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Every Little Thing Who Is Purple Hearts’ Nicholas Galitzine Dating? A look at his past relationships

Nicholas Galitzine has had some amazing leading ladies, from Camila Cabello to Sofia Carson. So,

Nicholas Galitzine has had some amazing leading ladies, from Camila Cabello to Sofia Carson. So, does Nicholas have a real-life leading partner? Read on to find out who he’s been with in the past.

What’s Nicholas Galitzine’s name?

Nicholas is best known for his role as Prince Charming in 2021’s Cinderella, which he played with Camila Cabello, and in 2022’s Purple Hearts, which he did with Sofia Carson. He has also been in The Craft: Legacy, Chambers, High Strung, and The Watcher in the Woods.

Geoffrey Galitzine, Nicholas’s father, was born into a family of Russian princes. This explains why he keeps playing princes on the big screen.

“I think playing a prince in many projects can be very one-dimensional,” the London-born actor told Flaunt Magazine in July 2021. “It’s funny, but right before Cinderella, I auditioned for another prince and got all the way through the process. I kept thinking how nervous I was about it because the character seemed to follow the same path as all these other one-dimensional princes. I went right to the session with the director, but it didn’t go my way. I called my agents and told them, “I don’t know, I think I need a break from princes for a while. It just wasn’t very satisfying.”

He said that Prince Robert of Cinderella was “much more complex than the other princes of his time,” and he was eager to play the part. “On the surface, being a prince might seem like a great thing for a lot of young actors. But from a creative point of view, it might have felt stifling, but I didn’t feel that way at all.”

The 27-year-old actor will also play another prince named Prince Henry in Red White & Royal Blue.

Does ‘Purple Hearts’ star Nicholas Galitzine have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

As of now, it doesn’t look like Nicholas is dating anyone, or if he is, he keeps his relationship quiet. There have been rumors that he and his leading ladies are dating, but most of the time, that seems to just be what fans want to believe.

Who has dated Nicholas Galitzine?

It doesn’t seem like Nicholas has been with anyone in public yet. But in a July 2019 interview with Wonderland Magazine, Nicholas said that he got into acting because he had a crush on a girl. “I really liked a girl who was performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she was also a visitor. I did [the thing] so I could get closer to this girl.”

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