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Ben Mallah


Ben Mallah was born on October 29, 1965 in Rockaway, Queens, New York. He has

Ben Mallah was born on October 29, 1965 in Rockaway, Queens, New York. He has three brothers and sisters. Any accusations that he is deceased are only rumors. Mallah had a tough childhood as a result of his upbringing in a crime-ridden area. Ben Mallah established his real estate firm in January 1990. He said that his down-to-earth family background was a key motivator for him to establish his firm.

Ben Mallah’s drive to be exceedingly rich began in his childhood. Ben Mallah worked as a trash collector in Oakland after briefly serving in the military. After watching his exceptional work ethic, his employer elevated him to run the home where he was residing. Ben Mallah’s company continued to provide him higher positions as long as he did his work incredibly well. Within a short amount of time, he was granted ownership of all of his employer’s real estate holdings.


Ben Mallah spent the most of his youth in New York’s ghettos. In Queens, New York, he was born into a low-income household. He said that he grew raised in a criminal milieu and had a strong desire to escape.Ben Mallah, who was unable to complete high school, dropped out at the age of 14 to support himself. Instead than depending on his parents, Ben Mallah worked a variety of occupations on the streets of New York.

He often blamed his childhood’s “total misery” on his parents’ wretchedness and “stinginess”. Ben Mallah accused his parents of being reckless as a youngster because of the maltreatment he faced as a child. He had spent the most of his childhood surrounded by members of organized crime. Hard drug possession and distribution were allegations leveled against his uncle, Ben Mallah. Furthermore, his family was linked to a number of local criminals.

Ben Mallah married Karla in 2004.In February 2019, he paid $16.5 million to former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Ryan Howard for a gulf-front mansion in Belleair Shore. Mallah said that he intended to thank Karla with an anniversary present. A trophy room, a wine cellar, a bowling alley, a two-story paneled library, a six-car garage, and castle-like balconies are among the features of the 2014-built mansion.


In 1990, Ben was named CEO of Equity Management Partners Inc. He has retained the role since then. The corporation is headquartered in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. On his first trade, he supposedly made a $3 million profit. He usually buys run-down houses and renovates them. He then resells them at a higher price, earning a tidy profit.

He has grown the company over the years to become one of the top big real estate enterprises in the United States. In 2015, he profited $19.25 million when he sold Tampa Bay’s Best Western Bay Harbor for $34.5 million. In 2019, he sold the Hawthorne Suites for $14.4 million.

In 2018, he launched a YouTube channel under his name to give real estate tips. However, he also discusses other things such as investing in the hotel business and auctions. He has almost 230k followers on YouTube. He documents his billionaire lifestyle on YouTube as he secures multimillion-dollar agreements and negotiates big contracts.

On the social networking platform Twitter, Ben Mallah has around 10,000 followers. Karla Nila, Ben Mallah’s wife, has a small internet following and is active on social media.


Real estate consultancy has long been a substantial source of business in the United States. While working on other real estate projects, Ben Mallah took advantage of the chance to develop unique consultation services. His skills include proper real estate and construction management advise for customers. His initial business was buying and selling houses, and here was where he got his first taste of success as an entrepreneur. Ben was able to perfect the art of real estate investment, bringing in millions of dollars for himself. Another sort of trade that provided Ben with the key to prosperity is the remodeling business. Mallah has transformed abandoned properties in the United States into a profitable business opportunity.

He expanded his company by acquiring new dwelling constructions and remodeling existing residences. Last but not least, Mallah has amassed a fortune via investments in lavish hotels and suites.As of 2022, Ben Mallah owns seven hotels in the United States, accounting for a large chunk of his overall holdings. Ben Mallah’s introduction into the real estate sector came at a good time.

His initial years in the real estate market were a period of rapid expansion for the industry. Ben Mallah had the foresight to intervene and take advantage of the situation. Nonetheless, his dedicated work ethic and acute eye for discounts contributed significantly to his real estate success. One of his first deals was the purchase of a mansion for $9 million, which he later sold for $12 million, making almost $3 million.


Ben Mallah has a successful hotel business. He owns a number of hotels and lavish suites in his portfolio. They include interests in seven hotels and many other American hospitality enterprises. Ben Mallah is also a vehicle fanatic. He loves expensive luxury automobiles. He doesn’t only buy them to ride; he also buys them to gain cash.

While he now owns many high-end automobiles, he has also acquired and sold several high-end vehicles, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. He presently has a big number of limited edition cars. His automobile collection includes a Porsche Cayenne and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.


Mallah made the most of his money by starting and operating his company, Equity Management Partners Inc. Mallah, a self-made billionaire, is estimated to have a net worth of $250 million. When he gained all of his fortune, he didn’t even have a high school education. His riches and real estate interests are spread across the nation.

In 2015, Ben sold the Chicago-based Oxford Capital Group a 261-room Best Western Bay Harbor hotel in Rocky Point for $34.5 million. Mallah paid $15 million buying the hotel in 2012, with an additional $5 million spent on upgrades.Mallah paid $17.2 million for The Marina at Johns Pass in August 2019. In September 2019, Benjamin sold the Marriott’s Courtyard Orlando Lake Buena Vista hotel near Disney World for $33.5 million. In 2017, he spent $21 million buying the Orlando hotel and invested $5 million in repairs.


Mallah’s life story, like the tales of many successful business people, can teach everyone a lot about how to become rich. Mallah had to overcome several obstacles in order to reach the success he now enjoys. The results he has earned so far are all the more pleasant since the seeds he planted took a great deal of hard work and attention. The most significant takeaway from Ben’s success is that managing your resources effectively and carefully is critical to your success as an entrepreneur.


1. What is Ben Mallah’s age? How old is Ben Mallah?

He will be 53 years old in 2023.

2. How much money does Ben Mallah have?

Ben Mallah is estimated to be worth $250 million.

3. How did Ben Mallah become a real estate success?

In California, he started his profitable real estate business by cleaning up garbage in return for a rent decrease. Mallah was 22 years old and had just returned to Oakland, California from Germany. Mallah was hired as the building’s manager by the landlord due to his exceptional work ethic.

4. What is the largest real estate transaction in which Ben Mallah has been involved?

Ben Mallah buys a storefront in Central Florida.

5. In what other companies has Ben Mallah invested?

Ben Mallah’s sources of income include real estate firms, apartments, hotels, luxury suites, and vehicle sales.

6. What charitable projects does Ben Mallah support?

Ben Mallah successfully turned A. Senior Citizens Services into a charity foundation.

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