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Immudi Diet

Exploring the Immudi Diet: A Sample Meal Plan

The Immudi diet is a novel way of eating that tries to strike a balance

The Immudi diet is a novel way of eating that tries to strike a balance between flavour, nutrition, and digestive health. It has lately gained popularity. But what does a typical day-to-day Immudi food plan entail?

In order to offer you an inside look at the diet’s food philosophy and how it relates to real-life eating, this article will lead you through an example of an Immudi daily meal plan. Continue reading to find out what you could eat on an Immudi day.

Immudi Diet Overview


Let’s first quickly review the main ideas behind the Immudi diet:

  • Focus on gut health – The diet has a strong emphasis on items including veggies, fermented foods, and anti-inflammatory spices that are known to promote gut and microbiome health.
  • Limit acidic foods – This helps prevent intestinal disruption by reducing the amount of extremely acidic foods such as meat, dairy, and processed grains.
  • Emphasize nutrition – Fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and healthy fats are the main components of each meal that are intended to maximise nutrient density.
  • Eat mindfully – The diet promotes correct chewing technique and conscious, focused eating free from distractions.

Let’s examine how to convert the Immudi concept into a workable daily meal plan while keeping these ideas in mind.

Sample Immudi Diet Meal Plan

Here is an example of what a day on the Immudi diet may look like:


  • Warm lemon water in the morning
  • Chia seed, almond milk, walnuts, and berries overnight oats
  • supplement with probiotics
  • Medicinal tea

Mid-Morning Snack

  • Slabs of apple with almond butter
  • A handful of pumpkin seeds


  • Various greens salad containing hemp seeds, avocado, beets, and chickpeas
  • Lemon dressing with olive oil
  • Soup of vegetables with psyllium husk and lentils
  • fermented veggies, such as sauerkraut or kimchi

Afternoon Snack

  • banana, mango, spinach, and flaxseed smoothie
  • carrot sticks dipped in hummus


  • Brown rice topped with a lentil coconut stew, sweet potatoes, and greens
  • a side vinaigrette salad
  • A kefir glass


  • Tea with chamomile
  • Squares of dark chocolate

Breaking Down the Meal Plan

As you can see, the main goals of this daily meal plan example are to incorporate the essential components of the Immudi diet:

  • Gut-friendly foods – probiotics, prebiotic fibres, fermented meals, and soups made with broth are good sources of gut-nourishing nutrients.
  • Nutrient-dense choices – Vitamins and minerals can be found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.
  • Mindful eating – To improve digestion, meals are consumed slowly and without interruption.
  • Hydration – The body is kept hydrated by drinking lots of water, herbal teas, and liquids like kefir and broth.

This well-balanced selection of meals offers flexibility and variation while upholding the fundamental principles of the Immudi diet.

Immudi Diet FAQs

You might still have some questions if you’re thinking about trying the Immudi diet. The following are responses to some commonly posed queries:

1. What can I drink on the Immudi diet?

It is advised to consume water, herbal teas, nut milks, and fermented beverages like kefir in moderation. Steer clear of sugary drinks, sodas, and alcohol.

2. Does the diet require special foods or supplements?

No, even though fermented foods and probiotics are recommended, you can get everything from a typical grocery shop.

3. Can I still have coffee?

Organic coffee without dairy or sweets is OK when consumed in moderation.

4. Is this diet vegetarian/vegan friendly?

Yes, following a vegetarian or vegan diet is easy with these rules. Put a focus on plant proteins.

5. How strict are the acidic food limitations?

Rather than fully eliminating acidic foods, try consuming less of them. Be mindful of your feelings.

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