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6 Space-saving Small Kitchen Design Ideas

No need to compromise on form or function just because your kitchen is on the

No need to compromise on form or function just because your kitchen is on the smaller side. A beautiful and functional kitchen may be yours with just a little bit of strategic planning. If you have a small kitchen but still want to enjoy cooking, this article will show you six ways to save space.

1. Go Vertical with Storage

A vertical mindset is the key to making the most of cramped quarters. Make the most of the vertical space in your kitchen by arranging open shelving or cupboards that reach the ceiling. This will serve as a storage solution and a showpiece all at the same time.

A library-style mobile ladder would be a great addition for easy access to those upper shelves. To make more room in the cabinets for other things, you can install rails or racks to hang cooking equipment and pots and pans.

2. Embrace Compact Appliances

When you have a tiny kitchen with huge appliances, you won’t have much space for storage or counters. Choose space-efficient appliances that are small enough to fit in an apartment rather than bulky ones.

To get a more unified design, search for modern, integrated appliances that fit flush with your cabinets. On the other hand, go for compact, freestanding appliances like a 24-inch stove or a skinny dishwasher.

3. Incorporate a Kitchen Island

Even if your kitchen is on the smaller side, you still have plenty of room for an island! Adding more seating, storage, and counter space in the form of a small, multipurpose island can completely transform a kitchen.

One option is a small, movable island that can be hidden when not in use; another is an island in the manner of butcher blocks with open shelves underneath for extra storage. An additional option is to build a breakfast bar or prep space out of a peninsula that extends from your counters.

4. Utilize Smart Storage Solutions

Every square inch of storage space is valuable in a compact kitchen. Maximize efficiency and organization by being creative with your storage solutions.

  • Put lazy Susans or pull-out drawers in those corner cabinets to make the most of those awkwardly positioned storage areas.
  • To ensure that all of your seasonings and cooking tools are within easy reach, consider installing built-in spice racks or placing hanging racks within cabinet doors.
  • To make room for all of your cooking utensils and pots and pans, think about mounting a pegboard or a magnetic knife strip on the wall.
  • Use the space above your cabinets and along the sides of your refrigerator, two frequently-overlooked areas, to your advantage by installing additional shelves there.

5. Opt for Space-saving Fixtures

Size is key when planning a tiny kitchen’s fittings. Make sure not to overcrowd the area by selecting small light fixtures, slender faucets, and sinks.

For those who are short on counter space, a bar-style sink or one with an integrated drainboard can be a good option. You can also conserve valuable space by installing faucets that are wall-mounted or have a pull-out sprayer.

Recessed or track lighting saves space and is a better choice for illumination. An additional, less invasive way to illuminate a kitchen island or peninsula is with pendant lights.

6. Embrace Open Shelving

Open shelving, in addition to cabinets, can save space and make a little kitchen seem more interesting.

Floating shelves can be a great alternative to higher cabinets for displaying cherished cookware and cookbooks. In addition to making the room seem larger, this is a great way to display your individual taste.

Finding a happy medium between form and function could be as simple as combining open and closed cabinets. Adding a hanging pot rack or plate rack is another great way to keep commonly used goods close at hand.


Q: How can I make my small kitchen feel more spacious?

It is possible to make a tiny kitchen seem larger by painting the walls a lighter shade, installing mirrors or glossy backsplashes, and making use of open storage. Another way to make a small kitchen seem more spacious is to strategically place lights and use equipment and fixtures that are compact or streamlined.

Q: Should I hire a professional designer for a small kitchen renovation?

Although it is not required, it can be quite beneficial to hire a professional kitchen designer when remodeling a compact area. By utilizing innovative storage solutions and space-saving designs, designers can make the most of your kitchen’s available space, even if you have no idea where to start.

Q: What are some budget-friendly ways to update a small kitchen?

You can still give your little kitchen a new look without breaking the bank if a complete remodel is out of the question. Think about changing the hardware, installing open storage, painting the cabinets, or replacing the backsplash. Modifying even a little area can have a significant effect in a limited area.

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