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Emily Compagno

Who exactly is Emily Compagno? Wiki, Biography, Age, and Height

Emily Compagno, a former Raiderettes cheerleader, is a well-known American television presenter, attorney, and media

Emily Compagno, a former Raiderettes cheerleader, is a well-known American television presenter, attorney, and media personality. She co-hosts the Fox News Channel show Outnumbered as part of her employment. In 2020, she presented Crimes That Changed America on Fox Nation, and she regularly appeared on the wildly successful late-night talk show Gutfeld.

Emily Compagno’s bio

Date of Emily Compagno’s birth Born on November 9, 1979, she will be 42 years old in 2022. The attorney was reared with two siblings in Oakland, California. Natalie and Julietta are the sisters of Emily Compagno.


from Fox News Emily Compagno graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She got the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps’ Cadet of the Quarter Award when she was a cadet. In 2006, she graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Legal career

Is Emily Compagno a practising attorney? She certainly is. Emily began her career as a criminal defence attorney in San Francisco shortly after her graduation. She then worked for John T. Noonan at the Court of Appeals. She then worked for the Social Security Administration as a federal lawyer. This was then followed by legal positions in Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro.

Emily led the Raiderettes, the official Oakland Raiders cheerleaders, while working in San Francisco (now known as the Las Vegas Raiders). Emily Compagno was chosen by the NFL to represent the league in Shanghai and Beijing due to her cheerleading skills. Since then, Emily has had a variety of legal positions within federal administration, civil litigation, and criminal defence. Her notable positions include those in the Hillary Clinton State Department classified emails case, the New York prison escape case, and the Federal funding bill/government shutdowns case.

Emily Compagno’s fortune

According to WealthyPipo, the television personality presently has a net worth of $2 million. However, this is not a validated estimate of net worth. Her primary sources of income are her television programme pay and her legal fees.

How much does Emily Compagno make at Fox News? According to 49ultra, the annual income of the television celebrity is around $111,899 dollars.

Who is Emily Compagno’s spouse?

In 2017, the host of the television show got married. What is the name of Emily Compagno’s spouse? Peter Reilly, the spouse of Compagno, works in real estate. According to stories, the two met as children in Seattle, where they became fast friends. The two then began dating. Peter and Emily exchanged vows at a hotel in Ravello, Italy, on September 14, 2017. The couple owns two residences: one in Seattle, Washington, and another in the San Francisco Bay area.

10 Unknown Facts Regarding Emily Compagno

If you watch Fox News, you may have seen Emily Compagno, a journalist on the morning programmes Fox and Friends and Fox and Friends First. She is an on-air legal, business, and sports analyst that provides a holistic view on the aforementioned disciplines. It should come as no surprise that you are interested in learning more about Emily, given that she is a hard-hitting journalist and a morning show star. Even though nothing is known about her personal life, the following facts may be of interest to you.

1.She is Unique

You can tell how intelligent she is by listening to her morning letters on Fox & Friends. Examining her background reveals where she acquires the knowledge for her on-screen behaviour. She went to the University of Washington and got a degree in political science from there. She has a postgraduate law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law, where she completed her legal studies in 2006. After passing the California bar examination, she began practising criminal defence law. She has held prestigious legal posts in both Cape Town, South Africa and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2.She Was An Expert Cheerleader

Emily Compagno was a cheerleader in addition to her legal profession, which is a lesser-known fact about her. In her hometown, she was the major Raiders fan. SFGate has further details regarding her previous life as a raiderette. Due to her extensive dancing experience, she was well qualified for the part. She shown her adaptability by mixing her cheering obligations with her law career.

3.Her Record

Emily Compagno was born in Oak Knoll and reared in El Cerrito, both within the greater San Francisco bay region. She is a native Californian. Given that the Riders cheering team is from California, her residence says a great deal about her cheerleading career. According to Ebuzz Daily, she hails from an Italian family. Her mother comes from Germany, and her father comes from Italy. Aside from her sisters, little more is known about her family. She now resides in Seattle, Washington.

4.She has travelled extensively.

Emily Compagno has been to several countries as a result of her many business trips. Travel may improve your understanding of numerous phenomena, which is advantageous for a journalistic position like the one she occupies at Fox News. She travelled to Kuwait and Iraq as a United Service Organisations raiderette to meet army men stationed there. The National Football League also selected her to serve as an ambassador in Shanghai and Beijing to promote the NFL brand. As a legal intern, she travelled to Africa, making visits in South Africa, Malawi, and Uganda while doing philanthropic work. Currently, she claims to have travelled to 85 countries.

5.Her Amazing Experience Working at Fox News

According to Everipedia, Emily Compagno has covered intriguing topics as a broadcast commentator, such as the Hillary email scandal and the federal budget bill. She has the versatility to contribute to each of her commentator sessions in addition to covering legal and athletic events. She has also made many guest expert appearances on news channel programmes such as The Greg Gutfeld Show and The Five.

6.Her Earnings

The amount of money a celebrity earns and their net worth are of considerable interest to their fans. Emily Compagno is very wealthy, with an astounding net worth of over $2 million. She started her work at an early age and now earns close to $80,000 each year. Due to her diversification, she now qualifies as a millionaire after surpassing this criterion. The time she spent working at Fox News has substantially boosted her worth, given her professionalism when she appears on our screens for her programmes.

7.Her Connections

Emily’s social media postings reveal that she is already married. According to a lot of websites, she and her funder got married in Italy and their relationship lasted two years. Given that her tweets highlighted their presents and engagement rings, it is plausible to believe that she is not a single member of the group. Her husband’s name is unknown, and speculation about the fortunate guy has been unproductive. It is incredibly professional of her to separate her famous life from her personal existence.

8.Her Devotion to Dancing

As previously said, she has always enjoyed dancing, and it is one of her passions. Due to her dancing ability, she was a perfect match for the Raiders’ cheerleading squad. It would be great to see her execute some choreography, despite the fact that her dance endeavours are now completely ignored.

9.Her Military Relationship

Emily’s connection to the military dates back to her great-grandfather, who was given the Silver Star for his service in World War II. During her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, she received the Cadet of the Quarter Award from the United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

10.Volunteer Work

As previously stated, Emily travelled to Africa as a legal intern in order to participate in philanthropic work. She continues to work for southern African organisations that aid orphans and the needy.


Emily Compagno, an outstanding Fox News commentator, covers a broad variety of topics, including sports, the law, and many more. Her knowledge in political science, the law, and cheerleading makes her a great asset to the shows on which she appears. Here are some lesser-known facts about her. Observe her receiving the award on camera on the Fox News morning programmes and Fox & Friends to discover more about her.


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