5 Tips to Play with Her Breasts

Nearly every guy love to play with breasts whether they are big or small. Guys who do not know how to please big boobs milf porn by playing with the boobs in the right way will find this article informative and helpful.

There is a simple answer to this question and that is your woman will tell you about it. Most of the women start seeing those parts of the body, which they want you to touch. Many women can achieve orgasm just by nipple stimulation. You need to find out if your partner falls in the same category.
Here are a few tips to master her pleasure zones for maximum satisfaction.

Talk dirty
A report published on lovemaking revealed that women who are not happy with their breast size will hide their breasts during sex. In this situation, you are supposed to comment on her responsiveness. Let her know that her nipples are so beautiful and hard. Let her know that she has amazing boobs and this will give her the confidence boost that she is in need.

Do not start rubbing the nipple right away
Nipples vary in sensitivity so before touchingthem make sure that you are moving in the right direction to nipple stimulation. A gentle touch to her breasts will take her on a new high. When your hands are caressing her boobs, kiss on her neck, collarbones and earlobes, this will further stimulate her. You will be able to build anticipation and big boobs milf porn will want more.

Focusing on the areola
If she is making noise and moaning with pleasure, then it signifies that she is ready. This is the right time to move on to the areola. This is the dark colored circular area, which surrounds the nipple. Remember that this part is as sensitive as the nipple. You have to focus between 10 and 2 o’clock on the upper side. This is the most sensitive part, if can do it right, then you will be able to hit the bulls eye. Use your finger for gently stroking the areola and nipple.

Involve your mouth
This is the time to use your mouth and draw circles with the help of your tongue around her nipple. Take nipples in your mouth and alternate it with sucking and licking.

Do not bite
Even if she is moaning with pleasure, you are supposed tomove, as she demands. Do not make any move without her consent because it may go in the wrong direction. It is always a good idea to ask her whether she want it harder or not.

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