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Can You Use Your Feet in Volleyball? How to Do It

Some may think that using your feet in volleyball is easy since they don’t think it takes much skill or effort. However, this is not the case, since playing volleyball when barefoot has its own challenges.

Did you know that volleyball players use their feet to kick the ball? whether so, you may have worried whether what you’re doing is authorised. Perhaps you’ve tried it for yourself and found it challenging or enjoyable. While it’s not regular practise, volleyball players may and do use their feet. The rules, strategies, and advantages of playing volleyball on your feet will all be covered here.

The Rules of Using Your Feet in Volleyball

To begin, realise that it is not a foul to use your feet when playing volleyball. As long as it is neither a double touch nor a catch, any part of your body may be used to make contact with the ball in a game of volleyball. A double touch occurs when the same portion of the body touches the ball twice in quick succession. Holding or throwing the ball instead of striking it called a catch.

However, depending on the level or style of volleyball you are playing, there are several exceptions or changes to the regulations. If the beach volleyball is over your waist, you can only use your hands. Indoor volleyball rules allow players to utilise their feet at any height as long as they are not receiving a set from a teammate. The regulations of the venue or your teammates should be respected while playing recreational volleyball.

You should know that many common myths concerning volleyball footwork are completely untrue. Some volleyball players, for example, could say that it’s disrespectful to use your feet in the game. This is not the case unless you are engaging in some kind of ridicule or teasing. Some may think that using your feet in volleyball is easy since they don’t think it takes much skill or effort. However, this is not the case, since playing volleyball when barefoot has its own challenges.

The Techniques of Using Your Feet in Volleyball

The second piece of advice is to not think of kicking the ball with your feet in volleyball as a free-for-all. Using your feet in volleyball may be helpful or even crucial in a variety of situations. In the sport of volleyball, for instance, footwork may be necessary when:

  • Because of the length of your hands and arms, you cannot reach the ball.
  • In an effort to spring a surprise on your opponent, you find yourself out of position and unable to reach the ball in time.
  • You want to relax and try out some new, thrilling activities.

Many tactics exist for getting the most of your footwork on the volleyball court. You may utilise your feet in volleyball, for instance, by:

  • Kicking: To kick is to make a strong impact with the foot on the ball, as in football. You may kick the ball with either your instep (the top of your foot) or your toe (the tip of your foot). The foot that is not your dominant one need not be your first choice for kicking the ball. Kicking the ball straight down the centre and continuing the forward momentum with your leg may increase your chances of scoring.
  • Flicking: Flicking is when you use your foot to strike the ball like a hockey player. Your sole (the underneath of your foot) or your heel (the rear of your foot) may be used to flick the ball. The ball may be flicked with either your dominant or off foot. To successfully flick the ball, you need to pop your foot up off the ground and forward swiftly.
  • Rolling: The ball may be rolled using either the ankle (the connection between the foot and the leg) or the shin (the front of the lower leg). When rolling the ball, you may utilise either your dominant or non-dominant foot. You may get a better roll on the ball by bending your knee and rotating your leg inward.

Your footwork and volleyball coordination will develop with consistent practise and the input of instructors and more seasoned players. In addition, you may utilise the following resources and strategies to aid in your preparation:

  • Practice with a soccer ball: Use a soccer ball for practise; it’s simpler to manage with your feet since it’s larger and heavier than a volleyball. Football skills may be honed by practising with a partner or against a wall.
  • Do foot drills: Perform foot drills, which are workouts designed to increase your speed, agility, and balance on your feet. There are a variety of footwork exercises you may practise, including skipping, hopping, leaping, shuffling, running backward, etc.
  • Watch videos of pros: Professional volleyball players’ footwork may serve as both an inspiration and a tutorial if you watch their game on film. Players like Giba (Brazil), Karch Kiraly (USA), Kerri Walsh Jennings (USA), etc., have their own video profiles where you can see them play.

The Benefits of Using Your Feet in Volleyball

The next piece of information is that making use of your feet in volleyball may boost your game and performance. Using your feet in volleyball has several advantages, including the following.

  • It improves your stamina, quickness, and range of motion. When playing volleyball, it’s sometimes necessary to use your feet to reach balls that are out of reach with your hands or arms. On the court, you may increase your speed and agility by quickly changing directions.
  • You may avoid losing a point this way. If you’re out of options with your hands or arms, or if you make a mistake, you may keep the ball in play by using your feet. Your feet may help you bounce back from an errant pass or set.
  • It makes new possibilities possible. When playing volleyball, using your feet allows you to do surprising moves and tricks. In addition, you’ll have greater leeway in terms of shot angles and trajectories. You may use your feet to help you or your buddy set up a spike.

Using your feet while playing volleyball may be a lot of fun. You’re free to let your individuality and originality shine through in your writing. You may put your abilities to the test and expand your horizons.


It is neither against the rules, simple, or rude to play volleyball with your feet. It’s doable, difficult, and polite to try.

Knowing the regulations, perfecting the tactics, and reaping the rewards of using your feet in volleyball are all essential.

If you want to increase your volleyball game, score more points, and have more fun, try using your feet more.


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