justified. Online deals are still sometimes available, so if you come across one, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

Despite offering a wide variety of footwear, Club can improve both the effectiveness of its shipment and its customer service.

Alternatives to Flight Club

Here are a few of the most popular Flight Club substitutes:

Return Procedure

Sadly, Flight Club does not handle exchanges or returns.

This is due to the fact that they are a consignment shop, where individual merchants sell the goods.

Only missing or wrongly sent products are eligible for refunds.


1.Does Flight Club Offer Faux Footwear?

No, every pair of sneakers offered by Flight Club is a genuine item.

Shoes are delivered to their authentication facility, examined by a team member, and then mailed to the customer.

2.How long does it take to ship the Flight Club?

Fast orders are delivered the next day if placed before 2:00 p.m. Other purchases take a little longer since they are delivered to Flight Club for verification before being sent to the consumer.

3.Where is the Flight Club?

There are three physical sites for Club: New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

4.The Flight Club’s Owners

GOAT is the current owner of Club.


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