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GPU Idle Temperature

What Is a Reasonable GPU Idle Temperature? The Whole Information

You don’t get the same thermal capacity with different brands and models … What’s a Good Idle Temp for GPU? Everything to Know Read More

Different brands and models of GPU don’t all have the same amount of heat they can handle. So, it is hard to know what the safest temperature for a GPU that is not being used is. But most manufacturers say that the temperature stays between 30 and 50°C. They also say that if the temperature goes above 60 degrees, it can drastically shorten the life of the GPU.

The temperature range is sometimes set by the room temperature and the weather. But be careful, because no matter what, the temperature should not go above 60 degrees Celsius.

What is a good GPU Idle Temperature?

When your computer isn’t doing tasks that use the GPU a lot, the GPU temperature stays between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius. But the GPU Idle Temperature changes based on the weather and the temperature of the room. For example, when the environment is warm, the GPU temperature will go up on its own.

But problems might have happened if the GGPU Idle Temperature goes above 60 degrees Celsius. So, you’ll have to figure out what caused this rise in temperature.

But different brands and models of graphic cards have different capacities for heat. Also, the temperature of your GPU depends on how old it is and how new it is.

The average temperature of a GPU while gaming

Games used to rely a lot on the CPU. But now, the way PC parts are made has changed. And the games use the GPU’s power so that they can run at high frame rates.

The extra stress that gaming puts on the PC parts usually causes them to heat up.

But while playing, many things happen that make the temperature rise. For example, the temperature range is affected by the game’s graphic requirements, such as resolution and frame rate.

When you play low-resolution games, the temperature should stay between 60 and 65 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, if you play a demanding game with a high resolution and fast frames per second (fps) rates for a couple of hours, the GPU Idle Temperature will usually rise to between 65 and 75 degrees Celsius.

The temperature range is also affected by the quality of the GPU’s cooling system and case, as well as the number and power of the fans and other things.

But it shouldn’t get any hotter than 85 degrees. Even though the company says their product can handle temperatures between 90 and 115 degrees Celsius, it will melt the internal parts and shorten the GPU’s life.

How to Check GPU Idle Temperature: Steps to Take

You can’t tell the temperature by touching it or by listening to the fan.

You can tell if a temperature reading is safe in two ways.

1. A feature that comes with Windows 10

In the latest update to Windows 10, Microsoft improved a setting in Task Manager that lets you find out the GPU Idle Temperature  through Windows settings.

The 20H1 update in 2020 gave us a better Task Manager that could measure the exact temperature of the GPU.

How to find out how hot the GPU is

  • First, go to the search field in Windows and type “Task Manager.”
  • Open the app once you’ve found it, then go to the Performance tab.
  • After that, scroll down and look on the right side of the screen for the GPU temperature.

2. Apps from other companies

If you can’t find a way to check the GPU Idle Temperature in Windows, you can use programs made for this purpose.

In the past, these apps weren’t included with the graphics card, but they’re already on the GPU I just bought.

These apps get the information they need from the sensors that are built into the GPU. Not only do they give you accurate data and more information, but they also tell you about things like fan speed, voltage, and more without taking up much disk space.

Question That Gets Asked Often

1. Does a GPU Idle Temperature affect how long it lasts?

A lot of people think that keeping the GPU cool is only necessary to keep the performance the same. But it is also important for the health and life of your device as a whole. When things get too hot, they physically stretch and warp, which makes them break down much faster than expected.

2. Why is my GPU Idle Temperature  so high when it’s not doing anything?

The GPU gets hot when it’s not doing anything. The GPU fan is the first thing to blame. The other reason is that the fan curve isn’t set up right, so the fan can’t move when it should. Still, there are some other things that cause temperatures to be high.

Last Words

The best range of temperatures is between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius. But modern graphics cards say they can handle temperatures between 90 and 115 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is too high, it hurts your GPU. So, to make sure your graphics card lasts as long as possible, try to keep the GPU’s idle temperature as low as possible.


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