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Second-Hand Car

Mistakes To Avoid While Buying/Purchasing Second-Hand Car

Contrary to what countless people believe, the market for second-hand cars is growing at an

Contrary to what countless people believe, the market for second-hand cars is growing at an astounding rate. The reason for this is that buyers of second-time cars have many options. As cars depreciate at a fast rate, numerous car owners who own well-performing and high-quality cars decide to sell them at a comparatively lower price to buy something better. Hence, people can buy a near-new car at a much lower cost. However, buying a second-hand car is a tough process compared to buying a new car, as you can’t afford to make a mistake. Following are some mistakes that you need to avert when you buy a second-hand car.

Not checking the VIN

The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is the 17-character that remain stamped on a car. Though at first, it looks similar to a jumble of letters and numbers, it can give every piece of information about the past as well as the present of the car. Every VIN is different from one others, and people can think of a VIN as the fingerprint of the car.

Buying a used car: 8 things to know | Autocar India

Not knowing the ideal cost

Before you settle on a used car, you need to be conscious of its price. For this, you can do fast research on the costs of similar pre-owned cars in your place of living. When you do this perfectly, you can remain assured that you aren’t losing out your money by buying something that is not worth your money.

Not opting for the test drive

Many buyers ignore the importance of test-driving a car before they purchase it. Contrarily, new car buyers always test drive many cars before they settle on a car. If you fail to test the car that you are buying, you might feel remorse later. When you test drive the car, you will also be assured that the car is working properly.

 Not getting a mechanic to check your car

Though countless people do a test drive of a used car themselves before they make a purchase, some get it checked by a mechanic. And after this, they make a deal. Even when people are required to pay for the inspection, it saves them lots of money. When the seller of your car is a dealer, he might propose the car on an offer, but you must be assured of this beforehand. And when the seller of the car is a private seller, he might not propose an offer. Hence, to remain on the safe side, you need to ask everything.

RC Transfer and Document

The majority of the buyers and sellers of used cars confront the matter of RC transfer when they make a transaction via unknown sources. When people buy a car through a reliable website, it ensures that the RC, as well as other documents, have been transferred to the name of the buyer. Additionally, it also provides a customer protection policy that covers the seller.


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