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Ultimate Attributes Guide for Conan Exiles: Corrupted vs. Uncorrupted

Conan Exiles’ most recent update is available here. When the game first launched on September

Conan Exiles’ most recent update is available here. When the game first launched on September 1, new Exiles could play for free from September 1 to 8 on Steam and from September 8 to 11 on Xbox.

Conan Exiles’ attribute system, which lets you level up your stats to gain character bonuses, is another means of making your Exile stronger outside potions, weapons, and armor.

With all of this comes the corrupted system, where you sacrifice HP and STAMINA by spending corruption points on your characteristics in order to develop your character.

In this guide, we’ll go through Conan Exiles’ whole attribute system as well as the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a corrupted build.

Ultimate Conan Exiles Corrupted vs. Uncorrupted Attribute Guide

You may earn a maximum of 60 attribute points for your exile in the Age of Sorcery. Your six primary attributes, Strength, Agility, Vitality, Authority, Grit, and Expertise, may be improved with these points. A maximum of 20 points may be spent on each characteristic.

Every time you spend 5 attribute points, you get a bonus. When an attribute reaches a level of 10, you may choose between two possible benefits. When an attribute is maxed out at 20 points, you get a total of 4 perks, of which 2 are milestones that you may choose at levels 10 and 20.


To enhance your characteristics, you must have soul essence. To get Soul Essence, you accomplish this by offering a live human being on a sacrifice stone. These may then be utilized to corrupt them and increase your strength while depleting your life and stamina in order to further improve your traits.

The amount of points you may use to corrupt a certain attribute depends on the attribute’s level. You might corrupt your strength attribute up to level 10 if you have spent 10 attribute points on it, for instance.

For every five attribute points spent on the corruption, similar to the normal attribute leveling system, you get extra benefits.

Be aware that in order to corrupt your qualities, you must be severely corrupted. Your corruption level will increase if you use sorcerer-learned spells.


It is indicated by the encumbrance level how much weight you can lift. The encumbrance attribute was eliminated with the Age of Sorcery Update, and now the minimum number of objects you may carry is determined by the armor you are wearing, the potions you are using, and the degree of your Strength and Expertise.

Now that everything is out of the way, let’s look at what occurs after you max out your various Attributes to help you decide where to spend your Conan Exiles point budget.


By spending 5 strength points, you can unlock the Heavy Blows Perk. You do 10% greater damage while using Heavy and Special Attacks as a result.

You have a choice between Second Skin and Combo Master at 10 points. When using combo finishers, the Combo Master Perk increases your damage by 20%, and the Second Skin Perk reduces the weight of your equipped armor by 25%.

The Berserker Perk, which kicks in when you have 50% of your health remaining, is acquired at 15 points. This acquires 100 armor and does 25% more damage.

Blood-mad Berserker, which activates when your health is less than 25%, is an option when you reach the maximum level. You are protected from being stunned or knocked down, and you also get an extra 10% damage and 50 armor.

The second choice is the Crushing Swings Perk, which extends the time opponents are stunned by 25% when you use a strong blow. Additionally, your assault doesn’t bounce off of shields.

Power Corruption

You can get the Scourge Perk by spending 5 points to corrupt your strength. This does extra damage that increases in proportion to your corrupted strength. The more corrupt you are, the more damage you will do with all of your strikes.

You unlock the Mule Kick Perk with 10 tainted points. You may kick foes with it to knock them back farther and to the ground.

You unlock the Wrack perk with 15 Corrupted points. Your attacks dull your opponents, lowering their potential for harm.

You unlock the Desecrate Perk when your corruption is at its maximum. When delivering damage, the perk offers a chance to unleash a blast of corruption that will bring down and harm adversaries.


The Fierce Vitality Perk is obtained by investing 5 attribute points in vitality. You get passive HP regeneration as a result.

You may choose either the Resurgence Perk or the Fast Healer at 10 points. When your health falls to less than 50%, the Resurgence perk grants you a one-time healing benefit. This may be used after you’ve recovered completely.

You may get 50% more healing from healing effects when you have the Fast Healer Perk.

At 15 points, the Robust Perk is yours. Your maximum health is increased by 100 as a result.

When your vitality is at its highest, you may choose the Last Stand perk, which kicks in when your health dips below 50%. For a brief while, this eliminates all adverse effects and increases 95% damage mitigation.

The Glutton for Punishment Perk, which allows you to recover the most recent instance of damage sustained over a 15-second period, is the next choice.

Energy Corruption

Five corruption points are required to acquire the Grotesque Excrescence Perk. You get scaleable passive health regeneration as a result of your corrupted vitality. The amount of health regeneration received increases with how many corruption points are spent on your vitality attribute.

You get the Twisted Flesh Perk at 10 points. This offers you the opportunity to consider the harm you sustain. This increases in proportion to the amount of vitality corruption you have used. The more vitality corruption there is, the more reflect damage you do.

You may upgrade your robust perk to Petrified at level 15. You become resistant to diseases, poisons, bleeding, and sundering effects as a result.

You get the Tainted Vessel Perk when your vitality corruption reaches maximum. When you sustain area-damaging damage or corrupt nearby foes who may be corrupted, you expel corruption.


The Irritate Perk is yours after investing 5 Authority Points. Your adversaries will be provoked into attacking one of your followers by your active followers. This resembles the taunt ability from previous role-playing games more.

You have the option to choose the Commanding Presence Perk at 10 Authority points, which allows your active followers to heal you when you do damage during battle.

The Healthy Diet Perk is the alternative. Here, while they are not fighting, your active followers get passive health regeneration.

You unlock the Attentive Care Perk with 15 points. This increases healing for your active followers by 50%.

You may choose between the War Party or the Well Trained Perk when your Authority is at its maximum.

The War Party Perk raises your maximum number of followers by 1 while the Well-Trained Perk enhances the attributes of your active followers. However, your stats no longer affect the damage output of your followers.

Controlled corruption

You can get the Frenzy perk by spending 5 corruption points. Your followers get frantic while doing damage in battle, dealing 3% more damage for each corrupted authority attribute. The more corruption you spend on authority, the more harm your followers do overall.

You get the Flesh Bond Perk when you reach 10 corruption points. You and your followers share the damage you incur.

The Devour Perk is yours whenever you get 15 corruption points. Your follower heals you when they do damage. If you want a corrupted construction, this is a nice perk to gain. When every damage your follower deals converts a specific proportion to health, this will boost your survival.

You unlock the Demon Lord Perk when your authority is completely corrupted. You have a chance for an uncontrolled demonic creature to manifest and briefly assault your opponents when you cause damage.

This is indeed a useful perk, but if your company includes zombies, the demon will see them as enemies as well. In certain cases, the demon may just attack the closest zombie follower, leading to a struggle between them and you and the other opponents.

Build Corrupted vs. Uncorrupted

We advise you to concentrate on the Uncorrupted build. They provide fantastic benefits that will be helpful to you in most circumstances. You get some extremely powerful benefits from corruption, but you eventually lose health and energy.


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