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Can running offer a greater number of health benefits compared to other forms?

As part of a study, scientists recently scanned available research material to understand the benefits

As part of a study, scientists recently scanned available research material to understand the benefits offered by exercises, including biking and walking. Then, they compared the data with health benefits offered by running.
Results were interesting and not disappointing for cycling and walking enthusiasts as well. However, researchers found that running offers some additional benefits.

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Does running offer better health benefits than other exercises?
When it comes to choosing the most efficient and simple exercise, running is probably the best option. It has the ability to lower an individual’s risk of facing cancer, heart diseases, and blood pressure related issues. These benefits of running are well-known; however, during April this year, the Progress in Cardiovascular Disease Journal published something that has managed to surprise everyone. People, who run for a certain number of hours every week, live three years longer than people who don’t run.
To put it in simple words, they found that if an individual runs for four hours every week, then he or she would live three years longer than the person who does not run for the concerned period of time. The study also pointed out that running for more than four hours may not offer additional benefits.
The point to be noted here is that runners monitored as a part of this study did not smoke, drink much of alcohol, and maintained a healthy weight. Simply running for four hours without other healthy habits may not increase individual’s lifespan. But, the main point, running offers much more benefits compared to other forms of exercises.
Researchers found that excessive running may not offer additional benefits, but combining other exercises with running can prove to be a good option. Individuals who perform the same face lesser chances of early death.
As a cautionary note, these authors have suggested in their study that over running is not recommended. Plus, running is also not advisable for individuals facing orthopedic conditions or other leg injuries.
Other exercises do offer benefits
No doubt that even dancing, walking, biking, and moderate exercising can help in improving individual’s health. Such physical activities can help in improving person’s overall mood as well.
Even the US’s health department fitness guidelines suggest that exercising offers significant health benefits. Back in 2011, researcher, author Dr. Chi-Pang interacted with journalists from ABC News. He shared his opinion that fifteen minutes of exercise for five days in a week can prove to be beneficial.
An individual can reduce death risk by as much as four percent with fifteen minutes of daily exercising. What is worrisome is that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data shows only about a third of the US’s population does that.
Opt for a personal trainer
As mentioned earlier, every exercise offers some or the other health benefits. The effects of physical activity may prove to be different in every individual. Someone like Personal Trainer Downtown Toronto would be able to guide you with the right type of exercises, diet, and other physical activities to keep you fit. They create a plan and make sure that you achieve the goal within desired time frame.

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