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Madaz Money

Madaz Money: The Ultimate Guide to Day Trading

When you day trade, you invest in and liquidate stocks or other financial instruments in

When you day trade, you invest in and liquidate stocks or other financial instruments in the same trading session, often before the market shuts. Day traders use a wide variety of methods and approaches in order to detect and act on potentially successful deals based on short-term price movements and volatility in the market.

For day traders that focus on high-volatility equities, there is Madaz Money, a group and chatroom. Scalping is a trading strategy that seeks quick gains from several short-term transactions (seconds to minutes). High-volatility stocks are those whose prices fluctuate widely and rapidly in response to external factors like news, events, or momentum.

Here, you’ll find the whole beginner’s manual to day trading on Madaz Money. Everything from:

  • Who is Madaz, and what has led to his success as a merchant?
  • Explain Madaz Money and the benefits it provides.
  • What are the steps and fees for signing up with Madaz Money?

Please note that the following does not represent financial advice and is instead provided as general information. Before making any financial commitments, you should conduct your own research and talk to an expert.

Who is Madaz and How Did He Become a Successful Trader?

Madaz started one of the most prominent day trading firms, Madaz Money. Max Nguyen’s true name is Madaz, although he goes by the acronym for “Money After Dead Zone” as a moniker. The most busy and volatile part of the market is between 9:30 and 11:30 am EST, a time frame known as the “dead zone.”

Madaz was a child when his family emigrated to the United States from Vietnam. After earning his civil engineering degree from UCLA, he spent many years in the field as a structural engineer. He was unhappy at his job and wanted to follow his dream of becoming a trader.

While still employed as an engineer, he began trading on the side in 2012. He educated himself with the use of internet resources including books, videos, blogs, and discussion boards. He tried out swing trading, options trading, and forex trading, among others, as a means of making money. But he quickly saw that his forte lay in “scalping” highly volatile equities.

Technical analysis, price movement, and volume were the foundations around which he built his own trading strategy. Particularly around the opening bell, he prioritised getting high % scalp setups for quick gains. To aid him in finding the finest stocks to trade daily, he developed his own indicators and scanners.

Several of the trading methods now utilised by many investors were first made famous by him. Among these methods are:

  • The washout long: When a stock drops sharply on the open due to panic selling or bad news, investors may use a technique known as the washout long. The goal is to purchase shares just before they reverse after being oversold.
  • The panic pop short: betting against a stock that has jumped sharply in the morning on optimism or rumours. The plan is to profit on the stock’s inevitable decrease as a result of the overbought state.
  • The halt and resume washout long: A stock that has been temporarily stopped owing to excessive volatility and then restarts trading at a price lower than the halt price is a candidate for the halt and resume washout long trading technique. The goal is to buy at the bottom of the market and sell when the stock begins its recovery or continuance.

The openness and trustworthiness of Madaz also became well-known. On his website and social media pages, he detailed his trades, gains, losses, broker statements, and trading history. In addition to live trading sessions, trade recaps, seminars, technique breakdowns, and tips & tricks, he released hundreds of films documenting his experience and tribulations as a trader on his YouTube channel.

Madaz had his finest trading year ever in 2020, making over $4 million in earnings after starting the year with a $50,000 balance. Among his many accomplishments are:

  • Earning almost $200,000 in a single day, he set a new personal record.
  • Making almost a million dollars in a single month, shattering the previous record.
  • Making nearly $2,000,000 in a single quarter, shattering the previous record.

Madaz also chose to teach other traders from his extensive expertise by establishing Madaz Money, a forum and chatroom for day traders.

What is Madaz Money and What Does It Offer?

In order to learn how to “scalp” high-volatility equities, day traders may join the Madaz Money forum and chatroom. For its subscribers, it provides a wide range of amenities and perks, including:

  • Members may talk with Madaz and other traders in real time, as well as get real-time notifications, watch lists, market comments, and trading ideas. Madaz and his staff serve as the chatroom’s moderators, assisting and advising participants as needed. Trade Ideas, a top stock scanner, is included right into the chatroom so that users can easily locate the finest stocks to trade each day.


  • Hundreds of hours of educational videos covering everything from webinars and trade recaps to live trading sessions, strategy breakdowns, and tips.


  • Trading jargon and ideas defined, from “dead cat bounce” to “washout long” to “panic pop short,” and beyond. In the chatroom and the video library, Madaz and other traders may employ jargon and slang that may be unfamiliar to certain participants.


  • A private section of the website where subscribers may read premium material such as in-depth analyses of recent trades, Q&As with industry experts, etc. Members may keep tabs on their trading stats, results, and development in the member area.

The four traders at Madaz Money all have their own distinct approaches to the market. These items are:

  • Bao (Modern Rock), an expert in the trading of big caps and options. Using technical analysis, trend tracking, and risk management, Bao went from being an engineer to a multimillionaire trader. His steady demeanour and reliable outcomes have earned him widespread renown.
  • Alex (AT09), who uses technical analysis and risk management to trade small caps. Alex is a person who abandoned his undergraduate studies to pursue trading full-time. He is revered for his self-control and tolerance.
  • Tony, from the AC Investor Blog, uses fundamental research and swing trading to trade big and mid size stocks. Tony is a successful trader who used earnings reports, news events, and chart patterns to transition from being an accountant. He is revered for his analytical prowess and capacity to see the big picture.
  • For his trading, Kevin (OddStockTrader) relies on technical analysis and momentum strategies for tiny caps. Kevin is a successful trader who used volume analysis, breakouts, and reversals to transition from an IT career. He has a reputation for being both forceful and flexible.

Many Madaz Money users who profited from the programme have provided glowing reviews. Here are a few examples of testimonies:

  • “A trading experience that changed my life forever! It had an effect right away.” – John
  • In this room, you will find supportive individuals that are invested in your growth and success as a trader. – Mike
  • To paraphrase, “I don’t normally like chat rooms, but ever since I joined the room, I learned a lot from Madaz.” – Sam

How to Join Madaz Money and What are the Costs?

You may join Madaz Money’s community and chatroom for a monthly fee, or pick from a variety of other membership plans and price tiers, such as:

  • Monthly plan: Price of $197 USD per month. For one full month, you’ll have access to everything within the members-only section, including the chat room, video collection, dictionary, and more. To avoid being charged for future months, you may cancel at any time.
  • Quarterly plan: The quarterly payment plan is $497 (a 16% savings). For three months, you may use the forum, video collection, dictionary, and member section of the site. To avoid being charged for future months, you may cancel at any time.
  • Annual plan: $1497 (37% savings). With this package, you may use the forums, video library, dictionary, and member area for a whole year. To avoid being charged for future months, you may cancel at any time.

From time to time, Madaz Money runs specials and promotions for both new and current customers. There may be a free trial period, a referral incentive, or a seasonal discount, for instance. You can find out about their most recent deals by visiting their website or following them on social media.

Click the “Join Now” button on the Madaz Money homepage, https://madazmoney.com/, to become a member. On the next page, you’ll be able to choose your desired plan and submit your payment information safely. Also, an email and password-protected account will need to be set up for you.

After your transaction is complete, you will get an email with your login details and further information on how to use the chatroom and other services. If you have any queries or problems with your membership, you can also email [email protected].


We hope this post has provided you with a useful introduction to Madaz Money and how it may aid you in developing your skills as a day trader. For day traders that focus on high-volatility equities, there is Madaz Money, a group and chatroom.

You may check out https://madazmoney.com/ for more information on Madaz Money. They have accounts on Twitter (@madaznfootballr), Instagram (@madazmoney), and YouTube (MadazMoney), so you may follow them there as well.

Please let us know what you think of this story by leaving a comment below. We welcome your feedback and are happy to address any concerns you may have. Good luck with your trade and thanks for reading!

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