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The top webcomics and manga sites of 2022

Rising South Korean webcomics highlight the issue of manga in Japan.Manga from Japan has gained


Rising South Korean webcomics highlight the issue of manga in Japan.Manga from Japan has gained popularity practically everywhere. However, since fierce competition from outside continues growing, Japanese manga is now at a crossroads.

The most formidable rival is located not far from Japan. South Korean webtoons, a mashup of the words “web” and “cartoons,” are quickly displacing Japan’s manageable worldwide presence. South Korean webtoons have aggressively seized the Japanese market in recent years, catering to “digital native” youngsters who are increasingly more interested in cellphones and the internet than the more conventional printed comics.

So the issue becomes: Should Japanese manga publishers enter the fray and aim for tech-savvy overseas audiences? Experts and industry publications continue to have divergent views on this. But for other individuals, the answer is unquestionably “Yes,” especially in light of the declining sales of comic books in Japan.

Webtoons, in the opinion of former Shogakukan editor Hideki Egami, were the most sensible course of action. Ben 10 games, Teen Titans games, Batman games, and Avengers games are among the titles that are produced in Korea in addition to the Korean gaming industry, which has also made advancements. They also outsource to major American entertainment companies.

Vertically enhanced

Webtoons, as opposed to conventional printed manga, are designed with users of digital devices in mind, and their forms have been optimized for both computers and mobile devices.

South Korean webtoon manhwa scroll vertically and are richly colored, in contrast to the mostly black and white, horizontally read Japanese printed manga. Because of this, when South Korean webtoon manhwa arrived in Japan, they drew a youthful, tech-savvy audience right once.

The most popular webtoon application in Japan right now is Line Manga, which has more than 23 million domestic users and offers access to a wide variety of Japanese novels that were originally published in print. But “True Beauty” by Yaongyi and “Lookism” by Taejoon Park are the actual winners in this mega-app lately.

n a rating of monthly subscribers for the last six months, these two South Korean webtoons have consistently held the top two positions. The Japanese must appropriately appraise the emergence of Korean light novels in addition to Webtoon. By 2020, there will be more light novel works available on websites like wattpad, manycomic, or webnovel, with revenues of $200 million.

Japanese manga are initially intended to be read in print forms; they are not necessarily adapted for smartphones, according to Baku Hirai, an official at Line Digital Frontier. He also believes that the letter size on smartphones is too tiny for the audience to read. Egami, the CEO of a Japanese Ylab subsidiary, concurs with Hirai that webtoons’ vertical scrolling would provide users the most stress-free manga-reading experience.

Free access to the top 10+ webtoon manhwa websites in 2022.

1 –
2 –
3 – Manytoon Comics
4 –
5 –
6 – Toomics comics
7 – Net Comics
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10 –

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