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Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds

It goes without saying that weddings may be costly. But did you know that in

It goes without saying that weddings may be costly. But did you know that in the past decade, the average wedding expense has more than doubled? And, with so many couples marrying later in life, the expenditures of a wedding are only going to rise. Take up the job of “wedding planner” yourself to offset some of these expenditures. This gives you some control over your spending and allows you to tailor your wedding experience to match your budget.

What Is Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds?

Nikubou’s Pretend Newlyweds is a joyful and interactive art project that invites couples to pretend to be married. The initiative is built on the idea that laughing and joy may foster love.

Couples must first register online in order to participate in the experiment. After registering, each participant will be sent an invitation to build an online profile. Each couple must give basic information on their profile, such as their names, ages, and hometowns. They will also be required to compose a brief essay about how they met and why they feel marriage is worth lying for.

The public will vote on their favorite pairings when all profiles have been submitted. The couples with the highest votes will subsequently be invited to a special event organized by Nikubou to execute their fictitious wedding.

The project’s goal is to foster healthy connections between couples and to spread happiness across the globe. Participants are also expected to learn more about themselves and how they interact to others by taking part in the research.

The Benefits of Acting Like a Newlywed by Nikubou

It may be a lot of fun to play the role of newlyweds. Not only do you get to pretend to be in love, but you also get to play out all of your dreams. Here are some advantages of nikubou’s fake newlyweds:

1. It may aid in the development of closeness in your relationship. Pretend Newlyweds by Nikubou offers a safe and secure place for couples to explore and bring to life their desires. This might assist to build your relationship by exposing you both to new and intriguing experiences.

2. You may connect through common interests. Many couples love pretending to be newlyweds since it enables them both to share an experience that is typically reserved for just one of the couple’s members. This strengthens your bond and allows you to have more unforgettable experiences together.

3. It provides a great activity for dating nights or special events. Instead of going out dancing or to a movie, why not dress up or pretend to be on vacation? There are hundreds of options for you and your spouse to participate in this unique type of entertainment available.

Nikubou’s Guide to Creating Pretend Newlyweds

You don’t need to go out and purchase a wedding gown or hire a photographer to stage your own faux wedding; just follow these nikubou instructions.

1. Choose a theme for your wedding. There are several wedding themes to pick from, including beach weddings, rural weddings, and even fairy-tale weddings! You might even choose a more modern theme if you want.

2. Decide on the sort of photographs you want to utilize for your album. If you want to keep things simple, go with a conventional photographic approach. Alternatively, you might utilize amusing and unusual photographs to give a sense of comedy to your album.

3. Choose a color scheme for your wedding. You may choose whatever color combination you want as long as it fits your wedding theme!

4. Decide on your clothing. You don’t have to purchase new clothing; all you need is something comfy and fashionable that will make you appear stunning on your wedding day!

5. Select a reception location or create your own! If you want something romantic and personal, a reception at home is ideal, while a park or public garden may be more appropriate if you like a more outdoorsy vibe. In any case, organize ahead of time so that everything is ready when your visitors come!

Nikubou’s Tips for a Successful Pretend Newlyweds

Congratulations! You’ve gotten married! It’s a historic event that needs to be enjoyed to the best. Here are some ideas for an entertaining “I’m a Newlywed” session:

1. Begin with a happy conclusion – Always have an end goal in mind while acting out your fake marriage. Maintain a good mindset by role-playing something pleasant together or just imagining yourself happy and pleased.

2. Play together – Spending time with your spouse is one of the finest methods to make lasting memories. Guide each other through speech and scenarios to bond and create memories that will stay long after the session is ended.

3. Make it convincing – Make sure everything you do during your mock Newlyweds session seems authentic. Be deliberate in bringing your new connection to life, from the discussions you have to the gestures you make.

4. Have fun! – Playing pretend newlyweds may be a hilarity and an appreciation for what your spouse offers to the table. Let free, laugh a lot, and enjoy each other’s company!

Why Should New Couples Pretend They’re Married?


Pretending to be newlyweds may help enhance your relationship, believe it or not. Why? Pretending to be newlyweds, according to a research published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, helps couples “improve their feeling of commitment, communication, and trust.”

Spending time together as if you’re married might really enhance your sex life! Researchers discovered that couples who pretend to be married for six months have more sex and are happier with the quality of their sexual interactions than those who don’t.

So, what do you need to do to make your goal a reality? Begin by identifying moments when both of you can relax and have fun. Maybe go for a stroll on the beach or out to supper. And don’t be hesitant to tell your lover how much you love him or her, no matter how corny it may appear at first. Pretend it’s a normal thing for newlyweds to do!

Five things that every newlywed should know

1. Communication is essential.

2. Always be open and honest with one another.

3. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure to have flawless marriages from the start.

4. Take each other for granted and enjoy each other’s presence.

5. Maintain your love by spending time together outside of the marriage!


Congratulations! You are about to go on the most thrilling adventure of your life. Whether you’ve been married previously or this is your first time, these pointers will help your fake wedding go successfully. We have everything you need to make your dream wedding a reality, from creating a register to selecting the ideal honeymoon location. So gather your loved ones and begin arranging the happiest day of your life!


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